Beside You

You go to UOS in the music department. but, so does a special someone


4. Chapter 4

I awoke the next day and remembered it was my "date" with Ash today. To be honest, I think I would like Ash better as a friend. Cal, just, seems to have already won my heart. I got out of bed and went to the shower.

When I got out I put on my Cheshire Cat Joggers and shirt that had the cat smile and said "We're All Mad Here" on it. I put my hair in a messy bun and brushed my teeth. I decided to text Cal to tell hime the news.

Hey Cal. I have something to tell you

What is it, princess? -CH

Well I have a "date" today with someone from one of my classes and tbh I don't really like him like that

I work today, so if you want I can help you out-CH


LOL! see you soon <3 -CH

He sent me a heart. I ignored it and blow dried my hair. I heard a knocking at my apartment door and ran to open it. Hi, Ash. I was secretly glad he was equally as underdressed as I, seeing him in Superman sweats and a Batman shirt.

"Thank goodness you're underdressed, too!" Ash said.

He opened the car door for me and I sat down. He closed the door then headed to his side. Ash started towards the Parlor and he turned on the radio.

It was someone I had never heard before. "Who is this, Ash?" He cracked a smile then questioned, "Why, do you like their music?" "Actually, I kinda dig them tbh." He then said something unexpected, "Well if you want, I have a buddy who can hook us up with tickets, they have a gig next week if you want." "OMG yes, can a friend of mine go too?" Sure.

We arrived at the pizza place and he opened the door for me. We walked in, said table for two and sat down.

"Hello, my nam- ASHTON?!?" "CALUM?"


"Wait, you two KNOW each other?!" I yelled. "Yeah we're in a-" Calum started, but was quieted by Ash. "class. We're in a class together." Ashton said suspiciously. "Well, yeah. But we are also in a-" He was cut off again, this time by an evil look. "sorority." Ashton finished for him, and by the look he gave Calum he also meant that this topic would be talked about later. Among themselves.

Seeing the conversation was done for now, Calum went and grabbed our drinks. He came back with a Sprite for me and a Coke for Ash. Ash and I had some small talk and when our food arrived we ate. I tried to pay for us, but Ash covered it. Then he drove me home and dropped me off. But not before kissing my cheek.

'That was a nice date.' I thought to myself, petting Miles. I decided to text Calum, asking what that was about at lunch. He must still be working because he didn't respond. For THREE HOURS.

Hey, about earlier. Ash and I were just messing around :) -CH

Oh okay. Well I'll see you tomorrow or something!

Yup. <3 -CH

I worked on my homework for a bit and finished a couple assignments. I then turned on Netflix and watched some OITNB (a/n love that show) for a bit. I fell asleep on the couch with a popcorn bowl in hand. Another end to another day.

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