Solitary Reaper: Ever After

Alana Williams is a spoilt rich brat, who gets everything at the tip of her toe, but everything in her life becomes upside down when her family's past decides to come and give a friendly visit.

This story is based on the poem The Solitary Reaper written by William


4. Chapter 3- Stuck in Reality

Alana was back from the Black Void, yeah black void as if it were a place.

The memories were fresh within her. She still could not forget the beauty of the song, sung by Genevieve. That song had deeply impacted her innermost thoughts.

She was in her living room and it was seven pm, it was dark already. Strange, her Dad hadn't even bothered to switch on the living room lights, what a great way to welcome someone.

"Dad!" She called out

No response

She checked the kitchen.

It was empty.

"Dad where are you?" Alana called out desperately.

Her breath had become faster and her heartbeat thundered.

'No no no no no no I can't lose Dad too!' She thought.

Sweat covered her face and she was on the verge of crying.

Her heartbeat calmed a little, she saw her Dad's room's light was switched on.

'Great' Alana thought 'I am such a procrastinator'

"Dad! There you are! I was worried sick! You haven't switched on the lights in the whole house! And you are sitting in this corner of the room!" Alana spoke in the speed of lighting.

"Kiddo you're back! As far as I remember, switching on the lights of the whole house is your work and I always keep forgetting to do that . This is my room! I do all my work here!You were gone for several hours, I should be worried sick about you!" Logan said as he broke into a big grin

"Where were you kiddo? What did Maddison show you?" Logan said and hugged his daughter.

"Dad you're going smother me" Alana laughed and pulled out "I saw many things today"

"Such as?" Logan raised his eyebrows

Alana told everything that happened today, the black void, the beautiful Alps, Genevieve's song and how Maddison broke down.

The funny thing was her Dad didn't make any witty remark. He always did that when Alana told any story.

Strange. . .

"That's it? She didn't tell anything else?" Logan asked

"Yeah that's it" Alana replied

"Dad, if Genevieve was Maddison's mother, means that she was your mother too, and technically she's my Grandma?"

" me and Genevieve weren't related by blood" Logan replied with a frown "And I refuse to answer any of your questions related to this topic"

"Yeah doesn't matter I didn't want to ask anything else" Alana replied after a yawn.

"I am guessing you had a stressful day, so you better get to sleep" Logan said and gave her meaningful smile.

"Yeah goodnight Dad" She hugged her Dad.

"Goodnight lazy bug" Logan gave her a nudge.


" You can never beat me in the Dance Revolution big brother" Alana laughed as she stepped of the mini stage of the arcade game.

"Very funny, and you cannot beat in Bowling Master, little sister." Cody replied with a frown.

"Don't call me little sister! I am only two years younger than you idiot!" Alana stuck her tongue at him.

"You should respect your elder brother girl! Call me 'Cody Sir'" Cody replied cleaning his hoodie.

"Never in a million years" Alana said with a frown.

"Do not bring One Direction references!" Cody said, as he glared at her

"And we danced all night to the best song ever! We knew every line, nooow I can't remember!" Alana sang the 'Best Song Ever' and started laughing hysterically.

"You still want me to buy that hotdog for you right, keep singing and I won't even buy candy floss for you" Cody said and gave Alana one of his 'Mega Deluxe i'll kill you later' glare.

"Ok sorry I won't ever bring any one direction references or ever sing any of their song in front of Cody Sir" Alana said

She would have never apologized to Cody, much less call him Cody Sir! But he was the one with all the money and Alana? Well she had none, and she was hungry, as if the mice in her stomach had decided to have a marathon.

It was Cody's seventeenth birthday, so they both decided to go the 'MALIBU'S MOST ULTIMATE AMUSEMENT PARK EVER' ,weird choice for a popular guy right? Well both these siblings had weird choices. Being the birthday boy, he got more money than Alana to spend in the the amusement park and Alana, being a shopaholic, spent her twenty dollars in the first five minutes and on the contrary, Cody with forty dollars had thirty dollars left with him.

