As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


17. Chapter 16

'Bedtime for little girls!' Lilly said and picked up her little girl to change her clothes into her PJ's. 

She told her daughter a story and put a kiss on her forehead and left the room. 'Good night lovely girl.' Lilly said and closed softly the door. Behind her, Niall was looking at them. He turned her around and kissed her softly. 'It's now our time.' Niall whispered in her ear. She smiled. He wrapped his arms around her and walked with her to the living room.

They sat down, Lilly with her head lying on Nialls lap. Niall stroked her hair. 'I hope we can be together forever.' Lilly said and touched with her finger to his face. A smiled appeared again. She stood up, grabbed his head. She came closer and closer so she could kiss him again, gently, softly, passionated...

'I love you.' Lilly whispered. 'I love you more, ever since I met you. I never could let you go, even on tour. You're booming into my mind.' Niall said. 'I never knew that. I thought when we were in high school that you liked the other girls like Kate, Tiffany,...' Lilly was saying that in a way that insecurity came up. 'It was a way to forget you, I never dared to ask you out because I knew you only saw me as a friend. But it was a stupid idea... I couldn't forget you even if I was with Kate, Tiffany or the other girls... Even the girls that management proposed..;'

Niall looked into her eyes. 'I couldn't forget you. You were and still are the one.' He smiled. She giggled and kissed him. 'You are the one for me. Nobody could love me like you do.' Lilly laughed. 'But it's bed time for me too.' Lilly said after watching some TV with Niall. 'Can't I sleep here?' Niall asked. 'Sorry, it's too early love. Maybe tomorrow? I'll come tomorrow to you with Belle or are you coming to us?' Lilly asked.

'You can visit me, so Belle could see my house. So you can later on live in my house.' Niall proposed. 'I don't know Niall. Don't let it go too fast.' Lilly answered. She stood up and went to the door to say goodbye to Niall. She hugged him and kissed him softly on his cheek. 'Love you.' She whispered and held him thightly. 'Love you more Lilly. See you tomorrow at my house?' 'I promise.' She said and kissed him for the last time tonight.

He waved at her and left the appartment. An empty feeling was showing. Lilly decided to go to bed. As sooner she sleeps as sooner she will be at Niall. She went to bed and dreamed about her prince charming.

The next day

'Mommy, mommy, wake up, wake up!' Belle yelled and jumped on the bed. 'Belle please, shut up. ' Lilly said and tried to calm her daughter down. 'When do we see Niall again? He isn't sleeping next to you?' She kept asking questions.  'Belle please, stop questioning in a morning.' Lilly said and held her pillow on her ears. 

'Mommy!' She almost cried. Lilly tried to get up so Belle could get dressed and have her breakfast. Hopefully she will be calm then. She dressed Belle into pink dress. Then she made breakfast ready so Lilly could dress herself into a blue dress with pieces of black lace. As shoes, she has chosen the black high heels. Niall would love the look. She hoped so. 

When she was ready after breakfast, she decided to call Niall if they could come already. He agreed so Lilly and Belle walked to Niall's house.' Niall's house is a big house!' Her eyes were wide open when they almost passed the corner. Before they arrived. Kate stopped Lilly. 

'Well , well well isn't that Lilly with her ugly child Belle.' Belle almost cried when Kate said that. 'She's not ugly and don't you dare to say that again. It's your own fault that it's over between Niall and you.' Lilly tried to defend. 'I know it's your fault. He loved me but he loves you more. So I had to leave, you have to come. But that's so disgusting! I love him.' Kate said dramatically. 'You never loved him. You loved him for his career, his popularity. I can't do nothing about that. I love Niall and he loves me. I didn't said he had to dumb you. I went with him weeks after he broke up with you. I never expected it that I love him...' Lilly explained.

'I don't believe you. You know why? You claim his love because of your child. You got him since school time. He was your 'best friend' , 'Oh Niall, can you give me some advice' 'Oh niall , I need you , help me' , because of that behaviour, he loves you. No it's not loving you, he wants to prevent you of being a loser!' Kate yelled.  

