As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


16. Chapter 15

Niall woke up in the morning. Today, a new day. The soccer game, today. Lilly had enough time to think and hopefully she will be there,, was running throug his mind. He made sure he was ready to go for some lunch with Louis. Louis was waiting for him. They were both excited for the game for charity.

When he arrived at the tearoom, Louis greeted him. 'Hi mate!' He said and hugged him thightly. 'Hi Lou.' Niall said and went inside to eat a bit. 'Lilly will come as well?' Louis asked. He was too curious. 'I hope so.' Niall said. 'You haven't spoken her since your last call to me?' He shrugged his shoulders, as an answer like I don't care, she needed the time. 'I thought you were more curious then letting her go for a few days.' 'I listened to your advice, giving her time...' 'You're listening to me? Whoah, good boy Niall.' Louis laughed.

They ate a bit and after the lunch, Louis paid. 'This is my turn, next time it's your turn with your girl.' He winked. 'Thanks mate.' Niall said and hugged him before he left to drive away with his car. Going to the soccer field, making him ready. 

While he did that, Lilly was making Belle ready. 'Come on Belle, don't go that slowly. You don't wanna miss Niall.' She encouraged her daughter. 'Niall!' She yelled. 'Yeah Niall , but please but your shoes on and your jacket love.' Lilly said and made sure she had everything. She wanted to surprise him. She wasn't sure about love but she wanted to see him playing soccer. 

'Come on.' Lilly said and grabbed Belle's little hand to walk to the stadium, it was a few streets to walk. When she arrived she realized that Niall got the best seats for her, Belle and a friend of Lilly, Kristy. Her heart was beating so fast and her mouth was so dry as a bone. 

She had to convince Niall. Her heart was beating so fast when he walked on the field. Shivers all around her body. There he stood with his teamplayers, waiting for the national anthem. After the anthem, Louis' anthem would start.  Niall was playing so great when the match began.

After a heavy tackle, the coach decided to bring Niall to the bench. He was in pain, poor guy. Lilly was so worried, couldn't hide it for everyone. 'Come on, I know you want it, go to him, kiss him, carry him... The public doesn't bother you. You love him and he certainly loves you as well. He was after you since you were both children. Now he was still saying that he loves you. You can't give it up. Harry is the past. Belle needs a father figure like Niall and you need Niall to take care of you and Belle.' Kristy explained.

'You're right Kristy. Thanks for the advice. You take care of my little girl when I run to Niall?' 'Of course, that was the plan today.' She winked. 

She grabbed her courage, stood up and made' sure, she could reach Niall. Running on the stairs to the places where the players who couldn't play now the match were sitting. When she saw him, a smile appeared but in the same time a worried face was appearing. Was he okay? He has a lot of pain. 'Lilly...' Niall said when he saw her, a smile made it clear that he had missed her a lot.

'Niall..' She only could say. She stepped to him and before he could say something she made the step: kissing him passionately. She doesn't care about the press and the public or the players. It was her moment to tell Niall what she feels. When she stopped kissing, two grins were showing, one on her face and one on his. 'I love you Niall, I certainly do. I was so stupid for waiting to take a decision, making it difficult and thinking that my daughter would mind that you're my boyfriend. She would love you to be her father figure. I was so stupid.' She almost cried. 

'Shh... You weren't stupid. I would do the same if I had a child to take care of. It's okay, I'm gonna stay by your side, if you want that. Lilly, will you be my lovely girlfriend?' He asked, not waiting for another moment. 'Of course, you have to stay by my side. And yes, I want to be your girlfriend. I never wanted that much like now..' She said and kissed him. 

'You planned this? Maybe you should go to the changing rooms, talking about what happened, I assume you need it and I can't use you because you had a hard tackle and a lot of pain. So rest a bit Niall. See you soon, maybe in the break.' The coach said.

'I never planned this.' 'Me neither. Kristy convinced me to do this now on the moment. And she was right...' Lilly answered. 'Go to the  inside, changing rooms or the corridor. You both need that privacy.' The coach advised.

'Okay.' Niall said and grabbed Lilly's hand to have some support, walking to the corridor. 'I'm so happy now. You made my day, Lilly.' Niall said and started kissing Lilly. Lilly just obeyed. It was delicious. 'I can't wait to start our love story again.' Niall said and stroked Lilly's cheek. 'Me neither.' she laughed. 

'I can't wait to see Belle again. I can see she looks like you. She is for me my little girl ,even she isn't biological my child but I want to give her a good future together with you.' Niall said honest. 'I'm happy about that. I really appreciate that, that you wanted to be sure that my daughter has everything that she needs. I love you.' She said and kissed him. She was going trough his hair. Softly. Carefully. Like he's breakable.

'Are you okay with your knee? It was a hard tackle, by the way?' Lilly asked. 'It's okay, now I'm with you, everything is okay.' He smiled and kissed her again. She smiled and touched his face softly. 'I can't believe it.' Niall said and cupped her face. 'I can't believe it either that I got the strenght to do this...' She laughed. 

'I'm happy you did it, babe. I'm happy that we can start to be a family together.' Niall said and grabbed her hand to go to Belle and Kristy. 'Mommy' Belle yelled when she saw her mom coming with Niall. 'Lovely girl of me!' Lilly answered her daughter and picked her up. 'why's Niall here? Why doesn't he played on the field?' The little girl asked. 'I have a little pain on my knee little girl. Your mom came to me to see if it's alright.' Niall said while winking at Lilly. He thought it would be good that she told it to Belle. The good news, the really good news.

'We're going home.' Lilly announced after watching the game. Lilly grabbed Belles hand to guide her trough the arena. Niall was following her, the same as Kristy. After they got away from the arena, they said goodbye to Kristy. Lilly hugged her friend. 'Thanks for everything and for taking care of Belle when I was running to Niall.' Lilly whispered in Kristy's ear. 

'I did it for you and Belle. When she was with me, she hoped Niall could be your boyfriend. So she could say daddy Niall to him. Quite cute. It's stupid that Harry isn't that perfect dad to her. I hope Niall could make it good.' Kristy answered back in Lilly's ear. 

Lilly smiled a bit but Harry was now in her mind when Kristy told that. How would he react? He's Belles dad and deserve her as well and it's his best friend who claims now the mother of his child... Kristy walked to her car so Niall and Lilly got time to say goodbye in private with Belle. 'I can bring you home.' Niall proposed. 'Come love, we're going home. Niall will bring us.' Lilly said to her daughter. 'Yay!' She said. 

While sitting in the car, Lilly was thinking about everything. Her daughter, Harry, Niall, all the elements were coming together. Why is it so difficult ? Why can't we live without any worry in the world? 'Lilly? What's going on in your head?' Niall asked when he saw her daydreaming, away with her thoughts. He was driving to her home. 'Nothing.' She answered. She didn't want to tell about the insecurities she had. 

She came home made sure she could make some food. 'Are you staying for dinner?' She asked Niall. He just nodded. 'If you want, I don't wanna bother you and Belle. if you don't want it, I go home and come back tomorrow.' He said. 'It's okay, Ni. You can eat here.' She winked and started cooking.

Belle was playing with Niall and her dolls. 'This is mommy and that's you.' Belle pointed. She grabbed a little doll. 'That's me! We're living a big house.' She smiled and showed Niall the doll house. 'That's a beautiful house.' Niall said. 'I want to live in that house later!' Belle screamed. Niall laughed and knew he should take Belle one day with her mom to his house. It's a better future for both. 

'Dinner's ready!' Lilly said after half an hour. 'Mmm...' Niall said and put Belle in her chair. 'It's delicious, Lills.' Niall said when he finished eating. 'Mommy can I watch some TV?'  Belle asked. 'Of course but within some minutes it's bed time love.' Lilly said gently. She put Belle down on the ground so she could jump into the couch to watch TV. While Belle was watching, Lilly grabbed everything together. Dishes on the sink and the rest of it in the refrigerator. 

'I'll help you a bit love.' Niall said and with helping, he touched her hand. Some butterflies flew around the room. 'I'll do it on my own Niall.' She said. 'No I insist. I'll help.' He wrapped his arms around Lilly. 'If you don't let me help you, I don't warn you about the consequences.' He laughed and started doing the dishes. With some water fights, and kisses, the dishes were done. 

'Mommy in love with Niall?' Belle asked when she saw Niall kissing Lilly. 'Yes, I'm in love with Niall. Is that okay for you little one?' Lilly said and came closer to her daughter. 'Yes! Niall will be my daddy soon!' She giggled. Lilly smiled. 'No little girl. Harry will always be your daddy. Niall can only be your stepdad or your daddy if he adopts you but that's too early love.' Lilly explained. Niall wrapped his arms around Lilly's waist.

'Thank you Niall that you make mommy happy!' Belle said and opened her arms to hug Niall. 'I'll make you happy too! We're going to be happy, you me and your mommy! Niall answered. Lilly smiled and kissed him on his cheeks. 

Hi lovely readers, Sorry for updating so late everytime. College is so busy, in my last year of it. I hope you like this chapter and I hope to write more soon ;) Let me know if you have some suggestions for this story or something else! 

xxx Eline 


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