Solitary Reaper: Ever After

Alana Williams is a spoilt rich brat, who gets everything at the tip of her toe, but everything in her life becomes upside down when her family's past decides to come and give a friendly visit.

This story is based on the poem The Solitary Reaper written by William


2. Chapter 1 - Beautiful Present Haunted Past

May 10, 2015

It was just another sunny Sunday in Malibu. Sundays? Alana loved Sundays! Who doesn't love sundays? But this sunday, wasn't going to be like all other weekends, like normal teens have, this Sunday was going to be a bit different for Alana.

Alana couldn't wish for anything more!

Sixteen, intelligent, rich, popular, perfect wardrobe, in fact everything perfect! Her dad always spoilt her rotten.

She had everything what a girl wished for but something . . .something was always missing in her life, like a hole, a tiny hole, which didn't exist for other people, or maybe they were too busy admiring her perfect life, and that they never noticed how lonely she felt sometimes.

"Morning Sunshine!" Her Dad, Logan, said in one of the most cheerful high-pitched voices. His blonde hair, were neatly combed and blue eyes twinkling.

"Daaaaaaaaad" Alana groaned "Its like, only eight! why are you waking me up now!"

"As much as I remember, you wake up at eight to get ready for school" Logan said smiling.

"But dad! Today is sunday! People are supposed to wake up late on this holy day!" Alana complained. The sun was pretty much always bright in Malibu, which irritated Alana in the morning. Very much.

"Just because, its a holiday, doesn't mean that you'll wake up late" Logan said with a big grin. "Now come on fast! We're going to watch Turbo Snail!"

"Yay! Joy to the world" Alana said sarcastically as she lazily sat upright on her bed.

"Now go get ready lazy bug!" Logan laughed as he left her room.

Turbo Snail! She loved that movie! Weird choice for a sixteen year old, right?

Alana raced to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and had a quick shower. She smiled at her perfect reflection in the mirror: blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, flawless skin, perfect smile, tall and skinny. "Better get ready before Dad decides to do his office work" Alana mumbled to herself.

As Alana came out of the bathroom, she can't help but admire the sky from her window, the good thing about her room? It faced the beach. The sun was bright already and a warm sea breeze blew, the sand was glittery gold and the water was ultimately blue which reminded her of her eyes.

"How I wish Cody was here right now" She said as she gave a heavy and a mournful sigh.

"Alana! Come on already!" Logan shouted from the living room.

"Coming dad!" Alana shouted back


"Now that is what I call a movie" Alana said, beaming with joy.

"What do you kids say it like nowadays, omg Ikr!" Logan said laughing.

"Haha dad not funny" Alana said, pouting at her Dad.

"Well, I have some paperwork to do" Logan said getting up from the sofa.

"But dad, today is sunday! The only day you get to stay with me the whole day!"

"I know kiddo, but work's important too, right?" Logan said with a sympathetic smile.

"Ever since Cody went missing, you've been working extra hours" Alana immediately knew she shouldn't have said that "what does that mean?" Talking about Cody, sparked old memories.

After a long pause which felt more than a minute and a heavy sigh Logan answered.

"Ever since your mom went missing, you and Cody were my only ray of hope, and when Cody went missing... Well my entire world shattered and I decided that, I will not sleep peacefully until I find my son. I-I-I became depressed, and working could only get my mind out of it, so that's what I do, I work, to give you everything the best and to remove those memories your brother and mother" Logan said, tears falling down his eyes.

"Oh daddy" Alana said, hugging her father "you know you have me."

"Yes I am quite aware of that" her Dad smiled as he pulled away, his strong arms on Alana's shoulder."Now don't get too sentimental, Williams, always stay strong-"

Logan stopped speaking in the middle and was staring at something behind Alana.

"What is it Dad? Alana said as she turned around to see what was going on "What are you looking-"

Alana was awestruck, a lady had appeared out of nowhere. She was tall, like really tall! Maybe about her Dad's height and she was incredibly beautiful, she had long, brown, thick hair and big brown eyes, her skin was pale as porcelain. Alana didn't want to make it obvious, but she was staring at her.

"Who are you?" That's what she could get out of her mouth at that moment.

"Didn't your daddy ever, tell anything, about me? The lady asked, her voice smooth as silk.

"Who are you and how did you get into our house!" Alana said, her voice slightly raising.

"Maddison, what are you doing here?" Logan asked in a dead serious tone.

"Dad you know her?" Alana inquired

"Yes, but it doesn't matter, Maddison, get outta my NOW!" Logan shouted.

"Oh! So you're going to be rude to your own elder sister?" Maddison gave a victorious smile.

"Sister? D-d-dad s-s-she's my a-a-aunt?" Alana stammered

"Oh look Logan, your daughter understands, she's not as dumb as you think she is, ultimately she'll know the truth" Maddison said, her accent seemed Scottish to Alana.

"Dad what is she talking about? What truth!" Alana was shocked to see the guilty look on her father's face.

"You are old enough to find the truth now dear, let me take you to show your family's past" Maddison said as she laughed.

"No! You're not taking my daughter anywhere!" Logan lunged at them but he was too late, Maddison caught Alana's hand, and they both disappeared into thin air.


Hope you all liked the first chapter of Solitary Reaper: Ever After!

You'll learn more about Maddison in the coming chapter! She's not as bad as she seems!

Stay tuned for the next chapter!

Adios for now!

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