As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


3. Chapter 2

'Mommy!' Belle ran to her moms bed and laid next to her. 'Belle!' Lilly said with a sleepy voice. She hadn't slept that good. That argument between her and Niall kept her awake. 'Where's Niall?' Belle asked. Lilly didn't want to hear that question... 'He had to sleep girl. So he went to his house.' 'But... when does he come back?' Belle asked. 'He'll call then. Put your pink dress on, or does mommy have to help? Normally you're a big girl.' Lilly said. She wanted a bit time alone for herself. 

Belle ran into her room and looked for her dress. She put it on and then walked to the living room to play with her dolls. Lilly changed herself into sweatpants and a nice shirt. She didn't want to go somewhere. She walked to the kitchen to make a breakfast for two, for her and for Belle. She hoped Belle won't whine about Niall the whole time. 

After breakfast she heard the doorbell. Lilly sighted and Belle thought immediately that it could be Niall but it wasn't. Lilly send her daughter to her room to play there when she could see who's in the entrance. 'Liam?!' Lilly was astonished to see him. 'Yeah Lilly I'm here.' Liam said and hugged her. 'Don't say Niall had sent you please?' 'He didn't send me, I send myself here because I saw how desperate Niall was since yesterday and I think you're the same...' 

'You couldn't say what I feel Liam.... And it's Niall's fault. He thinks that it can be solved with just one day, presents, ...  But he never called me these two years! Two years Liam! You know how long that is?!' Lilly almost yelled. 'Let me explain Lilly. But can sit down then instead of standing here with your with a door as a border...' Liam mumbled. 

'Come in.' Lilly said and pointed to the couch so she could close the door after Liam came in. 'Niall told me you got a kid, isn't it?' 'Yes it is. Her name is Belle. She's playing now in her room. I thought it is the best for her... She already asked for Niall today...' She sighted. 'Nice name but you know why Niall didn't called you ? ' 'He said as excuse, Harry forbid it ,.... and more of that.' 

'It's quite the truth.'Liam said when Lilly walked to the kitchen for some tea. She came back with two cups of tea. 'You know the last concert you came to us?' 'Yeah, the last time ever since I've heard you all...' 'Well, after that night, Niall was mad that he lost you in the pub. It was mine and Louis' fault because Harry said we had to stay with Niall... He would do weird things Harry thought.' 'What do you see with weird things?' 'We don't know, only Harry knows and he didn't want to say it... It was a secret between them.' 

'He was mad and wanted to talk with you the day after, but you were gone... ' 'Yeah, my flight to Ireland was early in the morning... ' 'He couldn't forgive his mistake. He wanted to call you but Harry said it was a bad idea. He said that he should better forget you so you could have a better life than being friends with a popstar, because there were a lot of picture of you and Niall.' Lilly looked to the ground. A tear fell down her cheeks. 

'Why did he listen to Harry? Why did Harry say that? He knew I love Niall. That I couldn't live without him.' 'He wanted to protect both of you, he said as excuse. We never found out why he said that. But Niall listened to him after he talked with me. I thought Harry's advice could be a good one because I didn't know the secret... Only Louis was the one who believed in a happy end between you and Niall as best friends... I'm so sorry for not supporting your friendship between you and Niall...' Liam was really disappointed how he did the past years. 

'But why does he come yesterday? Playing with my child and doing like he had never changed? That he always had contact with me?' Lilly asked. 'One way or another, he thought he could find you, like the song 'one way or another'. ' Liam smiled with that answer. 'So he didn't forget me?' 'He never did.' Liam hugged Lilly. 

'He missed his best friend. Of course, when we're on a break now...' Liam sighted. 'Break, so exit One Direction? ' 'yes a break but not exit for us. Just a year and a half break. Get our lives on the road again. So Niall came back to Ireland for it. He hoped to see you again.' Liam explained. Lilly was impressed of it. 

'But I'm going now. I told Niall that I went for some food so he would actually think I'm lost now.' He laughed. Lilly laughed too. 'I hope I can see you soon. Give your daughter a big kiss from me even if she doesn't know me.' He said and walked to the door to go. 

Lilly walked to Belles room and saw her crying. 'why do I have to go to my room, mommy? Why shouldn't Niall come to us?' Belle cried while playing with her doll. 'Hey baby, it was a friend of Niall, who just want to talk with me. ' 'Why does I have to stay in my room for it? I want Niall....' Belle cried and cried. 'He just want to talk about things for adults, princesses have to play then. Because if princesses hear that, they will worry about it even it isn't something to worry about.' Lilly tried to explain. 

