Wen i fly away

LOOK OUT! That was the last thing I herd on that sunny day... And now I have no clue ware I am and what these things on my back are and why am I in so much pain?


2. whare am I?

(Back to the present) I slowly wake up my vision is all cloud. I blink a cupel of times and I can see. I trie to sit up and look around but I am in so much pain I can't move! After what felt like forever the pain slowly mets away. I sit up and thar was something heave on my back! I tern around and there are two white wings foiled up on my back! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" I scream as I fall off the bed I was lying on. I cringed thinking I was going to hit the ground but I never hit. I opened my eyes to see I was floating above the ground I looked to the sids of me but no one was holding me up! Then it hit me I was flying! I was so stunned I didn't know what to do. I slowly moved foreword and I slowly got the hang of flying and was zooming all over the room!

I am so sorry I haven't bin on for so long I have school. :( not fun. I will trie to update more often but I have a lot of homework. Hope you all liked this chapter! :)

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