Solitary Reaper: Ever After

Alana Williams is a spoilt rich brat, who gets everything at the tip of her toe, but everything in her life becomes upside down when her family's past decides to come and give a friendly visit.

This story is based on the poem The Solitary Reaper written by William


3. Chapter 2- Black Voids telling the pasts


"Feisty, just like your mom, you even look like her" Maddison said as she chuckled "And young lady, don't you dare shout on me."

"So, you knew my mom?" Alana asked

"Oh yes, Gloria was a beautiful woman, such a pity she went missing."

Alana was only two when her mom went missing, as far as what her dad has told her, she was a doctor and she worked really hard, the day she went missing, she had a morning shift, she kissed Cody and Alana goodbye and promised to make mac and cheese for them when she returned. . .she never got a chance to make mac and cheese.

It took a while for Alana to partially calm down.

"So, shall we proceed?" Maddison said giving Alana an evil eye.

"No no no, wait, before we start, I need you to answer some of my questions." Alana said trying to sound calm, but she epically failed in it.

"Go on honey" Maddison said, smirking.

"Who are you?" Alana asked.

"I am your aunt! Your father's sister!" Maddison said in an obvious tone.

"Well, I am aware of that, I mean- what exactly are you? Like you came out of thin air and disappeared like this with me."

"Oh yes yes, I forgot to tell you, I am an Earth Witch" Maddison said.

"Wait what? Earth Witch? Witches EXIST?!" Alana was aghast, She always thought that witches didn't exist. . . but she definitely was wrong.

"Wait a minute, so if there are Earth Witches then there are other types of witches too?" Alana asked again.

"Oh yes! I am glad you asked! Well there are, Sky Witches, Fire Witches and Water Witches" Maddison sounded pleased after answering " And with that hair of yours" She pointed at Alana's blonde hair "I suspect that you are a Fire Witch but I don't get the witch scent from you"

"Wait, so fairies exist too?" Alana said, hoping that her answer would be yes.


"You don't have to shout on me" Alana was pretty pissed off, her dad never shouted on her and this lady, who appeared out of nowhere, claiming that she was her AUNT started shouting on her because she asked a silly question!

" where was I? Yes witches, well we witches aren't exactly evil as you see in movies" Maddison said as if she were a professor.

"Yeah, says the most evil earth witch on the whole planet" Alana said as she crossed her arms.

"don't act arrogant with me child, or you'll regret whatever you just said." Maddison sounded glared at her.

"We witches, are good, we are kind, and we help you human beings in so many ways" Maddison sounded pleased "And you humans don't even appreciate us"

"That's because we don't see you" Alana said.

"Oh yes! How can I forget, we sprinkle The Mist on us, so yeah, you can't see us" Maddison said, she sounded so much like her boring History Teacher.

"So how was I able to see you back at my house and right now?" Alana inquired.

"I didn't think you were this stupid! Simple, I didn't sprinkle The Mist on me" Maddison said as matter-of-fact.

"Oh yeah, well second question now" Alana said, hoping the 'witch' subject would be forgotten by her.

"Please tell me its the last question, because you are really irritating" Maddison said in a sweet voice and a fake smile plastered on face.

"Well uh this is second last" Alana said "Where are we right now exactly?" She said pointing at the black void which surrounded her.

"Oh this void you mean? This is a place where all the witches go pre-timetravel" Maddison said as she yawned.

"So we are going to time travel?" Alana asked question hoping she wouldn't notice when she had to ask one more very important question.

"Is this question related to what you wanted to ask?" Maddison as she raised her eyebrows.

"sorry, well this is the last question, where are we going exactly?" Alana asked as she rubbed her chin.

"Now we could answer that question if you don't ask anything further?" Maddison smiled, she was really surprised by Alana's curiosity.

'Fire witches are curious too, but could she be one of them? But if she was, I would have smelled my fellow witch' She thought.

"Oh yes sorry, so shall we proceed?" Alana said

"Oh yes we shall!" Maddison said enthusiastically " By the way, I can read minds too, if you just wanted to drop the 'witch' topic you could have just said that to me" Maddison said, as she smiled.

'Oops' Alana thought 'I've just been caught red-handed'

"I hear that!" Maddison chuckled "Let's go unravel some truth!" She caught Alana's hand and they both dissolved into purple light.