'I don't believe you mommy.' You could hear that she was mad. 'Don't be mad, Belle. And Niall needs some time, he has a big boyband. So he has friends of it too. ' 'Go away mommy.' Belle said and Lilly was a bit disappointed... Lilly walked to the kitchen and let her tears fall down. One moment she thought it was Nialls fault but it was her own fault, her own mess... 

She called her mom. So she could take some fresh air outside and think about everything. She went outside when her mom was in her house, taking care of Belle. 

Fresh air does everyone make calm. A walk does too. She went to Nialls old house, knocked on the door and hoped Niall would still live here with his parents. Maura opened the door. 'Lilly?' 'Maura... Is Niall there?' 'No, he has his own house now...' 'Could you give me the adress?' 'Of course, come in.' Maura leaded Lilly to the living room so she could write the adress on a paper. 'Here you are.' Maura smiled and let Lilly go her own way to Niall. 

She recognized the adress. It gave her a flashback when they were sixteen: 

Lilly and Niall walked into the street of a beautiful big house. 'Niall what do you think of this?' She pointed to the big house, swimming pool, white house...  'Beautiful.' 'I hope I can buy the house if I'm old enough and if I have a boyfriend.' Lilly smiled. 'We'll see what the future gives.' Niall said and hugged his best friend.

He bought the house of her dreams.... Was it just for him or for her ? She has to talk to him. Her anger was over so she has to say to him that she forgives him. She knocked on his door and Niall appeared. 'How did you find me?' He said astonished. 'Your mom told me the adress. I needed to see you.' She hugged her best friend. A smile appeared on both faces.

'Come in. Where's Belle?' Niall asked. 'She's at home with my mom. I needed some fresh air.' 'I never expected you to be here.' 'Yeah, me neither. But I thought it was the moment to come and you really had bought my dreamhouse?' She poked. 'When I decided to get my own house here, I could buy it. So it was the best chance since I don't have to look for the best prices.' 'Yeah poke it into me that you have enough money, rich boy.' 'Sorry I wasn't meant to say that.' 'It's okay.' Lilly thought about the time she had in the past with Niall. 

'Maybe we should be friends again. Sorry for yelling to you.. I was not used to people who wanted to help me with my situation and it's just Belle likes you and it was like she only wants you instead of her own mom...' Lilly had almost tears in her eyes. 'I didn't know that.' Niall reacted astonished. He took his best friend in his arms. 

'Belle loves you and was mad because you weren't there, it was my fault she said...' 'Hey, don't let that in your mind. You're a wonderful mom. ' 'Can you come tomorrow to us, maybe she isn't mad then anymore?' Niall thought about it. 'Tomorrow I have to go back to Lou in the afternoon for my hair to dye it blonde again. But maybe after that?' 'Okay, it reminds me that I have to find someone to cut Belles hair because I went to several hairdressers and it was a disaster with Belle...' 

'Tell me.' Niall said and looked her in the eyes.' My own hairdresser, Belle was calm when she washed her hair but when she wanted to cut Belles hair, Belle cried and cried and hit the table with her little legs. She was furious. The other hairdressers quite same story even if I had warned them...' Niall laughed. 'Maybe I can ask Lou , if she wants to help you?' 'Do you really want to do that? And does she wants to do that too?' 'She has her own child so she knows the struggle. So of course, she wants that. And it's no problem to call her.' Niall said and took the initiative to do it. 

'She will cut Belles hair while I have to wait when she had dyed it.' Niall said. Lilly hugged him. 'You're a hero.' She smiled. 'When do I have to come to your house so we go to Lou?' 'I will pick you up at 1 PM. That's easier for you I think.' 'Yeah I have no car but it isn't a problem to come here as well.' 'I insist, I pick you up, both of you.' He winked. 

'But I go now, before my mom is mad at me because I left her too long with Belle.' Lilly hugged Niall and made sure Niall had her number in his phone. They waved and Lilly walked home. When she arrived her mom hugged her. 'I needed a lot of energy to get her in her bed because she whined for Niall but I succeeded.' 'Thank you so much  mom. I needed that time to go out, she was so mad at me. But tomorrow everything will be okay.' Lilly assured her mom. 

'You sure Lilly? If there's again something you can call me.' 'I can solve it on my own.' 'Sure?' 'Yes mom. I'm not a little child anymore. I have one, that doesn't mean I am one.' Lilly smiled and said goodbye to her mom. 

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