Diary-a place where I dump my secretes

This is My diary, where I actually dump all my secrets, the things which I cant express to anyone in this world, my problems, my point of view etc etc

hope you enjoy reading it. or may be sometimes able to give me solutions..


1. Introduction

Hi there,


This is Shilpa. I am here to participate in competition. I have not participate to win. But I think there are so many things which I write in my diary. sad things, happy things... just thought of this platform to share this with my new friends. sometimes its better to discuss with people who you don't know. I guess may be you tell them everything true. because you don't worry if they judge you. And it may be like they can give you better solution as third person.

 I know my English is not very good rather it may be very bad. I request you to kindly suggest me if I am doing some horrible grammar mistakes. But please don't go harsh on me. I am like weak hearted.


well I am 1 Directioner I wish I could meet them sometimes. I really wish...

I hope you like reading this.


Shilpa-Addicted to 1Direction

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