Alana couldn't believe how crazy Cody became when he stepped in the amusement park, he started running here and there and was jumping like a six year old.

He knew that Alana hated roller coasters, but being the birthday boy he got to choose the rides and he took her to a Roller Coaster FIVE TIMES!

"Al? I am hungry too, so imma go and buy two hot dogs!" Cody said pointing dramatically at his grumbling stomach.

"Alright skinny boy, you definitely need some fat in your body." Alana said and laughed.

"Haha very funny" Cody said sarcastically.

"Happy seventeenth birthday again Cody, you're the best brother ever!" Alana said as she hugged her brother.

Alana couldn't help but feel a little scared, ok not little, she was extremely scared, her gut told her that something was going to go wrong. Something very wrong.

"And you're the best sister ever" Cody said and hugged her back "now let me go weirdo, I have to buy a hotdog!"

"No need please! I don't wanna eat a hotdog, in fact I am not even hungry anymore! Let's go home, Dad has baked a cake for you" Alana said as her heartbeat thundered.

"NO! I am hungry! I wanna eat a hotdog! Don't stop me like Dad! I am seventeen missy!"

"Can I come with you?" Alana asked hopefully.

"No! I am not a kid!" Cody said rudely his blue eyes, dark, showing his anger. 'Why does she need to stop me? I am big enough to take care of myself' Cody thought.

"Cody, please no!" Alana sounded desperate, and Cody didn't say anything, his blonde hair, flew as the wind went past his face.

Cody turned to walk and didn't turn back even once.

One hour had passed since Cody left, does it take that long to buy one hotdog?

Two hours,

three hours,

four hours.

It definitely doesn't take four hours to buy a hotdog.

Alana ran frantically here and there looking for her brother.


But alas,

It wasn't a prank.

Even the security guards were searching for him now.

"CODY! PLEASE COME BACK!" Alana was crying hysterically.

Alana's Dad had also come running from his house when one of the guards called him to tell that his son was still missing.

"No luck sir, we can't find the boy, the park's going to close and mostly everyone has left, we would have found him by now." One of the guards said.

"NO YOU HAVE TO FIND MY SON!" Logan had now grabbed the security guard by his collar.

"P-p-p-please d-d-dad c-calm d-d-down" Alana said as she wiped her never-ending tears.


"Sorry sir, we'll continue the search-" the officer stopped in the middle of his sentence because Alana had started shouting.

"CODY! CODY COME BACK!" Her voice seemed far away and then she woke up.

It was a dream.

Thank god it was a dream.

But then why did it feel so real, so vivid?

Alana touched her cheeks and felt like they were wet.

Oh great, she'd been crying in her sleep.

"You were crying" Alana heard her Dad's voice and nearly jumped, she looked to her right and saw her Dad sitting on her bed.

"Dad, thank god you're here" Alana said, her voice shaking.

"You were shouting, and-and I got really scared, I came running here and saw you crying" Logan said, his voice was calm.

"Dad, it was Cody, the day Cody went missing, t-t-that dream, it felt really vivid." Alana said, her breath a little shaky.

"I know you still miss him" Logan said, his voice, calming her thundering heartbeat.

"Yeah dad, I do, I miss him every single moment" Alana said, and felt tears in her eyes.

"Oh sweetie" Logan said

Alana couldn't handle it anymore, she finally gave it away and started crying bitterly and her Dad pulled her into an embrace, she felt safe, right now, at that moment, in her Dad's warmth, as if there was no danger.

First losing Mom then Cody and if she lost her Dad, she wouldn't have anyone for her in this world.

After some bed time stories her Dad left at two in the morning and she slept peacefully.

Oh how she wished she wouldn't have jinxed herself back then.


That was so emotional! I couldn't even control the waterworks from my eyes! Ugh why am I even crying, I know what future holds for them as I am technically their creator and destroyer.



Mr Narrator: Um boss, I can't bow down, you know I only have voice.

Oh right, sorry.

Mr Narrator: o-okay

Well in the next chapter, we will be learning more about a 'certain character'!

Stay tuned for next chapter!


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