As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


8. Chapter 7

Lilly opened her eyes. Niall was a bit snoring. Lilly stepped out of her bed and took a look in Belles room. Still peacefully sleeping. Lilly tiptoed to the kitchen to make some breakfast for her little family. Yeah little family because Niall is a part of it in her mind.

She woke her family up and brought Belle to the kitchen when she had her dress on and was ready to go. 'Hello love.' Niall said in a morning voice when he walked into the kitchen. A little kiss was placed on Lilly's mouth. 'Hello handsome.' Lilly answered and took him into her arms when she had put Belle into her chair.

'Do I look good for the interview?' Niall asked. Lilly just nodded. 'You always look good.' She admitted. She made some slices of bread for Belle. 'In the afternoon I'm going to my mom with Belle. So see you in the evening maybe?' Lilly announced. 'That's fine for me. But I'm gonna miss you two.' 'Awh, but we're just together and now you're gonna miss us. Weird boy.' She said and placed a kiss on his mouth again. 

After a fine breakfast, Niall left the appartment. An empty space appaered into the appartment, even when he's just a day here into the family. 'Come on Belle.' Lilly shouted when she wanted to go to her mom. 'Almost ready mommy!' She said and ran with her toys to her mom. Together they went to the car and drove to Belles granny.

Lilly's mom opened the door and kissed her daughter and granddaughter on the cheek. Lilly put her daughter immediately in the play room so she could talk a bit relaxed with her mom. Telling the truth about Harry.... 'Mom.' She said and took a breath. 'Yes, love?' 'I have to tell you something...' 'Don't be scared. I don't bite, you already know that.' Her mom laughed. 

'You know that I told you the story that I was drunk when 'Belle was created'?' 'Yeah?' 'I was drunk that was true, but I knew who it was. It was Harry, Nialls friend.' 'You mean... he's Belles dad?' Lilly just nodded. 'He made me drunk and made sure Niall couldn't protect me. He wanted me that bad and knew my bad spots... When we were in his hotelbed, and he was ready to say to me 'That's better then Niall I assume', I realized it so badly. I wanted to run away but the alcohol was doing good work...' Lilly tried to explain to her mom.

'Does he know about Belle?' Her mom was too curious. Lilly nodded. 'Two days ago. I met Niall again. He organised a date for me where Belle had to stay with Liam and Harry... When I knew that I freaked out of course and then Belle and Harry knew that they were family.' 'Does she accept Harry as dad?' 'Quite simple. She says daddy Harry to him and to Niall daddy Niall because Niall and I got something together now thanks to that date....' 

It was quite a big mess for Lilly's mom. 'So you're together with Niall when Belle knew Harry's her dad? Lilly, seriously, you're making big mistakes... A kid needs her mom and dad. Stay together with Harry. Break up with Niall. I know you love him but this isn't the time to love. It is time to let Belle grow up.' Lilly was shocked how her mom said it. It was like it was that simple and daily for her. 

'Mom, I love Niall! I don't even love Harry. He made me sick. Niall made me healthy again. Made me realize how love is besides having my wonderful daughter. You can't ask me that to be together with Harry for Belle. He sees her enough. He saw her yesterday. When he calls me, he can see Belle as much as he want.' Her mom wasn't convinced at all. 'I knew it, but it's the best for Belle. You want the best for her? Just be with Harry and let her forget 'daddy Niall' and let her out of your head as well. Focus for a future as a real family.' 

'You can't ask me that mom.' 'Of course , I can. I'm your mom. Do that so Belle's happy and I can be finally proud of you.' 'You were never proud of me?! Really mom? I'm done with this.' Lilly was mad and walked to Belle to go back home. She had enough of her moms sick talk. 

'Bye mom!' She said when she closed the door and walked to the car. She went to the supermarket with Belle. 'Why are we going away that fast from granny?' 'Granny is a bit confused so mommy doesn't wanted to see that. Sorry, little one.' She said and stroked Belles hair while walking through the supermarket.

