As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


5. Chapter 4

It was almost evening when Liam came. Finally, Belle was asleep so Liam could pick her up and put her in his car. 'I put Belle off in the house Harry, Louis and I bought and then I drive further with you. Orders from Niall.' Liam winked. 'What?' 'But you can change your clothes and shoes in our house. Niall brought you some clothes. ' Liam announced. 

'You're not going to say me that he organised a date?' 'MMM... kinda like that.' He laughed. 'You know he likes you?' 'As friends, yes but not a like as a girlfriend as love...' 'Don't worry, have fun and if it's not love you have to tell it honestly to him.' Liam assured. He stopped and picked Belle up. 'Hazz, a little girl to take care of!' Liam yelled. 'shh....' Lilly wanted to finish her word like you're in a problem... 

'She can't stay here with Harry. Liam please everyone except Harry.' Lilly begged. 'Why?' 'It's a sort of private thing... ' Lilly tried to explain. 'Why can't I take care of that girl Lilly? Say it in my face.' Harry said, standing against the wall. Lilly couldn't hold her tears. Harry was astonished when he saw Belle. She had similiar things like him. The curls, the little nose.... It couldn't be his? 'She's...' Harry couldn't finish his words. 'She's your daughter, Harry Edward Styles.' Lilly finished. 

'How?' Liam asked. 'We used protection, I'm sure!' Harry said. 'Now it broke Harry. You have never said something to me again, you have played with my feelings and you did the same with Nialls. You have put him away from me. Thanks to you I have a beautiful daughter but I wanted that later not now... And I wanted that with a better man than you....' Lilly cried. Liam held Lilly in his arms while having Belle in his arm as well. 

'I'm sorry Lilly.' Harry said and looked to the ground. 'You've ruined it. I have told her lies, that she hasn't had a dad like the other ones if she sees kids playing with their dads. My dad had to play the man role everyday for her. When I finally met Niall again , I even couldn't tell him who's the father of Belle and why it happened. All because of you, protecting you. But I shouldn't do that...' Lilly was mad and cried. 

'I can make it better. I can play her dad again. Help you, being a better person as well. I'm sorry for putting you away and Niall. I wanted to prevent that you could tell him that we had you know... Your best friend with your other best friend... It's not something normal as well..' Harry explained. 

'Hey Lilly, it'll be alright. Harry and I will take care of Belle while you and Niall have a great date. Tell it him and maybe he will react mad but I'm sure he will accept it. He said to me that you and Belle have a special place in his heart.' Liam tried to say. 'Lilly, I promise I will take care of her and I won't claim that father role soon as you don't wanna do that. ' 'It's okay, you're her father.' Lilly cut him off. 

'Wake her up, Liam.' Lilly said and Liam tried to do what Lilly said. 'Hey honey, mommy has to tell you something.' 'Why mommy crying? ' 'Listen love, you always asked who's your father? That's your father.' She pointed to Harry. Liam put Belle down so she could walk to Harry. 

'You're daddy?' Belle said and walked to Harry. He made sure he was on the same height as her. 'Yes, I'm daddy, little love.' He said almost showing a tear. Belle hugged her dad and you could see the chemistry between them. Lilly smiled a bit. She saw her daughter being happy. 'You're staying with daddy and Liam. Liam brings me somewhere within some minutes and then he comes back. Go to bed if daddy says that or Liam. Listen to them, because I don't wanna hear that you couldn't listen to them. I love you honey.' Lilly said and went to her daughter to place a kiss on her head. 

'We got everything. Niall made sure it would be a perfect date so she will stay here the night. Your mom helped him too.' Liam winked. 'Follow me for your outfit.' Liam said and Harry walked with Belle to the living room. It was a perfect dress, flat shoes, a blazer and a handbag. 'Only the handbag was yours I assume.' Liam laughed. Lilly just nodded. Liam gave her time to change so he waited in the hallway. 

