The Maid

Christina, an 18 year old girl, has just graduated high school. Before she can go to university, however, she needs to save up. The problem is, she can't seem to keep a job for more than a week. That is, until she finds an ad in the newspaper with a mother and two children in need of a housemaid.

Christina takes the job, but she soon finds out that one of the "children" is actually a 17 year old boy, who seems bent on hating her guts and making her job and life as difficult as possible. She quickly realizes that her job isn't going to be as easy as she thought.


2. Chapter 2 - Moving In

Chapter 2 - Moving In

"Well, here I am" I said to myself as I stood on the doorstep. I looked up at the house - the elegant, and clearly very expensive house, that I'd be cleaning for the next year. 

I'd done a sort of interview over the phone with the mother, Linda. She explained why she needed  maid (she was a single parent who worked a lot), and was excited when I told her I was 18, saying she loved how close in age I was to her kids. So, a few weeks later, my things were packed and I left for New York. 

I took a deep breath before reaching up and ringing the doorbell. It didn't take long for Linda to greet me with a hug, inviting me inside. I brought in and my belongings and set them on the dark hardwood floor in the entryway. After a quick introduction, Linda started showing me around.

"We'll start with your room," she said smiling. Then she picked up two of my bags.

"Oh, you don't..." I trailed off. She'd already started down the hall. I quickly grabbed the rest of my things and began following her. 

Linda pointed out a couple of the rooms to me as we passed them: the media room, the dinning room, and the office. I was starting to get why she needed a maid - her house was huge. 

Eventually, we came to a door. Linda opened it, and I followed her down the stairs to a finished basement. To the right of the stairs, I saw what looked like another, smaller, media room. As we made a sharp left turn, there was a laundry room, then a door, and, way at the other end of the basement, the water heater and such. Linda brought me through the door to my room, which only contained a dresser and a bed at the time. 

After all my things were dropped off, Linda gave me tour of the rest of the house. 

"So, Christina, there will be three different kinds of chores," Linda spoke, sounding and looking official in her skirt and blazer, as she showed me the rest of the ground floor. "The first are daily chores, which obviously need to be done every day. Oh, except Saturday. Saturday is your day off, but that of course can be switched if you'd like or need a different day, I'm flexible with it. The second are weekly chores, done once or twice a week. You can do them anytime during the week, as long as they get done. Again, I'm flexible." She said with a wave of her hand. We began heading upstairs and then stopped at the top. "And finally, I may just give you odd jobs here and there, such as tidying the garage or cleaning the car. Is that all OK with you?" 

"Yeah, that sounds great!" I said thankfully. 

"Perfect," Linda replied with a smile, "I'll give you a list tomorrow." 

"Tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes. Tomorrow you start working. Today I just want you familiarize yourself with the house and my kids. Speaking of kids..." She said, turning down the hall towards the closest door on the left, "This is Melody's room. I might ask you to look after her sometimes if I need to go out and Kieran isn't here. I hope that's all right."

"Yeah, that's fine. I love babysitting." I said happily.

Linda opened the door. "Melody?" Up looked this little girl, who couldn't have been more than 6 years old, sitting at a mini table. She had on a tiara and was holding a cup. Tea Party. "This is Christina. She's gonna help clean the house like I mentioned earlier." The girl took one look at me, then asked, "Do you want some tea?"

"Sure," I chuckled, then I went to go take a seat at the table. Melody pretended to pour me some. Linda laughed, and then checked her watch.

"Shoot. Hey Melody, when you're done with your tea, do you think you can show Christina the rest of the house? She hasn't seen mine or Kieran's rooms yet."

"Mommy, can I show her my room too?" She asked excitedly. Linda and I both smiled.

"Of course you can."


After Melody and I were done our tea, she showed me Linda's room. It was nice and big, like a typical adult room. It had an attached en-suite. Everything was very clean and organized. After that, we headed off to Kieran's room.

Melody opened the door and walked right in, while I waited awkwardly in the doorway. Kieran's room was a mess; clothes were everywhere, blankets were all balled up on the bed, and it looked like nobody had vacuumed in months.

"Kieran! Look who's here! It's the cleaning lady!"

"Melody, how many times do I have to tell you to at least knock first?" I heard an annoyed voice come from a bathroom inside the room. I furrowed my eyebrows. The voice was too deep for a child...

"And honestly, I don't care about-" He stopped as he came out of the bathroom. "Wait, you're the new maid?!"

I didn't know how to answer. In front of me stood a boy  in just sweatpants, who looked close to my age, and he was even more stunned than I was. Kieran wasn't a child or a kid. He was my age! My mind began racing. How did I miss that detail? The way Linda spoke about him, he sounded like a troubled eight year old. 

"Yeah, isn't it great?" Melody answered for me. 

"No it's not great! I can't believe mom hired her!" He said pointing at me a bit angrily. That was enough to pull me out of my thoughts.

"Excuse you? What's your problem?" I asked.

"That's none of your business. Now get out." And with that he turned and slammed the door to the bathroom. 

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