Beside You

You go to UOS in the music department. but, so does a special someone


3. Chapter 3

*Time gap*

I looked up at the sky, laying my head against Cal. I pointed to a medium sized cloud. "Look Calum! It's a puppy." He looked to where I was pointing and giggled that perfect giggle of his. He's so cute. "Look at that one, y/n! It looks like a man and a woman cuddling with each other!" He exclaimed, pointing his arm towards the sky at a cloud blob. I laughed way too hard which caused me to snort. 'Jeez,' I thought. 'That was embarrassing'.

This "first date" is going perfect, if you'd count it as one. Every day I didn't have a class, not in a stalker way though, I would stop by his work and have lunch with him. So, by now, we basically new everything about each other.

I was ripped from my thoughts when Calum said, "y/n, do you ever think about your future?" I, confused, questioned, "What do you mean, Cal?" "Like," he paused and looked into my eyes, "kids, marriage...death?" I hesitated, then said, "Well, yeah. I think everyone does at a time in their life, but unlike other people, I don't stress over it, I go with the flow!" I laughed, causing him to. "Good point, maybe I should," he started waving his arms, "go with the flow, too!!"

We rolled on the grass, laughing till we couldn't breathe. Once we finished, Cal drove me home and dropped me off, ending our "first date".

Once inside, I squealed internally and started on my assignments. Soon falling into a deep sleep.

I woke up to Malikai licking my face, which, to me, tickled... a lot. "Miles!! Stop licking me that tickles!" I managed to get out between laughs. He stopped licking me and lied down next to me. I started petting his tummy, causing him to purr. "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr." I sang the tune a couple of times until he fell asleep.

I then got up, getting ready for my next class, the only one I hadn't been to yet. I got ready and headed out the door, jumping in my car and heading off to school. 'I hope Cal's in this class!' I thought to myself. I turned on the radio and one of my favorite songs came on, Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana. "I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks." I sang. By the time the chorus came on I was risking crashing my car, good thing a red light saved me. "HEY! WAIT! I GOTTA LITTLE COPAY!!" I yell/sung.

I parked the car halfway through the song UGH! by The 1975 and went to class, 15 minutes late. I walked in and apologized for being late but the professor just told me to sit down. My eyes locked with a dirty blond boy. He motioned to the seat next to him and I made my way up.

"Hi, I'm y/n!" I said. "Well, nice to meet you, y/n! I'm Ashton." "Well, Ashton, I think I'm gonna call you Ash!" I whisper-yelled. "Fine by me, sweet cheeks." I chuckled then started taking notes, glancing over at Ash every once in a while. "Hey, y/n," he said quietly, "wanna meet up with me tomorrow at Pizza Piez?" "Sure! I love pizza!!" I replied. "Okay see you then."

The class ended and I left. hopping in my car and headed to Cal's work. "Please be there, please be there, please be there!" I thought to myself.

I parked 5 minutes later and saw his car. "YEASSS!!" I yelled. I walked inside and saw Cal at the front, reading a magazine. "Welcome to Pizza Piez, how may I help you?" he asked, jokingly. "Uhm, table for one, please," I joked. "Well we can't have a fine young lady like yourself eating alone, now can we? Mind if I join you?" "Well," I laughed, "if you insist!" We both started laughing and sat down across from each other at the nearby two-person table. "So, how was your day?" I started. "Good, yours?" "Same." We had a bunch of small talk, ate our food and when I tried to pay, Cal payed instead. What a gentleman.

After I got home, I realized that Pizza Piez was where I was going on a date tomorrow. With Ash

And where Cal worked.

A/N happy national kissing day, 2016, everyone!!

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