Rock out with michael clifford {5sos}

Molly finds her self in a weird sitch with the oh so handsome Michael Clifford

Will Ashton and Luke approve of their best friend or will shit hit the fan



Today is my birthday, yay!! My birthdays are always fun, NOT!! I always spend them by myself because everyone I know works on my birthday as well as myself and my best friend Mackenzie. But when I got to work,"SURPRISE MOLLY" my boss made the whole of Starbucks throw me a surprise party, and they all hate me except for Mackenzie, "here I got you these" mackenzie gave me a box, I opened it and It was 2backstage passes to see my most favourite band in the world "5SOS"!!!!!

OMG!! I said with this weird expression on my face, "You didn't have to buy these mack"


"But I wanted to, BTWS there not just for u one is for me to see my Lukey pukey"

Oh yeah I forgot to say her and Luke are totally a thing.


"Oh ok, so is um Michael gonna be there, like not that I care or anything but you know just to make sure"


"Are u serious its 5SOS of course he's gonna be there you dick head"


"Oh yeah, I can't believe I'm saying this but I can't wait to see my brothers"

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