As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


18. Chapter 17

'Come on, jacket on love.' Lilly said when Belle was done with watching Cinderella. Lilly gave her daughter her jacket. Niall placed a kiss on Lilly's cheek and his hands were around Lilly's waist. He stood behind her. 'You're ready?' Lilly asked Belle and then she looked behind her to Niall. He said yes and kissed her on her cheek. 'Let's go. ' Lilly said and grabbed Nialls hand to put his hand in her hand. 

His warm hand made her shiver. Belle grabbed Nialls hand. 'Can I walk with Niall mommy?' Belle asked. Lilly laughed. 'You stole my daughter already?' Lilly looked at Niall. He just shrugged his shoulders. 'I can't do nothing about it, maybe I have the factor that little girls go faster to me.' He laughed. 

They walked to the playground, Lilly looking for a place to sit, a lovely bench. Niall was playing with Belle. You could hear people saying like: 'A young popstar having a child... the condom broke? Is this girl his? That girl is very young, why does she have a child.' That kind of rumor... Lilly hate it. 

She held her tears in her eyes. But couldn't hold it for too long. She was crying because of these reactions... Niall walked to Lilly after playing some minutes with Belle. He saw her crying. 'Hey what's going on?' He asked and wiped her tears away. 'These reactions of people. I hate it, they are rumoring a lot, like that I'm a young mother or a young popstar having a child, the condom could be broken? Is it his girl ? I can't hear it anymore, before you I could hear it and ignore it but I don't like that they are saying that about you.' 

Lilly took a breath. 'Hey! I don't care about them. They don't know about us, and the situation. And even if it was, they don't need to look in our bussiness...' He defended. He wiped her tears away again and a little smile appaered on Lilly's face. 'Be happy how you are, you are not like them, you're special. That's why I love you.' He said and placed a kiss on her lovely lips. 

She smiled. 'Thanks for cheering me up Ni.' 'No problem love, I do everything for you.' HE wanted to joke with 'I would catch a grenade for you', the song of Bruno Mars. Lilly could smile because how he acted and sang for her. He was very special for her. The only boy where she could be herself. 

'It's okay babe.' He said and stroked her hair when he sat down. They were looking how Belle was playing with another boy. 'Remember how we met each other?' Niall said, thinking about those memories. 

'Yeah, playing here and I was trying to make a sand castle and you saw that I couldn't make it so you helped me.' 'Yeah, and then I asked if I could get a kiss on my cheek for helping you.' He added further. They make it a story like they finish each other. 'Yeah and I said on one condition, I need your name and can you be my friend.' 'Then I answered my name and then I wanted to know your name, you answered Lilly and that day, I remember it clearly , I fell for you.' 'For me it was the same, I told my mom even about you and then she answered that you're the son of her best friend and I panicked like why does I know this now and not before?' Lilly laughed.

'I know the feeling. The years came by and everytime when I went to you , I made sure my hair was good, I had the perfect looks but you didn't notice it.' He laughed and laid his hand on her leg. He looked at her. 'Those days, and the stupid thing is that we're in love but never said it to each other.' He said. 

Lilly smiled and before they knew, Belle ran to them and giggled. 'What's up girl?' Lilly asked. 'That boy..' 'That boy who's playing there?' Lilly pointed to a boy with brown hair.  'Yes mommy. That's Lucas. ' Belle giggled. 'Where's his mommy?' Lilly said. Belle ran to Lucas and asked him about his mom. Lilly just followed her daughter.

She shook hands with the mother of him. 'I'm Lilly, I think my daughter and your son wants to be friends together. Maybe we can exchange numbers.' Lilly proposed. 'Yeah that's a good idea. My name is Tina.' She said and grabbed her phone to exchange the numbers. 'I hope we can see each other soon, but I have to go now because my man is waiting for me.' Tina said when she saw the clock. 

'I'll call you tommorow.' She said when she left. Lilly walked over to Niall and kissed him. 'Let's go to the appartment?' She asked while grabbing Belle on her hand. 'Let's go to the car.' Niall said and kissed her on the cheek. When they arrived where the car was parked, Niall put Belle into her car seat. He had bought a seat for her in the car. 

They arrived on their destination. Lilly grabbed some clothes for Belle, just like her tooth brush and tooth paste, her shampoo and soap,... She made sure she had everything for Belle, just like her little teddy. So if they stay the night more than one night at Nialls place or Liams place, they would have enough for Belle. Then she started searching out some clothes for herself.

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