As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


15. Chapter 14

'You don't give up Niall... I can't do this...' Lilly sighted after the kiss. 'But Lills...' 'Give me time Niall... I have a child... What do I have to tell her? Yeah I broke up with your dad because he cheated on me and Niall is now together with Mommy... You think this is easy...' 'I don't say that. But I understand I will give you time. All the time you need.' Niall said and was quitely disappointed. He hoped for more.

He closed the door and drove away. He ate something at a restaurant and after that he came home. Kate welcomed him. 'Honey, I missed you.' She said and tried to kiss and hug him. He just avoided. 'What's going on love?' Kate asked. There was something , she already knew. 

'It's over Kate.' He just said the words. Without any emotions. 'What? Why? I can change if I did something wrong?' Kate panicked. Of course, it would ruin her carreer as a model. 'It's not you, it's me. I don't feel anything anymore between us...' He said. 

'I feel something between us. I let it work Niall. Please give me the chance to proof that we're forever together.' Kate begged and kissed him on the cheeks, the neck. 'No Kate, please pack your bags.' Niall said. Kate almost cried. 'You can't do this to me.. Where do I have to go?' Kate asked. Niall thought about it. 'I'll go back to my parents for a night so you can sleep here a night and think about a new place to sleep...' He proposed.

Kate just nodded. She knew she had nothing then this. Niall packed his things and drove to his dad. He explained the situation. 'You have to go for it. Go and get that heart. Lilly needs you.' Bobby said and hugged his son. 'I will do everything to get her heart but she's too sweet.. She didn't want me to break up with Kate but I feel more for Lilly than Kate. Kate was just a distraction to forget Lilly because her mom doesn't want us to be together.' Niall mumbled.

'Her mom can't seperate you both. Believe me, love is stronger than that. Please son, believe in love, don't be so selfish like me and your mom. We made a big mistake and I know it wasn't a good choice later on... We divorced instead of giving it more a chance because thanks to our love, you and your brother were born.' Bobby said.

'Thanks dad. I understand.' He said and grabbed his jacket to run to his car. He made sure he could go to Lilly. When he arrived he pushed the doorbell. It was quite late, but he doesn't matter. Her sweet voice made the room nice. 'Niall?' 'Yeah, I'm Niall. I need to speak with you Lills.' He said into the system. 'We had talked enough.' Lilly said. 'No Lilly, let me in. I ... I love you and I need to talk to you; You can't push me away from your life.' He defended.

Lilly obeyed and let him in. He ran to her appartment, revealing a smile when she opened the door. 'Hi.' Lilly said. 'Hi.' Niall said, frozen on the ground. 'Come in but be quiet, Belle's sleeping.' She ordered. He just nodded.

Before she closed the door Niall held her in his arms. 'Please Lilly, I need you. I love you.' He almost cried. Lilly was crying as well for his words. 'I can't destroy Kate's life because I love you Niall. Maybe I have hated her for reasons but I'm not that mean.' 

'Kate's okay. I broke up with her. I couldn't love her. I thought it's just a distration because you let me down...' He sighted. She laid her hand on his cheek. 'Ni...' 'Don't be guilty. It was my decision love... And I want to go further with you... Only with you.' He begged. 'Let me think about it Niall... I can't put myself in this adventure anymore... Harry and you... Belle will have an influence on it.' 'I understand. I'll wait. I hope you come within two days to the soccer?' He said. She swallowed and nodded. 'Belle will be there too.' She smiled.

He just left but inside he had a special feeling. Not happy but not unhappy. He hoped she would come to the soccer. He needed her to win. When he arrived at Bobby's place, he called Louis. 

I'm gonna type the conversation with name on the left.

Louis: The one and only Tomlinson, what can I do for you?
Niall : Hi Lou, how are you?
Louis: Niall, my mate! I'm fine. How about you?
Niall: It can be better, can we talk a bit on the phone?
Louis: of course, I'm alone in my house and Freddie is finally sleeping. Having a baby, man. It's exhausting.
Niall: I can believe it mate. Have you heard about Lilly, my friend?
Louis: Of course,you're fully in love with her!

Niall took a breath to explain the story.

Niall : Yeah, but I had a relation with Kate. I broke up with her when I realized she wasn't the one. It's always Lilly. I told Lilly it but she wasn't sure about her future with me. Just because of her mom... I went two times today to her, before I broke up with Kate and after. She felt guilty about the break up. But she shouldn't... I didn't feel anything to Kate anymore. I had the feeling she used me for a model carreer, Louis. I couldn't see that anymore.

Louis: and what about Kate now? Did she leave? Does she know about Lilly? And Lilly how did she react?

Niall: Kate's staying a night in my house so she could see for another place tomorrow. She knows about Lilly as a friend but not more I think. Lilly was unsure about this situation. She wanted time for her and her little girl. I understand but why does she let me wait so long?

Louis: listen Niall. She needs time to realize how much she loves you. You're a good guy, we all know. And she will soon run to you to say the same to you. She's your best friend I know. She should know it already but as girlfriend, she will know it better. Believe me, she will soon.

Niall: I hope so and I hope she'll come to the soccer game of us within two days.

Louis: She will Niall.. If she loves you she will. Believe me.

Niall: Thanks mate for advising me. I see you soon.

Louis: You're welcome mate. See you soon!

Niall ended the conversation with a good feeling. One hope was that he could go and play soccer within a few days. And maybe Lilly will be there.


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