As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


19. Chapter 18

They got back in the car after taking the stuff they need for their sleepover. She made sure she had clothes for a few days, because she wouldn't know Niall's plans.. She made two bags , one for her daughter and one for her. She gave it to Niall so he could put them in his car trunk. Then she took Belle with her to the car if she had her teddybear. 

'Let's go to Uncle Liam.' Niall announced. 'Is Uncle Liam in town?' Belle asked, she really liked Liam since the first time they saw each other. 'Yeah, you're going to Uncle Liam, your mommy and I have to do something.' Niall answered her. He winked at Lilly. 'You could sleep at his place.' He said.

'Why Niall?' Belle asked. 'Because mommy and I are going on a date.' Niall answered proudly. 'what's a date?' Belle asked curious. Lilly laughed. 'A date is when two people are in love then they do something fun like going to a restaurant, watching a movie,...' Lilly explained.

'That's a date? Then we have always a date mommy!' Belle giggled. ' No , no love.' Lilly laughed, I love you but that's different what love is between two people like mommy and Niall. I love you as my child but I love Niall like he's my man.' Lilly said and blushed. Niall was happy about that. 

They finally arrived at Liams place. 'Come on little girl.' Niall said when he picked Belle up and got her in his arms. Lilly got Belles stuff. They knocked on the door and Liam opened the door. 'Belle!' Liam yelled. Belle giggled, she always like Uncle Liam. 'Are we going to have fun?' Liam asked her. She giggled and nodded. 'Let mommy and Niall have some time together.' Liam said and whispered something in her ear. She giggled and made a heart to Niall and Lilly. 

'Say goodbye to mommy.' Liam said and handed out Belle to Lilly. Lilly gave her a big kiss and a hug. Niall hugged little Belle. 'Bye Belle.' Lilly said and kissed her baby again. Niall grabbed Lillys hand and led her to the car. 'Let's go to the date.' Niall said nervously. 

He started the car and held his hand in her hand. 'Where are we going to?' Lilly asked. 'You mischievious girl. Don't be so curious.' Niall said, grabbed her hand and blindfolded her. 'Why blindfolding me?' Lilly giggled.

'Because you're need some surprises.' Niall said. He walked to the garden where Louis decorated it. He had some keys of Nialls house. He lit up candles and put them next to the sidewalk. Rose petals where everywhere and in the treehouse there was a table made up for two and a sort of dancefloor. Niall had made a nice tree house, with stairs, quite modern. It's not like when you were children because Niall's lazy and bought a tree house that people made for him. 

He made sure everything was okay before Lilly could see. 'Open your eyes love.' He whispered in her ear. She put the blindfold off. 'It's so beautiful Niall. Why do you want to do this for me? I'm not that special.' She said and put a little kiss on his nose. 'You're special enough for me.' He said and put his nose to her nose. 'You're so sweet Niall and I still don't know why I deserve this.' She shrugged her shoulders. 

'Because you're mine and you're worth it to fight for, to love for.' He said and grabbed some red roses. 'Here for you. To show you how much I love you. I want to share my life with you and Belle. If you're at work I will make sure that Belle's at school or is where I am. I can take her to the studios when she hasn't school...' He suggested. 'What can I do without you Niall... Nothing. I really love you and I appreciate how much you do for me and Belle.' She said and kissed him passionately.

The music played soflty in the tree house when they took the stairs to the tree house. 'When I see you're face...' Niall was singing softly together with Bruno Mars. He took her hands and danced with her. 'When did you learn to dance?' Lilly asked.

Niall laughed. 'The choreograph of One Direction showed me some moves. When you told me years ago that you liked it that a man can dance, I thought: let's find someone who can help me. I wanted to impress you know with it that I think of you and that I want to be the one that you want.' He said with a big smile on his face.

'You really remembered it! After five years when I said that!' Lilly laughed and put her hand on his hip and turned around like he orderd with his gestures. 'But I have to admit... it's impressive how you can dance, since five years ago.' She laughed and kissed him softly on the lips.

'I'm happy to hear that.' Niall said and kissed his girlfriend on her hair. They looked around in the tree house. 'Do you like it? Remember when we wanted a tree house?' 'Yeah, you were saying a lot like, I will make a tree house to protect you, so I can be Tarzan and you can be my Jane.' Lilly giggled;

Niall laughed. 'Beautiful times. I still think about it when I didn't have you in my life. When I was on tour, my thought were here with you when you said let's buy this house when we are 30 years old and don't have somebody. We can be together then. Live in our dreamhouse.' Niall mumbled. Lilly laughed. 'I was too impulsive. I know, but you bought it Horan! You kept our promise to the house.' She smiled.

'I kept the promise because it was our promise.' He said and shrugged his shoulders. 'I love you Lilly I really do. I hope you want to move in here...' Niall said and grabbed his extra keys to give it to Lilly. 'Here's the key of our house...' He said and placed it in her hands. 'I can't accept this Niall. You pay everything. You do everything for me, this is too much for me.' She said.

'Lilly... please accept this... This is important to me.' Niall said and put his arms around Lilly. 'Don't put the pressure on me...' Lilly said. 'Just say yes Lilly.' Niall said. He pouted. 'You can't ignore this.' Niall laughed. Lilly laughed too and grabbed the keys. 'I hope I don't regret this Horan.' She laughed.

'And now we can live together babe. You can have your apartment, but you live here with me when you can.' He said mischievous. He pulled his arms around Lilly. 'A wonderful day' He said and kissed her on her forehead.

After this wonderful night, they went to bed to go to sleep... And the rest of the night will be history (you know why)

The next day, they woke up together. Niall smiled and hugged his girlfriend. She smiled back. 'I really enjoyed last night Niall. Thank you for making me the happiest girl of the world.' She said and kissed him on the lips. 'That's my goal love.' Niall said and held her thight. Her bare body was warming up because of his warmth. His warmth in his heart and the warmth of his body.

'Let's get dressed love.' Niall said with his morning voice. It was attractive. 'Yeah, so we can do something fun with my little girl.' Lilly said and kissed him again. Before she could put a foot on the ground, he grabbed her around her waist. 'But we can do it again? We don't have to go early to Liam.' He winked. 'You are unbelievable!' She laughed.

She kissed his collarbone. 'I really love you Horan.' She whispered in his ear. He smiled. She stood up to make some breakfast and to make her ready to go to her daughter Belle. 'Let's go to Liam.' She said and stepped in the car.

When they arrived there, Belle was running to them. 'Mommy! Niall!' She yelled when they stopped at the parking lot. 'Hey little girl.' Niall said and stroked her little hair. Liam stood at the door and smiled. 'She enjoyed her evening with Uncle Liam but she missed you both.' Liam said.

'I can believe that. Come Belle, we need to go home.' Lilly said to her daughter. 'Say thank you to Uncle Liam and give him a big kiss.' She added to it. Belle kissed Unle Liam. 'Bye Uncle Liam. Thank you for yesterday.' She said. She left the house of Liam to go back home.

-A few days later - 

'Mommy mommy!' Belle yelled when Lilly came home from work. Belle was with Niall playing the studios when she came back from nursery school. 'Hey love. Did you enjoy your day with daddy Niall?' Lilly said and place a kiss on her forehead. Then she went to Niall to kiss him on the mouth. Belle was telling her everything she needed to now. 'Belle don't tell her too much. There's one thing you don't have to tell her.' Niall said. 'Oh yeah!' Belle giggled. 'That's our little secret.' Niall said. 'Yeah daddy Niall.' She said and walked to Niall to hug him thightly.

'Don't make my daughter yours. She's still mine. And she doesn't have secrets for me.' Lilly warned Niall. 'Oh yeah? She sees me as her dad so she can have secrets for you.' He smiled. 'You ...' Lilly sighted.

Niall kissed her to shup her up. 'Oh that's how you play the game?' She teased him and went with her hands over his breast. 'Mmmm... Lilly stop doing this in front of Belle!' Niall whispered. 'Oh I don't mind... I can take this. It's you horny boy that can't take this. You got no control, no control.' She teased again.

He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. 'What do you think of this?' He said. 'Please mommy and daddy Niall. I'm still here.' Belle said. They all laughed. 

Lilly walked to her daughter when Niall let her go. 'Yeah love you're still here.' She said and sit next to her daughter and went through her daughters hair.

'I will never forget you love. You're the only reason of my existance.' Lilly said to her daughter while kissing her hair. 

Hi fans, a new chappie! Hope you like it. I will try to write more when I can.


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