As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


9. Chapter 8

'Actually you did , but thanks to you I got Belle and I'm thankfull for that.' Lilly answered with tears. Harry hugged her. 'It'll be alright. Niall just has to calm down now and maybe you can talk to him this week again.' Harry advised her. Lilly just nodded.

'Then I'll go now.' Harry said. 'Please stay here...' Lilly begged. 'Why?' 'Because Belle will be asking questions about Niall and I'm so tired... I need someone to help me with Belle now.' 'Okay, I'll stay. It's because I can spend some time with her again.' Harry answered. 'Thank you' Lilly said and hugged Harry tightly. 'I will get you some blankets for in the couch. Sorry but I have no other rooms and I'm just not in the mood to sleep together...' Lilly sighted. 

'It's okay, I'll take the couch.' Harry said and smiled.He doubted to sleep in his boxers but he didn't. He just slept in his clothes. 'Good night Lilly. If there's something, wake me up.' Harry mumbled. Lilly smiled and went to her bed. At midnight Belle walked to Lilly's room and laid her body next to her mommy. 

Next morning Lilly realized that her daughter was sleeping next to her. Lilly smiled and placed a kiss on Belle forehead. She walked to the living room and saw Harry sleeping. Lilly was smiling while making breakfast for her, Harry and Belle. When breakfast was made, she woke up Harry. 'Sleeping beauty.' Lilly whispered. 'MMM... where am I ?' Harry groaned. 'In my apartment, you said yes to sleep here the night when Niall left...' Lilly said sad. 'Oh yeah, I remember. Where's Belle?' 'I have to wake her up now.' Lilly said. 'Can I wake her up?' Harry said with a smile. 

'Oh okay.' Lilly said disappointed. Harry walked to Lilly's room when Lilly told him she's in her room. 'wakey wakey little princess.' Harry said and pushed her back and forth in her bed. 'mmm...' She finally opened her eyes. 'DADDY!' She yelled. She jumped into Harry's arms. 'Hey little princess.' He whispered into her ears and stroked her back. 'Let's go to mommy.' Harry said and walked with Belle in his arms to Lilly. 

'MOMMY!' Belle yelled and opened her arms.'Baby girl.' Lilly said and took her daughter in her arms. She gave her daughter some food. After eating and making ready for school, Harry left the house. ' Come on little girl. It's time for school.' (A/N I don't know when they have school in Ireland but where I live they are already go on 2.5 year to kindergarten, so I do like she's 2.5 years old to go to school I thought she was 2 years )

'Mommy wait! There's Niall.' Belle pointed when they arrived at school. Exactly there was Niall, hands in his pockets, don't care about Lilly. Belle ran to Niall. He picked her up. It was his weakness. 'Hey little princess.' 'I miss you already.' Belle said and cried. 'I promise I will see you a lot when I can, even mommy and I aren't together anymore.' HE whispered in her ear. 

Lilly was astonished. The love between her daughter and the love of her life... But she has to do the right thing, choosing for Harry. It has to... 'You have to go to school princess.' Niall said and let her go with a kiss on her cheek. 'When will you visit me again Niall?' Belle was too curious. 'I'll see, I can't promise it.' Niall said. Belle ran to her mom gave her a kiss and went to the playground of the school. 

Niall passed Lilly. Lilly grabbed his hand. 'Let me go Lilly.' Niall said and pushed her hand away. 'Niall listen to me.' Lilly yelled. 'I don't have to listen... You said enough yesterday... ' Niall said and tried to walk away again. 'Listen Niall, I really like you but I had to thanks to my mom. I want to start again , or now at least best friends because it is oblligatory that I'm together with Harry thanks to my mom. We can start over as friends? Please...' 'I don't think I can...' Niall said and ran away. 'Ni!' Lilly yelled and cried. 

She was mad, mad about herself. How could she do that? She ran to her car to cry there. She made sure she could do her work at home. She had chosen a job to do in an office or at home. That was the best for Belle. Before she calmed down, her phone rang. 

She picked up the phone. Of course, it was Harry. 'Hi Lilly how are you now?' Lilly tried to calm down. 'It's okay, really.' She said but Harry could absolutely hear that there was something going on. 'Lilly please. Tell me what's going on.' 'No. There's nothing.' 

'I'll come to your house within half an hour.' 'No you don't have to.' 'I'll come.' Lilly sighted. Why does he have to come? She can solve this on her own. She made a mess...she has to solve it, not Harry. She grabbed the steering-wheel and drove back home. When she arrived home, Harry was already there. 

She stepped out the car and went to Harry. Harry hugged her. 'What's going on?' Harry whispered. 'Niall... I saw him close to the kindergarten...' She took a breath. 'I wanted to talk but he didn't want that... He talked to Belle and then he ignored me and say to me that he can't start over again as friends...' She cried harder and harder again. 'Come on, give him time...' Harry tried to calm her down.

'It will be alright.' He held her tight in his arms. 'Do you want me to stay here?' 'No, it's okay.' Lilly said but Harry didn't believe her. 'Stay here and I'll pick up Belle when she has to go home today.' Harry proposed and asked the adress of the school. 

When it was time he went to the school. There he crossed Niall. What does he do there? He doesn't know. Niall smiled to Belle and walked away. Belle ran to Harry. 'Daddy!' 'Hi little girl.' Harry picked her up and sat her in her car seat. 

He drove back to Lilly's home. When they arrived Lilly hugged her daughter thightly. 'My lovely girl.' She whispered. 'I saw Niall again mommy.' Belle said happy. 'What did he say?' Lilly asked but it keeps her awake and hurts her. ' He said that he would give me a present this week. I asked him when I could do something with him. He said this weekend so I can play with Theo, his nephew.' Belle said.

When she had said that, Harry got a message from Niall. 'It's right what she said...' Harry told Lilly... 'He texted you to get permission of Belle and not me ?!' Lilly yelled when she ordered Belle to play in her room. 'Maybe it's too difficult for him to text you ?' 'Harry... Come on... Belle was always mine, there's one who's permission is needed and that's from me. Sorry Harry, you're her dad too but I was really the one who took care of her in these two years already...' Lilly said. 

'I know love, but she's mine as well now and I would like to call her Belle Styles. I really want her in my life and take care of you and her.' Harry confessed.'And you think you can change the time now and take care of us now? Don't make me laugh Styles.' Lilly was mad. 'I can't change time but I can change future. I want to stay with you Lilly. The 1D-break starts now so I have time enough to make time for you and Belle. I promise.' Harry said, stepped forward and kissed Lilly's hand. 

'I want to be with you Lilly, take the pain away.' Harry was honest, really honest. He was in love, really in love.

New chappie, it's not what I had expected it was more clear in my head but I hope you all like it ! I hope I can write soon a new chappie!

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