The Return

On Persephone's orders. Nico, Percy, and Annabeth go on one last quest to bring Leo back from Tartarus to save Calypso from her island imprisonment.


1. The beginning

Ninety days. He promised me that he would come back. Ninety days of waking up, watching the horizon, and falling asleep

on the beach. On the ninetieth day something strange happened. Poseidon himself walked up onto the snow white sand.

"Leo is not coming back, he has been through in tartarus by Hera herself." He told her with a melancholy look on his

face. And walked back into the water. She sat down on the beach and cried,when she finally put herself together she looked

like a mess. Her cheeks were blotchy and red, her hair was sticking out in weird angles, but she finally convinced herself to

get back up. If Leo wasn't coming back she had to continue her job even if it wasn't worth it. You can do it, you can get

through it, she told herself.


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