As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


6. Chapter 5

Liam arrived with Belle in his arms at the appartment. He pushed the doorbell and made sure he was almost there to comfort Lilly. When Lilly opened the door, he asked for Belles room so he could put her in her bed and talk with Lilly. Liam and Lilly sat down in the couch. 'Well, do you wanna talk about it?' Liam asked. 'I have to I think...' Lilly sighted. 

'Be calm and everything will be alright.' Liam said. 'You know he loves me? When I came outside, there was a tree house. I made sure I could walk on the stairs and there a Niall with flowers appeared. He took me closer and told me he loves me and wanted to take care of me and Belle. He even wanted to change Belles name into Horan. I told him a little bit that I love him too but I said I don't have to lie or hid something for him.' 'That's not a good beginning.' Liam mumbled. 

'I know. I told him about that night with Harry. It was just a night . When Harry said that he was kinda better like Niall, I was sober and realized that Niall's the one. But he won't believe me. However, he was mad, yelled and said that I had to leave.' 'You did?' 'Of course, what did I have to do? He was furious. A woman can't handle that on her own... I walked in the rain home to think about the consequences. I hope he isn't going to Harry...' Lilly sighted and put her hand closer to her face. 

'That's stupid if he does that.' Liam warned. 'You don't know Niall. He dares it. Really.' Lilly warned him. When she said that Liam got a call from Louis. 'Lou?' He looked worried. 'What?! I'm coming with Lilly.' He closed the call. 'You have to come with me.' 'I can't, you see Belle is alone here then?' Lilly made him remember it. 'Call your mom.' He ordered. She obeyed. When her mom came, they left.

when they arrived , you could hear them yelling to each other. 'You knew I like her! You pushed me away from her to go to bed to her. You even didn't say it to me and after it you advised me to let her go.' Niall wanted to hit Harry who had already a bleeding nose. 'I'm so sorry, mate. I was wrong I know. And I wanted to make it alright and be a father to Belle. Helping Lilly with it.' Harry said as excuse.

'I wanted to take care of Lilly and Belle. You ** ruined it.' He hit with his fist the wall and cried. 'Niall.' Lilly said astonished. 'Lill.' He said and looked to her and stopped 'the fight'. He ran to Lilly. 'Niall, you can't hit Harry... I love you and we all made mistakes but it is the strength to forgive each other...' Lilly cried. 'Don't cry Lilly...' Niall said and wiped her tears away. 

'Please forgive Harry and me. And don't fight.' She begged. 'I will forgive you because love is forgiving each other but Harry, I don't know.' he said and put his hands on her cheeks. 'You know he's Belles biological father so if you're together with me, you have to accept Harry in Belles world.' Lilly warned him. 

'Give me a chance Niall and Lilly, forgive me for my faults. I will try to make Belle happy.' Harry begged. 'I forgive you Harry if you do the duties that a father has to do but that doesn't mean you're her real dad. You're her biological dad, that's it. And it doesn't mean that you can claim the dad role as well Niall. You maybe feel like her dad but Harry's her biological dad.' Lilly made it clear to both boys. 

Niall stepped closer to Harry. 'Sorry mate... I had to keep my hands next to me not on your girl...' Harry said. Niall took a breath. 'Sorry for fighting with you. I really love Lilly and I finally could say it and then it came out that you're Belles father. I couldn't handle it that you lie about it.' Niall said. 'It's okay Niall.' Harry said and hugged his friend. 

Lilly smiled and was happy that they were friends again. Liam hugged Lilly. 'Well done!' He whispered in her ear. 'If this is solved, I want to go home please, my mom is there to take care of Belle so she can go home soon.' Lilly interrupted the boys. 

'I'll bring you home.' Niall came closer to Lilly. 'Thanks Liam to bring her here.' He added. He said goodbye to his friends and went to his car with Lilly. 'So you want to be with me?' Niall asked curiously. 'I want to try. But don't expect miracles, Nialler.' 'I won't, I love you so much Lilly.' He wanted to kiss her so quick but he has to drive. When he arrived at her appartment he gave her a kiss. He brought her upstairs. 'So... see you tomorrow?' 'You can stay the night if you want?' Lilly proposed. 

Niall smiled. 'You're sure?' He asked. 'Of course, you can sleep next to me or on the couch. I don't think Belle doesn't make a drama of it.' Lilly smiled. 'Okay if you don't mind.' He said. 'I propose it why not?' Lilly grinned and put her arms around his waist. Niall placed a kiss on her hair. 'Let me show you the appartment.' She laughed a bit. She guided him around and the last room was her bed room. 'Lill?' 'Yeah Ni?' 'Is it okay that I sleep in my boxer?' 'It's okay Ni. In the past you did the same?' 'Yeah but now that different I guess.' 'It's not different for me. The only thing different is that I have to get used to call you my boyfriend and not just my best friend.' She said like it was something daily. 

His arms pulled her closer to him. She only laid her head on his chest. He put a kiss on her head. 'I love you Lilly. Have a good night.' He whispered. 

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