As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


1. Prologue

HIii! It almost christmas and I couldn't wait to publish this book because it's in the christmas period that it has its start. Normally I want to finish one and go further with another but this couldn't wait. I hope you all like it :)

Warning: not for haters of fairytales or musicals, it's a sort of story which has a lot reflections of musicals / fairytales like Beauty and the beast or High school musical. This is quite the inspiration of the story because in the story there's a girl for 2 years in it and more reasons that you'll find out reading here! I hope this doesn't scare off people to read this because I have a lot ideas for this story.


Deep into the streets of Mullingar, lives a girl Lilly, with a wonderful daughter Belle. Belle is almost 2 years, never knew who her father was. Lilly never wanted to tell that, she missed more her best friend than the father of her daughter. The father of her daughter would be a mistake, a one night stand. She regretted it but never regret Belle at all. Belle was her everything and deserved everything she could do for her even searching for a 'new father'. Her best friend woud be a better father than the father of Belle, he never knows that he got a daughter, he never kept in touch with Lilly anymore. 

It was winter, snowflakes everywhere, it made Belle so happy. Christmas was her favourite time of the year. Only Lilly, Belle and Lilly's parents, celebrating christmas together. But every year when it is christmas, Belle had a dream, a wish. 'Mommy, I have a dream for this year!' She always said from the moment she could talk. 'What's your dream love?' Lilly said, while stroking Belles hair. 

'Having a daddy so we can be a family. Daddy, mommy and I.' She giggled a bit. 'I want that too.' Lilly always whispered and placed a kiss on Belles hair. She wanted to make Belel happy plus she wants someone to support her while caring for her daughter. But Lilly couldn't make that happen.

It was a winterday when she walked trough the streets with Belle. Belle was so happy with this time. Sometimes she let her mommys hand go to run to people. Today was the same day that she did that, 22 december. She saw a blonde guy. He attracted her to ask him a question. 

'Belle!' Lilly yelled when Belle ran to the guy. Belle touched the man. 'Sir, can I ask you something?' She asked cute. The guy turned around and kneeled down. 'Yeah little girl?' He said. Lilly wanted to go to Belle but was astonished because she saw her best friend. 'Belle come here. Don't bother other people.' She tried to say but Belle ignored it. She wanted to be with that guy. 

'Lilly?' the guy said when he heard her voice and saw her. 'Hi Niall.' Lilly answered. 'Is this your...' He couldn't finish his sentence, it was too long enough to know if it was her daughter or maybe something else. 'It's my daughter Belle.' Lilly finished his sentence. 'She's beautiful. She has the same beauty like her mom' Niall said.  Lilly blushed. 'Mommy who's that if you know him?' Belle asked her mom. 'It's Niall, my best friend.'

'Not daddy?' She asked disappointed. 'You know daddy would never come back love, I'm sorry.' 'But I want a daddy...' She cried a bit. 'Come here little girl, do you want a hug from Niall?' Niall proposed to make her a bit happy. Belle nodded and got a hug from Niall. 'Belle her name is from Beauty and the beast?' Niall thought out loud. Lilly nodded. 'She reminds me of you, she isn't your daughter but she got a lot in her which made me think of you.' Lilly admitted. 

'But she still looks a lot like her mother.' Niall said back. 'Can you come to our christmas party?' Belle proposed. She already likes Niall. 'When does the party start?' Niall asked. 'Belle, he can't come, every familie celebrates christmas.' Lilly said before Belle could answer. ' 25 December' Belle said disappointed. 'Sorry Belle I can't come then. But 26 december I can, if you want?' He said so she won't be that disappointed. Belle smiled. 'Can he mommy, can he come?' Belle ran to her mommy to pick her up and ask permission to let Niall come to their house.

'Uhm... if that's okay for Niall? And if it makes you happy baby.' Lilly said and picked her daughter up, placed a kiss on her cheek. 'Can I get your address ? So I can come then. ' Niall asked a bit shy. Lilly searched in her bag for a card with her adress on. Then she gave that card to Belle so she could give it to Niall. 

'Thank you lovely girls.' He smiled. He gave his phone number too. On the card he got from Lilly he got her phone number too. 'See you 26 December.' He smiled and went further to the shops. Lilly was relieved to see him again but inside her feelings were mixed, why does he finally have to come to the shops now when she didn't have heard something from him already more than 2 years. 

'Let's go shopping honey.' Lilly said. 'But you're holding my hand the whole time until I say you can let me go.' Lilly warned Belle because meeting Niall again what too awkward. Belle nodded. After shopping Lilly went to her parents. 'Granny granny!' Belle giggled and hugged her granny. 'I saw mommys best friend Niall!' She told her granny. Grannys eyes were big. 

Lilly nodded. 'I thought I would never see him again...' Lillys mom hugged her. 'Maura told me he was back in town but she didn't expect him to be in town. She thought he would go to friends and family not more... but he lied then...' 

Lilly sighted... Niall was her best friend but they lost contact more than two years ago... When she got pregnant... Even he didn't know she was pregnant. 'It'll be alright honey. But does Niall know that Belles yours...' Her mom asked and Lilly could only nod. 'Normally he won't know who's the father.' Her mom comforted her because Lilly doesn't want arguments between her and Niall and Niall and the father of Belle.

'It'll be alright...' Lilly mom said. 'No because Belle wanted that Niall would come for christmas, so he come the 26 december instead of 25 because he has his own party but Belle wanted him absolutely to come to us...' Lillys mom hugged her daughter. 

'You know... I never saw you so stressed out since you have the prom with Niall...' Her mom mumbled. 'Mom I was in love with him, he asked me out as friends... I was searching the perfect dress to impress. I wanted him to be my boyfriend that night... But nothing happened... The day after the left me and said he goes to X factor then we got in touch sometimes... But he got a girlfriend I don't know her name again but... He doesn't like me like I like him...' Lilly said and looked to the ground. 'Hey, don't give up what you want.' 

Belle ran to her mom. 'Mommy don't cry.' She said when there were tears on Lilly's cheeks. 'I won't honey, let's go play a while because we go home in a hour after dinner and then you have to go to our favourite room, the bathroom for a bath.' Lilly winked to her daughter. 

'Noo mommy.' Belle whined. 'Yes, or do you wanna have a dirty smell on your body?' 'No...' She shuffled a bit with her right feet. She's so cute. 'Go and play a bit with your dolls here. Within two days we'll celebrate christmas here.' Lilly announced. And the day after it Niall will come... Yay, her mind thought. After dinner dinner, Lilly left with her daughter. They went to her appartment. Lilly bought that appartment when she was pregnant. She wanted to live on her own, not being dependent of someone or something. Just doing what she wanted to do. Having a good job, a beautiful child, only a man was missing. 

Lilly and Belle arrived into their appartment. 'Let mommy help you with your jacket honey.' Belle tried to do it herself but she still can't do it on her own. She accepted her moms help finally and when her jacket hung where it belonged she ran to her toys. 'A few minutes and when mommy have made your bath you have to come little monster.' Lilly said. She loves her daughter. 

When the bath was good enough like warm enough and enough filled for a little girl, Lilly called her daughter. Belle came to the bathroom with a sad face. 'Come here love.' Lilly said and hugged her girl. She undressed her daughter put her in her bath, and washed her. After doing that she made sure that Belle was ready to go to bed. Lilly brougth her daughter to her little bed. 'Goodnight beauty.' Lilly said and gave her daughter a goodnight kiss. 



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