As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


4. Chapter 3

Next morning Belle wasn't that mad anymore. 'Today you will see Niall again.' Lilly said so Belle won't be mad anymore as well. 'Yay!' Belle yelled and hugged her mom. 'So be ready at 1 PM.' She mentionned and made some lunch. 

After lunch, Niall arrived. 'Hey little buddy!' Niall said when Belle came to him. He picked her up. Belle hugged him. 'You're ready?' 'Where are we going to?' Belle asked. 'That's a surprise.' Lilly cut her daughter off so Niall didn't had to answer. Niall just winked to Lilly. 

Niall had bought a car seat for children to install in his car so Belle could go in his car too. 'Special throne for the princess.' Niall said and Belle giggled. 'And the other princess can sit next to the driver.' He joked. Lilly blushed and took the seat next to Niall. 'It's in Lou's house.' Niall whispered. While driving, Belle fell asleep. 'She's already sleeping, hope that calms her down.' Lilly said to Niall. 'Lou knows how she has to do with children. So don't worry, and if there's something I will help her too. Don't worry.' He assured her. 

Lilly just nodded. After a silence, she spoke again. 'Thank you for everything.' 'You're welcome, Lills.' He smiled. They arrived and Niall picked Belle up and let sleep a bit. Lilly pushed the doorbell. Lou opened the door and wanted to be enthousiastic to see Lilly and Niall together but Niall said that she has to be silent. Niall put Belle in Lillys arms when she sat down so Lou could begin with Nialls hair. 

He looked to Lilly and smiled and then he took place where he had to sit , before Lou. 'Well Niall didn't change your mind to let it brown?' 'No, blonde. Just like Lilly she's a blonde.' He joked. 'Okay, boy. After you, I have to do the little girl I assume?' Lou asked Niall and Lilly.

'She is a disaster if she has to come to a hairdresser so Lou good luck.' Lilly said and laughed a bit. 'No worries, I have one too, her name is Lux. I think almost the same age like your little one.' Lou answered. 'She has her sleepy time now too. Tom, my man is looking after her.' She added. 

She accurately dyed Nialls hair. When she was done, Lilly woke her daughter up. 'Belle, wake up, sweety!' She whispered and gave her daughter a kiss on her cheek. 'Where am I?' Belle asked. Lou came to Belle. 'Hi Belle, I'm Lou a friend of Niall. ' She shook Belles little hand. 'I cut your hair today a little bit. Can I?' She asked Belle. Belle shook her head. 'Belle, I am a hairdresser and if you don't cut a bit of your hair it isn't healthy anymore and then it isn't that beautiful for a princess like you. You can trust me. I have to cut Nialls hair too when his hair is dyed again. And if you want I will show it how I cut with a model or your mom. I will tell you what I do if you really love that.' Lou proposed.

'Mommy and Niall had to show it.' Belle said. 'First your mommy then, and then you because Niall needs a lot of time because he dyed his hair. ' 'What's dyed?' 'That's giving your hair another colour. Nialls original hair colour is brown like yours but he rather prefers to dye it blonde.' Lilly answered. 'Are you going to sit in a big seat or do I have to put you on Niall lap?' Lilly said. Lou said she just cut the points of her hair to show it Belle. 'Niall!' Belle whined. 'Belle!' Niall said and laughed. Lilly put Belle on Nialls lap. Nialls arms embraced Belle. 

'Watch your mom, you don't have to be afraid of Lou. She knows what she does. She wants the best for you just like your mommy and you.' Nialls whispered into Belles ear. 'First I'll wash you and your mommy's hair.' Lou said and washed Lilly's hair. 'You massage very well. Maybe I should take a man which massage my head or other parts very well.' Lilly joked. 

When Lou washed Lilly's hair, they went to anoth chair. Belle watched carefully. 'Now I'm gonna cut your mommy's hair. Only the damaged parts which are unhealthy for your hair. Just like I'm gonna do with yours.' Lou announced. Lou cut Lilly's hair a bit. Then it was Belles turn. Washing it was okay but then cutting it a disaster again. So Lou proposed that Niall or Lilly could put Belle on their lap. 

With Belle on Lilly's lap wasn't that simple. She hit Lilly with her feet. Lilly couldn't hold her tears of pain and let Belle go. Finally Niall was done with waiting and saw Belle almost run away. 'No little buddy. That's not how we work. Say sorry to your mommy. And we all want to do what's the best for you but if you're doing that you're my friend anymore!' Niall was mad at Belle. Belle almost cried. 'Niall it's okay.' 'It's not okay Lills. She has to respect you, not hit you!'

Lilly was astonished how Niall came up for her. Lou hugged Lilly. 'It's okay, Lux is kinda like that too.' 'But she never did that mean it is just like a few days ago....' Lilly said disappointed 'Hey it'll be okay. Niall can handle this, he does that too with Lux.'  Lou assured Lilly.

'You're now saying sorry to your mom.' Niall ordered. Belle shook her head.  'Okay then we do it my manner.' Niall was a bit mad. He picked Belle up and put her before Lilly. 'Mommy Belle wants to say something to you.' He poked Belle. 'Say it, or I'll never visit you.' 'Sorry mommy.' Belle said. 

'Lilly, I'll pick her up so she won't hit you again. I'll put her on my lap.' Niall announced. Lilly just nodded and was ashamed of herself. When Lou was done with Belle. Niall put Belle down. He came to Lilly. 'Sorry I can't take you with me now, but I promise one of the boys will. Can you stay here with Belle? ' Lilly just nodded but you could see that she was disappointed. Niall kissed her on the cheek and hugged Belle and Lou. 

When he left, Lou started a conversation with Lilly while Belle was playing with Lux. 'Are you in love with Niall? Shall I make curls in your hair?' 'Why do you thing I'm in love with him? And that's okay for me?' Lilly sat down and let Lou doing the work. 'The sparkles in your eyes when you see him. ' Lilly giggled. 'Sometimes I hoped Niall was Belles father but it isn't. He was my frist love and still my last one... I never got something with him and sometimes I could kill myself because of it.' 'Niall is the same, you didn't know what he had already said to me.' Lou laughed. 

'I'm curious.' Lilly said. 'I can't say that, love. Niall had trusted me for it.' She said and curled some locks of Lilly. 

Maybe a short chap for someone but I couldn't wait any longer! Next chapter will be amazing! I promise I hope so ;)  xxxx


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