'That's not true, stop with this fight Kate.' Lilly had enough of it. 'No you give me Niall back.' 'You know that won't happen because he doens't have any feelings for you anymore. He told me you changed when you got popular and that's why he broke up with you.' Lilly was honest. A tear got in Kates eye. 

'You lie!' She said. 'I don't lie, let me walk now Kate. I don't hate you, I don't want this fight. I don't want hate from you... I wanna stop this fight.' Lilly said and hugged Belle a bit to calm her down. 'You know ...  I'm over it! I'll get you later. ' Kate said and walked away.

Belle almost cried. Lilly picked her up and calmed her down. 'Don't tell Niall about it, I'll say that you fell. It's for your protection and for mine that he doesn't know it Belle. Because if Niall knows this, Kate will be after us and Niall will be mad. We don't want that.' Lilly whispered and gave her daughter a kiss on her cheek. 

Belle calmed down when they arrived at Niall. Niall smiled and kissed his girls. 'what's with my little beauty?' He said and looked into Belles eyes. 'She fell, but nothing happend, no wound. Just being scared after the action.' Lilly smiled a bit. 

'Oh okay. You know, I think I know something to get rid of that. Let's look for a movie!' Niall yelled and let them inside. 'Yes !' Belle giggled and went from Lilly to Niall. 'You have clothes for Belle?' He asked Lilly when the movie started, he let Belle look at it. It was Cinderella, the one he got since his youth. The movies he saw with Lilly. Lilly and Niall sat down on the table in the kitchen. It was an open one with a view to the living room so they could watch Belle seeing the movie. 

Start the song : 



'I have if she makes a mess on her clothes but not to sleep here, if you mean that.' Lilly answered. 'I have an idea, we're going this afternoon to the playground and after that we stop at your appartment so you and Belle could sleep here. So I can do my plan.' Niall said. 'Your plan?' Lilly asked. 'A sort of date.' He winked. 'But with Belle?' Lilly asked. 

'I have asked 'Uncle Liam' to take care of little Belle when she's in her bed so we can have a date alone.' 'And he said yes? If it doesn't bother him.' 'No , no, he was alone this evening so he's happy he could stay here the evening until we're back. ' 

'Okay... And do I have to change my clothes for the date?' 'Not at all, wear something beautiful. But you're always beautiful, my beauty.' He said and kissed her passionately. 'You're my beast.' She joked. He laughed and tickled Lilly. 'Hey! You... that's taking advantage of me! You know I don't like tickling!' Lilly said and laughed. 'I'll stop until you say: Niall Horan is the best boyfriend for me and a good dad for Belle. And then you give me a kiss.' He commanded. 

'Niall... Hahahah ... Horan... isn't the best boyfriend.' 'What?' 'Let... hahah... finish... hahaha me...' 'Okay okay.' He stopped tickling. 'Horan isn't the best boyfriend, he's a horrible boyfriend, tickling his girlfriend.' She said and ran playfully around the house. Belle was attached to Cinderella so she won't look. 

'Ooh Lilly!' He said like he was the big bad wolf looking for his pig to eat. Lilly hid her in the bathroom. Niall finally arrived at the door. But he couldn't open it because she was standing against the door. 'Open the door, Lills.' He begged. 'I'm scared of you.' Lilly teased him. 'Mmm...' He said sad, he was disappointed. 'But I want to kiss your lips, your neck, your face,... A kiss war.' He said. 

She opened slowly the door. A smile appeared on his face. 'Lills.' He said and hugged her to kiss her everywhere on her face. She laughed and kissed him back. 'I love you Lills. I never let you go. Nobody can take you away from me.' He said. 'Let's make some lunch love.' He proposed when Belle was watching Cinderella. Lilly helped him with the lunch. Kisses were spread over their faces. The house was filled with love. 

She never believed in 'the one'. 'The prince charming'. 'You may kiss me again, again. Because I love you Horan; I certainly do. Even if the rain falls, I'll still love you. ' Lilly said and kissed him when they were done with lunch. 'Bells, come for some lunch we will pause the movie. Then you can watch it a bit further and then we're going to the playground.' Niall announced happily. Belle walked to the kitchen table and ate her lunch. Niall and Lilly did the same; 

YAY! A new chappie! Hope you all like it! :) Hope to write more soon :)

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