As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


14. Chapter 13


The next day, Belle got home. 'Mommy!' She yelled. 'Love.' Lilly said and hugged her little girl. 'Niall brought you something.' Lilly announced. 'I want it mommy. Give it to me.' 'Little monster calm a bit down.' Lilly said and went to her room to get the present. 

Belle was opening it and found out it was a box, a DVD revealed. There was more in the box. Some one direction merchandise. A letter was in the box as well. Lilly read it out loud. 

Dear Lilly and Belle,

This box is for Belle as I said to you but I want to say to you both something. You're both special. If there's something just come to me. The DVD is a sesame street compilation with One Direction in it as well so you see me and your daddy in it Belle. Just like Bruno Mars and other artist. You could see also 

I have put some merchandise stuff in it like dolls I thought  Belle would like it. I have but Belle and the beast in it for you both, remember our times Lills? 

Lots of love, Niall

A smile appeared on their faces. Lilly texted Niall. 'Thanks for everything Niall.' She sent it to him. She got quickly an answer back 'You're welcome. I hope Belle's happy with it.' 'Of course.' She texted back. 

'Mommy let's look at the DVD!' Belle screamed. 'Calm down a bit. I will do that love.' