As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


20. Chapter 19

Weeks and weeks passed. After a weeks Lilly arrived home. Niall was stressed out. He had to announce something. He kissed her and let her greet her daughter. 'Can we talk?' Niall said serious when Lilly stopped greeting her daughter.

She just nodded and followed her boyfriend to the kitchen and closed the door while Belle could watch some TV. 'Love, I have to tell you something.' He said and took a breath. ' The boys and I decided to go together again as one direction so me, Harry, Louis and Liam.' He said.

'What?' She was shocked. 'You didn't tell it me on time? You know Harry isn't my favorite even it is Belle's dad. He did something terrible. You warned me... And now you can be friends with him and reunite for a band... You're so ridiculous Horan.' Lilly yelled to him. 'It's what I like singing... I miss the boys... Singing is the dream job of my life.' He explained. 

'And what am I? Just a girl with a child that you can take everywhere even where the dad of the child is? Sorry but I'm going with you if you're one direction again. I support you to sing but I'm not gonna stand there with Harry. Belle is just used to this life and Harry doesn't know anything about my daughter. He can claim her again.' She yelled. 

'That won't happen love. You know that. I'll take care of that. Just come with me on tour with Belle when you can. Please do it for me or for Belle. I love her and see her as my daughter. And I love you so much.' He said and came closer. He touched her cheeks to give her a kiss. A slowly, passionated kiss. 

'And we want to do solo songs on the concerts and songs together so there would be a moment that I'm alone at the stage or alone singing to the crowd and some moment it will be Harry, Liam or Louis.' He said. 'You don't have any singles yet.' Lilly said. 'Wait for it. I'm working on some. The best is for later but it's ready for a special moment.' He said mischievous. 

'I want to hear one of them.' Lilly said and was curious about her boyfriends new singles. Niall prepared his voice for singing.

Slow, slow hands
Like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry
No, no chance
That I'm leaving here without you on me
I, I know, yeah, I already know that there ain't no stopping
Your plans and those slow hands
Slow hands

I just wanna take my time
We could do this, baby, all night, yeah
'Cause I want you bad
Yeah, I want you, baby

He just sang the chorus. 'I hope this song is only for me? It's kinda naughty.' She laughed and winked. After that she wrapped her arms around him. 'Slow hands.' She sang. 'Cause I want you bad.' She laughed. 'But Lilly, I really want this dream to come true again but I can't do this without you.' He said and put her arms on his back. She kissed him. 'Let me take some time to think about it Niall.' She whispered and put her head on his breast. He just stroked her back a bit. 'Okay, but don't take it too long love.' He whispered back and kissed her hair.

'Let's go to Belle.' Niall proposed and let Lilly go. Niall called the boys to discuss some things. 'What did they say?' Lilly asked when she saw Niall coming back after the call. 'They give you time to get used to. Especially Harry. They all were there when I called Louis. They all understand that you have pain because of Harry and of course Belle can't miss school. The boys were thinking about getting a teacher for Lux and Belle. Maybe they can have school together.' Niall proposed.

'That problem will be solved then. But the Harry problem?' Lilly asked. 'I have an appointment with Harry this week. I'll handle that love.' Niall said and kissed her hair. 'Maybe we could go then on tour.' Lilly said and kissed him. 'I hope so. But the boys proposed to have a team building week. Families are allowed so Belle and you can come with me.' He winked.

'And that week, what's in that?' She asked. 'Games to create something together like songs, a closer friendship... Having fun. That kind of things.' Niall said. 'Cheryl will come too. Liam said she's pregnant.' Niall announced. Lilly was a bit astonished. 'Pregnant? That's fast.' Lilly said. 'They didn't want to wait for a family. She's older than Liam.' He answered.

'And what about Zayn?' Lilly asked. 'He's a member as well.' She added. 'I know but he doesn't want to hear us. But he need to hear the truth.' Niall said. 'But nobody can contact him.' Niall sighted. He hates the fact that the band broke up. Especially because of Zayn. 

'You know I love you.' Lilly whispered to Niall. 'And if the band will be reunited without Zayn, it's like that. You can't do always good for everyone. You stook out your hand.' Lilly said and hugged him. 'Fortunately I got you babe.' He smiled and kissed her softly on her cheek. 'And me!' Belle yelled. Everyone laughed. 'You too Belle!' Niall said and kissed her on the cheek.

'Let's go cooking.' Lilly said and went to the kitchen to make some dinner for three. 'Go play with Belle.' Lilly proposed to Niall. Lilly made some spaghetti for them. Belle loved that. 'It's delicious mommy!' She yelled with sauce around her mouth. Lilly laughed. 'Typical Belle.' Lilly laughed and grabbed something to wipe away the sauce of Lilly's mouth.

When they were done, Niall did the dishes so Lilly got some time with Belle like taking a bath, let her sleep,... She made sure the water wasn't too hot. Then she put her daughter in bath. 'Mommy, do you want to marry daddy Niall?' She asked mischievous. 'Maybe one day but that's not for this week, love. We have a lot to do know.' 'I want you to marry daddy Niall.' She giggled.

'Okay little love, don't be so fast.' Belle giggled. 'But it's fine here with daddy Niall in the house. That's already a big step love.' Lilly explained. 'Promise me you will marry daddy Niall one day mommy.' Belle said. 'Pinky promise' Lilly said. 

She kissed her daughter and went away to her bedrooom. She changed her clothes. Before she could go upstairs, she got some hands around her eyes. 'you're so impatient Horan.' She smiled. 'Yeah, but I like that Lilly. Let's go downstairs or should we doing something else?' He winked. 'Naughty boy.' Lilly said.

'Let's go and watch some TV.' Lilly said. Niall pouted. He was a bit disappointed. 'Another time Horan.' She said. 'Promise?' Niall asked. 'Pinky promise.' She said and did the pinky promise. When they came downstairs and watched some TV, she felt asleep. Niall smiled and picked her up to put her in her bed. 'Good night love.' He said and kissed her on her cheek. She was still sleeping. She didn't woke up because of that kiss.

Niall went to bed too. He put his arms around Lilly to go to sleep.

Yay new chappie! I got a lot of inspiration for this story so I can hope I can write fast and soon :)

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