Aren't We All?

Aren't we all just a little bit confused?

Aren't we all just a little bit scared?

Aren't we all just a little bit different?

Aren't we all?


3. 2

I found her, as usual, doing Tai Chi in front of her locker. "Rayne!" I yelled. She almost lost balance, then wagged her finger at me. We sat down at the table in the corner where no one would bother us. She nodded, as if to say, 'yes? what is it?'. "It's about Tiffany." She raised her eyebrow. "-a-and Josh."

She nodded as if to say, 'oh, now it makes sense!' ''They were kissing in the hall." She grabbed her notepad. She scribbled, 'what level?'. "Like, 'the only time I'm going to come up is for air' level! " She scribbled, 'oh, my.' I nodded. " 'Oh, my' is right, Rayne! Now how am I going to-" I took a large breath "- get married to him, be your Maid Of Honor at your wedding to Chett Mason, and have my whole planned life!"

Rayne looked angry as she wrote, 'someone might hear you! keep quiet about Chett Mason!' Chett Mason was Rayne's crush. 'ok, ok, geez,' I wrote back. She wrote back, 'josh chancey alert! act cool!' just as Josh came up to us. I admired Rayne's writing everything small so that it wasn't legible to him. "Hey," he said. My face went red. Rayne turned the page of her pad and wrote, ' hello!' "Hi," I was able to stutter. Rayne wrote, ' what is it that you are wanting?' "Uh, nuthin', I was just saying 'hi'," he said. She wrote, "I DON'T SEE YOU JUST SAYING 'HI' TO EVERYONE HERE, NOW DO I?' I grabbed her arm. "Rayne," I whispered, "JOSH CHANCEY wants to say hi to me. Leave him alone!" She pouted and made a 'pffft' noise. "Bye," he said, walking off.  I cursed under my breath.

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