As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


7. Chapter 6

A little girl was really early awake. She crawled out of her bed and made a way trough her daily ritual, waking up her mom. However, there was a man lying in that bed where her mommy normally lays. Was it only the man? She took a look. She knew him. It was Niall. Then she discovered her mom. She ran to her mommy and jumped on her body. 

'Mommy, mommy wake up!' She yelled and jumped. 'Belle please don't be so active.' Her mom just whined. 'Is that Niall next to you mommy?' The little girl was too curious about it. 'Yes love.' Niall just answered instead of Lilly. 'Why does he lay next to you?' 'Because he is my boyfriend now.' 'What's boyfriend mommy?' Lilly had to thing to explain that. 

'That's when a boy loves a girl that much that he wants to marry her and being with her the whole time. That his heart doesn't stop beating for that girl. It only beats for her.' 'So is he my boyfriend too ?' the little girl said. 'He loves you too but that's different little girl.' Lilly cut Niall off before he could say. 

'Come here little princess.' Niall said and Belle crawled into the arms of Niall which he had opened. 'I'm going for some breakfast.' Lilly said. 'Cuddle a bit with my daughter for as long as it can.' She laughed and stood up. Walking to the kitchen and laying the table, that was her task. After 15 minutes she heard Belle and Niall coming to the kitchen. 'Little monster! ' Niall said and tickled Belle who was in his arms. Then he put her on her chair. 'Here a throne for a princess.' He said. He helped Lilly very well. Lilly sat next to Belle. 'A slice of bread with?' Lilly asked. 'Cheese!' Belle yelled.

After they had eaten breakfast, Harry called Lilly. 'Lilly? It's Harry.' 'Yeah I knew I saw it on my phone.' 'Can... can I have a day with my daughter?' He asked. 'Uhm.... you're overwhelming me.' Niall started to listen what they both said. 'Sorry , but I'm feeling now like a father and I want to prove that I love her. ' 'That's quite impressive. I'll ask her.' Lilly said. 'Little Belle, do you want to go to your daddy Harry?' 'Yeah, yeah daddy Harry.' Belle was too enthusiastic. 

'Okay you can get her this day but bring her back before 7 PM.' Lilly warned Harry on the phone. She would miss Belle absolutely. After half an hour , Harry came and Belle put her jacket on to go with him. 'Bye love, listen to daddy Harry and we will see each other this evening.' Lilly whispered in Belles ear and kissed her on the cheek. Tears streamed down her face.

Niall held her in his arms.'It'll be alright honey.' He whispered in her ear. 'Say bye to mommy.' Harry said and walked with Belle in his arms to his car. Lilly cried harder and harder.'Hey , she will be soon here. Be happy about it, we have time alone. We can go to the mall ? We can have a lazy day? What you want.' Niall tried to cheer her up.

'Thank you Ni, to cheer me up.' Lilly said and place a kiss on his mouth. 'I will do that more if that's my reward, a lovely kiss of you.' He laughed and tickled Lilly. 'Ni, don't tickle me please.' She giggled and landed on the couch.

'Let's go to the mall.' Niall said when they have eaten some lunch.Lilly followed him. When they walked into the streets, they first went to a clothing shop. Lilly tried some dresses and t-shirts.  Before Lilly could pay her clothes Niall did instead. 

'Niall!' Lilly poked him. 'It's for my love so I'll pay.' He smiled. Next stop was a bra store. Lilly got some awkward memories with Niall when they were young.

-Her mom, his mom and Niall went with her when she was thirteen to the bra store. Her breasts were growing so she needed a bra. Nialls mom said to Niall  that he had to go to the games store but he sneaked into the bra store , watching some bras. Before Lilly could know it, Niall was standing next to her with a bra in his hands, doing a completely silly dance with it.

'Niall!' Lilly was ashamed when little Niall was doing like that. 'You look beautiful Lilly.' Little Niall said and blushed. Since then he loved her more and more. 'Niall! What did I say, go to the play store!' Maura ordered. 'yes mom...' Niall sighted and was disappointed.Lilly made sure everything was done. She hated bra shopping with the two moms...-

'Lills, the bra store!' He yelled. 'No Ni. I didn't forget what happened in my youth with you my idiot.' Lilly giggled. 'But I've grown up.' Niall smirked. 'I don't believe that honey.' Lilly said and put her hand on his cheek and kissed him. 'Let's go further to the mall.' Niall proposed. After some shops they got something for Lilly, for Niall and for Belle as well. Niall paid a lot. 

When they got back home, Lilly put everything on his place. Everything for Belle in her closet. Niall got some clothes in Lilly's closet. 'I have to tell my mom about you and Harry... Is it okay that I'm going alone with Belle to my mom? Maybe next time to my mom together? It's a quite shock for her. I never told her about Harry that he's Belles daughter. I said it was a one night stand and it really was, but a bad one, just because I was drunk and never wanted that... ' Lilly explained.

Niall hugged his girl. 'It's okay. I hope I can soon meet her again, long time ago actually. I hope she can welcome me in your family...' Niall was so insecure about it even her mom liked him in the past and still likes him. 'When Harry's back, I'm gonna put Belle in bath, if you want you can help me or watch TV or something else ? It's your home now too.' Lilly said and went to the kitchen to find something to eat for two. 

'I would like to help you with Belle. I have to get used to her and she has to get used to me. And I really love her but I love you the most.' He said and snuggled with his nose into Lilly's neck. 'Niall, I'm cooking, you're distracting me.' Lilly mumbled. 'But I'll help you then.' His grip became a bit thighter.

They cooked together. After eating and doing the dishes, Harry arrived with Belle. 'Mommy!' Belle yelled to Lilly and ran to her. Lilly picked her daughter up and hugged her. 'Belle!' Lilly said back and kissed her daughter on her forehead. 'I went to the playground with daddy Harry. He gave me an ice cream!' 'You're a spoilt child, little ape of me.' Lilly laughed. 

'Thanks that I could spend a day with my daughter.' Harry said honest. 'You're welcome but I missed that loudly girl a lot.' Lilly laughed. 'I can believe it.' Harry laughed. 'See you tomorrow Niall! And maybe you too Lilly?' 'Huh tomorrow?' Lilly questioned. 

'We have one of the last interviews and performances. Just here in Ireland and next week in England again. So next week you have to miss me. Tomorrow is just an afternoon.' Niall said and placed a kiss in Lilly's hair. 'Oh okay, but tomorrow I'm going to my mom. Spending some time with her and Belle.' Lilly smiled. 'It's okay. See you next time when I can lend Belle!' He just smiled and said goodbye to everyone. 

'Now a bath little monster.' Lilly said to her daughter. 'Can Niall put me in bath too?' Belle asked. 'Of course that was his plan.' Lilly put Belle down. 'Choose with Niall a PJ so mommy can fill the bath already.' 'Okay mommy' Belle said cute and grabbed Nialls hand and pulled him to her room. Lilly laughed and threw a kiss to Niall who did the same to her. Then she walked to the bathroom. 

Filling up the bath, putting some soap in it. Made sure Belle had everything. 'Mommy look at my PJ!' She had choosen for the one direction PJ (she always wanted that before she knew the boys). 'So daddy and Niall sleeps with me everyday.' She giggled. Niall came closer to Lilly and whispered: 'But you have the luck to sleep next to one of them.' Lilly giggled and placed a kiss on his cheek. 'show Niall how brave you are little one!' Lilly said and Belle already was changing from full of clothes into naked. 'Good girl. Now the crane will put you in bath again.' Lilly did like a robot or a crane to put Belle in her bath. Belle giggled. 'You can wash her a bit. I'll do her hair. That's a bit more complicated.' Lilly laughed.

Niall did it like he was the best dad ever. 'Good work love.' Lilly said and grabbed a washing cloth to put it over Belles eyes so she won't have any shampoo in her eyes. 'Maybe you can do the washing cloth.' Lilly said to Niall. Lilly washed Belles hair.

'Great job.' Niall said and kissed Lilly. Then Niall helped Belle out of her bath and changed her into her PJ. 'Give mommy a kiss and then Niall will put you in your bed.' Lilly said when Belle was whining that Niall had to put her in her bed. 

Belle gave her mom a quick kiss. Lilly left the room and went to her own room and lie on her right side , her back in the direction of the door. Niall saw there was something because it looked like she ignored him. 'Lilly?' 'mm?' 'What's up love? You're acting weird?' 'There's nothing.' Lilly said and held her tears into her eyes.

'I know there's something.' He said and turned her to him, so she could look him in the eyes. She started crying. Niall took her in her arms. 'I'm so scared Niall...' 'Why? You have me , you have Belle.' 'I'm scared what my mom will think about the Harry situation... It looks like that I'm just a girl who goes to bed with everyone... I don't know how to tell her that Harry is Belles dad and that I'm with you now... I'm so scared for the fans too.' Niall held her thighly in his arms.

'Just sleep a little bit. Everything will be alright. Calm down.' He stroked her hair until she fell asleep. Then he made sure he could sleep. Lilly slept into his arms.

Finally a new chappie :) I hope I can write soon new chappies. I have a bit inspiration (actually a lot of inspiration (more to the end of the book, so I have to find more moments to fill it up) ) I hope you still like the story :)


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