She grabbed what she needed and paid for it. Then she texted Niall where he was, maybe his interview was quicker done. Probably not. She got a message back : still at the interview.... Desperately she went back to her appartment. When it became evening, she cooked for three. At 7 PM she heard the doorbell. Niall and Harry. 

'Harry wanted to see his daughter again.' Niall said when he came upstairs and kissed his girlfriend. 'where is she?' Harry asked. 'In her room, don't ask her about her granny or what she did today please. It was a hectic day today... ' Lilly warned him. 

'I assume that I have to calm you a bit down?' Niall said while placing kissed in her shoulders. 'Maybe but stop kissing my shoulders please, I'm not in the mood.' Lilly said and turned around to look him in the eyes. 'Maybe a hug then?' 'Yes I need it.' Lilly said and Niall took her in his arms. 'So I don't have to ask how it went with your mom?' 'It was a disaster... She asks me something ridiculous...' She almost has tears...

'Hey baby. You don't have to do what you don't wanna do.' Niall said and stroked her back. 'I have to Niall... For Belle and for my mom.' She cried again. Niall just waited when she was relaxed again and could tell what she has to tell. When she was calmed down Harry walked into the room. 'Belle was happy playing with her toys. Is it okay to visit her tomorrow again with my mom? My mom flew over to see Belle because I told her about Belle and that I want to stay in Ireland because of Belle.' Harry explained. 

Lilly just nodded. 'It's your child as well and she needs to see your mom too.... So your mom is welcome.' Lilly just smiled. Lilly thought about the words of her mom so she decided she had to do what she had said... Even if it hurts her and Niall. 'Niall?' 'Yes love?' 'Will you come to my room please?' Niall just nodded and Harry waited there just in the living room. 'Don't do some nasty things.' Harry joked. 

Niall followed Lilly. 'What's wrong?' Niall asked and put his hands on her cheeks to kiss her. This made it more difficult for Lilly. 'I have to do this for Belle and my mom but I don't want this Niall... But I have to.. For my little girl to have a better future... I have to give Harry a new chance as father...' Lilly cried. Niall was speechless. 'Mommy why?' Belle asked she had heard everything ofcourse... She couldn't sleep... 'Yeah mommy why?' Niall said again. 'Because... my mom said it's better to let Belle grow into a healty family, mommy and daddy being together... Not stepdad and mommy.... I really love you Niall but I can't doing something else....' Lilly cried. 

'I don't need an explaination like that. It's rubbish. You and I love each other... Why won't your mom accept it? Belle even accept it and that's more difficult for a kid. I really love you Lilly but if you want to do it like that, I don't wanna play that game....' Niall said mad and ran outside. When he came into the living room he yelled: 'Do you have your power now? I really love her and thanks to you making her pregnant, I can't be with her thanks to her mom and you... You always ruined my life, now again. Really thank you my friend! Always been like that!' 

Niall ran outside and cried in his car. 'How could she do this?' He asked out loud. He tried to call Louis or Liam to talk. They could calm him down... 

'What's going on here?' Harry asked Lilly when she came back with a crying Belle. 'Shh baby, it's just a phase now, but mommy's here and daddy's here. Sometimes we have to hurt people we love even if we don't want to.' Lilly tried to explain. Lilly tried to put Belle in her bed again and let her sleep. 

'Now an explanation please.' Harry asked. 'Well... I went to my mom and I had to tell her that you're Belles dad. She ordered me to break up with Niall and be together with you that would be better for my little girl...' Lilly cried. 'Hey Niall will understand it soon and I'm a bit speechless. I love you but I don't want to replace Niall and I don't think that you feel something for me... I made your life into misery.' Harry muttered. 

Tum tum tum... cliffhanger :p Sorry for writing too slow it's because of exams and inspiration which was lost ! I hope I can write more of LillyBelle and between these walls. I really love you xxx Eline


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