Diary-a place where I dump my secretes

This is My diary, where I actually dump all my secrets, the things which I cant express to anyone in this world, my problems, my point of view etc etc

hope you enjoy reading it. or may be sometimes able to give me solutions..


2. Messy day


Today is really a messy day for me. my phone got stolen two days back. I got my new phone just yesterday. Trying to link everything through wifi. But I miss my boss's important message about meeting. The meeting was scheduled at 9:30 am and I left home at 9:15. It takes 1 hour for me to reach office by train. I am screwed. I immediately what's app my boss. But he didn't reply. I am really scared.

I reached office at 10:15 am my other seniors were discussing about the project of smart city for which we have to contribute some clients and marketing activities. I silently opened my laptop and try to contribute. Meeting got over. thankfully Boss didn't yell at me. Actually he was out for some other work. But I know him. he is very nice person. never yells at his team members. I respect him and never want to be in his bad books.

Office got over and I went to meet my MBA college friend. She delivered baby boy last month. I am so happy for her. I am going to meet her and spend some time with her. We are very close since day 1 of college as we met first at the college office. And since then we are like non separable. I am very excited to see her and her baby.

Whoa... finally reached home. I am really very tired. The crowded trains really sucks...  why people don't stay at there home in the evening I don't know. Trains are so crowded cause next week there is big auspicious festival (Ganesh Chaturthi-its Indian Festival specially celebrated it Maharashtra state) coming. People must have doing shopping for decoration and other stuff. I should not curse about it. its one of my favorite festival.  As soon as I reach home my Baby girl come running to me. My all tiredness gone with her smile. She is really adorable. I love her so much she is reason I am alive. Without her I will be lifeless. I keep her at my mom's place while going to office. I don't want to but I have no option. Life is really giving me tough time. but I know I will survive. I know something is better going to happened with me. Just waiting for this phase to go. And during you rtough times only you will come to know who are you really close ones.

Good Night


A/N:- well I write in the night and post it in the morning with some editing of spelling mistakes or grammar. That's why every day ends with Good night. Just thought of explaining.



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