Beside You

You go to UOS in the music department. but, so does a special someone


1. Chapter 1

I glance to the empty spot next to me and sigh. "Another lonely day, I guess," I mumble to myself, because I was hoping to see a hungover male (or woman) next to me. I checked the clock -8:13- sighed, and hopped up, getting ready for the new semester at The Sydney Conservatorium School of Music.

30 minutes later I was walking- no jogging- out the door so I could make it in time. I decided to screw it and drive through Dunkin' Donuts and get an ice coffee.

When I finally got to the campus, I sprinted inside and got into my first class just as it started. The professor started her lesson and about 10 minutes into the class, a boy walked in. "Sorry I'm late, professor." He said, cheeks crimson red. She nodded it off and he saw the seat next to me was empty. He sat down and took notes for about 30 minutes. Then he looked up at me, smiled and said, "You have very pretty hair." I smiled, and replied, "Thanks, not too bad yourself, cutie." He, once again blushed.

After the class finished we walked out together and, me having no other classes that day, went home.

By the time I got home it was noon. I lied down and slept, for four hours. I woke up ordered take out and got on my computer. Follow request from calzabrah I looked on his Twitter and accepted it, realizing it was the guy from earlier.

but how'd he get my name...and my twitter?

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