Alana just remembered catching Maddison's hand and the purple light covering her and then blank.

Alana had seen the sight in front of her many times in pictures in front of her, but seeing it in person, was way more different.

The mountains stretched far east and the they were really high and they were covered with snow. The sky was clear and the sun shone brightly, birds were chirping and there was a positive feel in the atmosphere, on her left, she could see many people, passing, some were walking and some were riding their animals.

Wait a second


Who uses animals as a means of transport in the 21st century?

"which year are we in?" Alana asked Maddison, she was utterly confused.

"1973" Maddison smiled "I was ten"

"You were also young once?" Alana said jokingly

"Oh yes I was once young and beautiful" Maddison said as she laughed

"And which place are we in? I sure have never seen such a beautiful sight" Alana said.

"We are in Scotland" Maddison replied as she smiled.

Suddenly someone started singing, she could hear one of the most beautiful voice ever heard in the human history, when she looked at Maddison 's side, she saw that Maddison had closed her eyes and was smiling, as if she'd heard that song before. She looked peaceful.

"Look to your right" Maddison said, still with her eyes closed and that same peaceful smile.

When she turned to her right she could not believe what she saw.

An ultimately beautiful woman was cutting and binding the grains alone in the field as she sung a song Alana couldn't understand, which language was she singing in? Scottish? Yeah the song seemed to be in Scottish.

That woman had beautiful, thick brown hair and big beautiful brown eyes her skin seemed flawless, she was slim and was really tall. She had seen that same face somewhere, but where?

"Who is she?" That's all Alana could get out of her mouth right now.

"My mother" Maddison smiled at Alana "Isn't she beautiful?"

Now she got where she had seen that face before, Maddison and her mother's resemblance was uncanny, she couldn't even make out the difference between them!

"You both look the same!" Alana said

And all Maddison did was to nod at her

"That song. . .it's beautiful" Alana said, amazed by Maddison's mother's voice.

The song fitted perfectly with the beautiful atmosphere.

"Its a lullaby, that her parents sung to her when she was young."

"What was her name?" Alana asked

"Genevieve, a beautiful name for a beautiful lady, right?"

Hot tears swelled up in Maddison's face and she started crying.

"Maddison! Don't cry, I am sure you miss your mother but don't cry! she definitely won't like it if she sees you crying." Alana tried to comfort Maddison and she totally sucked in it.

Looking to her left, Alana saw, many people had stopped in their tracks to hear the young lady sing but Genevieve, on the contrary, was unfazed by the crowd that had gathered to hear her sing and was singing in a perfect melody.

"I can't handle this anymore." Maddison said, wiping her tears.

She caught Alana's hand and they both dissolved into purple light.


"Maddison, I thought we were going to see the past" Alana said who was a bit frustrated right now.

They were back in the black void.

"Yes we were, b-but, I wasn't ready, I didn't think I would start crying like a baby on seeing my mother." Maddison smiled apologetically.

"So, what now?" Alana asked.

"I'll come to you once I am ready, I-I need to prepare myself to see everything again" Maddison said.

"Oh, um okay then? Can I go back to my Dad?" Alana asked hopefully.

"Yeah you can now" Maddison said, rubbing her chin "Wait, before we go, can I ask you something sweetie?"

"Sure" Alana replied

"Amara Rose, studies in your grade?" Maddison asked with a meaningful smile.

Amara Rose, Alana sure knew that name, she was having a hard time remembering.

"Yes, Amara Rose, she's in my class" Alana replied after a while.

"Don't bully her, alright? She's had a rough past and she has a rough life" Maddison said with utter sadness.

Now Alana remembered completely, Amara Rose was this scrawny and quiet girl in her class whom Alana and her buddies bully because she has a huge scar on her cheek and she because she wasn't popular.

"Wait! How do you know Amara Rose?" Alana asked, her eyes, as wide as saucers.

"She's my daughter, of course, I must look out for her!" Maddison replied, smiling. "Now, no more questions! Your father might be waiting for you"

"Wait! I have to ask-" Alana' sentance was cut off in the middle.

"Alla-kir-ate" She said a spell and she disappeared.


Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this chapter, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Stay tuned for next chapter!


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