The Maid

Christina, an 18 year old girl, has just graduated high school. Before she can go to university, however, she needs to save up. The problem is, she can't seem to keep a job for more than a week. That is, until she finds an ad in the newspaper with a mother and two children in need of a housemaid.

Christina takes the job, but she soon finds out that one of the "children" is actually a 17 year old boy, who seems bent on hating her guts and making her job and life as difficult as possible. She quickly realizes that her job isn't going to be as easy as she thought.


4. Chapter 4 - A Messy Room from Hell

Chapter 4 - A Messy Room from Hell

I knocked on Kieran's door, then waited.

"What do you want now?" The familiar agitated voice asked from the other side of the door.

"I need to clean your room..." I  explained, slowly inviting myself in. Kieran was sitting on his bed playing Xbox.

"Fine," he replied, not even looking up from his TV. I stood at the doorway for a moment.


No response.

"Alright then," I said taking a deep breath.

The first thing I did - or tried to do - was pick up all the clothes off the floor. I couldn't tell what was dirty and what wasn't, so everything went in the laundry basket. I  also found a few food wrappers and a couple dishes, including the ones Kieran had used for lunch. His room looked like he was harboring some goats, a couple stray cats, and at least two trolls.

As I made my way towards the bed, Kieran started getting mad at me because I was "blocking his view". I tried to stay low, but it wasn't my top priority, obviously. And, there was a lot of stuff around and under the bed. He'd finally had it when I accidentally "made him die".

"Stay out of the way or get out!" He yelled in frustration. 

"OK, look," I snapped. "I'm getting paid to clean this room, not to deal with your crap attitude. Now quit being a baby. If you don't want me getting in your way, go somewhere else. Because I'm not leaving until I'm done."

I expected him to retaliate, but he just huffed, "whatever," and stormed out into the hall.

I let out a sigh of both frustration and relief. I finished picking up the rest of the clothes, then I threw out the pile of garbage I'd collected. I was thankful there was no moldy or rotten food, but that room was still disgusting. After I'd unrolled the blankets, I made the bed.

The bathroom was just as disgusting as the bedroom. It honestly looked like nobody had ever cleaned it. There was toothpaste and shampoo spilled all over the counter, towels and more clothes on the floor, and the bathtub was brown and grimy. I sighed.


"OK, you can go back to your room now!" I shouted through the house at Kieran. After I put everything away, I went to my room and grabbed my phone, seeing it was already five o'clock. Linda would be home in about an hour with Melody. 

I decided to call Rachel with my spare time. I dialed the number and let it ring.

"Hey girl what's up?? How's the job?!" Rachel's cheery voice greeted me.

I laughed. "Hey Rach. It's pretty good... My boss is great at least."'

"Just good? Uh oh, what's been going on Chrissy?"

"Well, like I said my boss is great. And her 6 year old daughter Melody is like the cutest kid I've ever seen. The problem is Kieran..."

"Her son? C'mon how much trouble can a little boy be?"

"I wouldn't know... Turns out Kieran isn't a kid. He's like, my age."

"Ooooh is he cute???"

"No. Well, maybe. I don't know, but that wasn't my point. The second he saw me he started yelling me, and he's been doing it ever since."

I then filled Rachel in on everything that had happened since I'd arrived. It was nice to have someone to talk to, and to get everything off my chest. After the phone call I went back upstairs to join Linda and Melody for dinner.

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