When she was ready they went to Nialls house. 'In his house, kinda romantic.' Lilly laughed. 'No it's outside. Here's a jacket as well.' Liam threw Lilly's jacket to her. 'Have fun love. Don't worry I will take care of Belle with Harry. Harry won't change her. I make that sure!' Liam assured her. 

Walking outside she saw a tree house. The first notes of 'Perfect' were playing (better play the song to get the effect of the song into your imagination while reading it):





She walked up to the tree house. When she arrived she heard the word 'flowers'. Niall stood there with flowers. 'Welcome into my tree house.' He said with a smile. 'Beautiful flowers, my favourite. Thanks for the invitation.' She said. 'when I first saw you , from accross the room, I could tell that you're curious.' Niall sang a bit and put her closer to his body while taking her bouquet of flowers away. 

'I wanted to tell you this a long time ago...' He took a breath. You could tell he was that nervous. The music stopped but the same atmosphere was showing. 'I know you for years. We're best friends, but years ago I discovered why I liked you, I really love you. I know you have a child but I don't care about it. I want to take care of Belle as well. She can be my daughter as well. If it is a sign of love , I can change her name in Horan. I'm not her biological father and it's not that important but for me she feels like a daughter and I want you to be my girlfriend Lilly. Really.' He stopped talking. 

Lilly was astonished. ' I'm impressed Niall that you didn't said that earlier. I had the same feeling but I thought you put me away from things when we were watching movies you put me away years ago but when we were children you had put me closer and closer.' 'That was because I was in love with you and I didn't want to disappoint me and you. I didn't want to lose you... I love you Lilly. I really do...' He said and looked her in the eyes. 

'Then you have one thing to know, I don't wanna lie anymore or hid it... You wanted to know who's Belle's dad?' He nodded. 'You can keep yourself that calm if I'm gonna tell it you because I think it's heavy for you...So sit down.' Niall sat down on the table in the tree house. Fortunately there were no candles even if it was his plan to place some on the table. 

'You knew the last time I met you again at the tour?' He nodded. 'The last time we went out. Harry made sure you were with Louis and Liam. So you couldn't protect me as usual. Harry took advantage of that and made me drunk. When he saw I was drunk enough he brought me to his room. When he said : 'That's better than Niall I think?' I was sober again. I realised what I had done... He used protection but it broke... Early in the morning I took a shower, made sure every trace of him was washed away. I made sure I had my flight early that morning. I felt guilty because I couldn't say goodbye to you and tell you I was in love with you but Harry ruined it... He made sure you would stay with Louis en Liam.' Lilly cried. 

'You're sure. You shared a bed with my best friend? Unbelievable! How could I even love you now... Tell me... How ? If I kiss you or whatever I will think about Harry which touched you everywhere... I wanted to take care of you and Belle but now I know better... Go away Lilly! Please! I feel used... Saying my feelings but further on you go with my best friend for one night...' He was really mad. 

'I didn't want that Niall. Believe me! ' 'I can't believe you.' He cut her off. He ran away into his house and let her alone. The rain was falling. Her dress was ruined as well. Liam gave her his number so when she was home, she could call him. Walking in the rain, a special moment. Was it with Niall then it could be an unbelievable moment. Kiss in the rain maybe but now it was a disaster. 

She was soaking wet when she arrived in her appartment. She put some other clothes on and called Liam. 'Hey Lill. Why calling that early?' 'It was a disaster. He was mad because Harry had you know with me... And that Belle was his... He left me...' Lilly cried with the word he left me. 'Sss... It will be alright. Should I come with Belle? ' 'Yes please. I want Belle here.... Someone arround me. ' 'I will come to if you want I pack some thing and stay the night if you want that.' Liam proposed. Lilly closed the call and cried in her bed until Liam would finally arrive. 

Two chapters a day wow I'm astonished as well. I got today inspiration for it. This evening I worked this whole chapter :) Chapter 3 was already a bit done but chapter 4 I have written this day :) I'm proud of it. Let me know if you like it or not :) 

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