The Return

On Persephone's orders. Nico, Percy, and Annabeth go on one last quest to bring Leo back from Tartarus to save Calypso from her island imprisonment.


2. the quest

     At camp Half Blood Percy was sitting at the bottom of the canoe lake waiting for the Athena cabin to drift over him. "Hurry up you guys, or I'm going to beat you!"  said Annabeth in a playful voice. He saw the canoes, he also heard the splashing noises from above.  Annabeth talking to her cabin mates. He starts to swim up to the first canoe, it was Annabeth's. He swam up and started rocking it until tipped it over. He heard all the girls gasp, and Annabeth cursing to the gods as she plunged into the deep, blue water. When she saw it was Percy she scowled but the Percy knew that scowl wouldn't stay on forever. Sure enough it quickly morphed into a smile. She swam around with him watching his black hair wave around in the water. Percy made sure that she didn't run out of air. Even though she knew that, her cabin mates didn't. Percy stole a quick kiss from her as she motioned for them to go back to the surface. As she swam up Percy watched her orange t-shirt billow around her. Their heads broke through the surface of the water. Percy and Annabeth looked up at the Athena kids. Most of them were giggling, some of them looked a bit concerned. Percy and the other campers helped Annabeth back into her capsized canoe. It surprisingly didn't take much to get her back up into the canoe. 

"Come on Seaweed Brain, I'll race you back." Annabeth challenged him.

"Alright Wise Girl, you're on!" Percy returned the challenged, "I'll give you a headstart!" Annabeth paddled as fast as she could. One one thousand. The rest of the Athena cabin followed her laughing. Two one thousand. Annabeth called back after him.

"Are you even coming?" She asked. Three. He channeled all of his power, he felt the familiar pulling sensation in his gut. Then whoosh. He bent the water to propel him forward the Athena cabin stopped in their tracks, with their mouths open. He and Annabeth were neck and neck now. 30 feet to the beach. Percy let Annabeth think that she was winning. 15 feet. Annabeth laughed at him, and splashed him with her paddle. 10, 8, 6, 5 feet from the shore line he shot ahead. Percy ran up to the shore. Annabeth was right behind him, she came up to the shoreline and ran out of her canoe toward him. They laughed together as Percy wrapped her in towel that was sitting on the beach. He had willed himself to not get wet. The Athena campers drifted up behind them as the dinner bell rang.

    As all the cabins file in for breakfast, Chiron walked up in front of all the tables. "Earlier this morning Leo Valdez was reported missing. I have recently been informed that an unknown power has thrown him into Tartarus." whispers and sobs filled the pavilion. The gods are still voting onto whether or not to search for him. Until then we have been told to assume the worst. His shrine will be burned at the campfire tonight." Chiron walked back to the head table as dinner started.

Later that night at the campfire a Hephaestus shrine was burning bright in the campfire. The Apollo cabin tried to get the campers spirits up. But that got nowhere. As everyone started to go back to their cabins Rachel's eyes started to glow green. She delivered a prophecy,

Children of death, water, and wisdom

shall go to the pit of evil

to rescue the son of the forge

and bring him to the island that doesn't exist

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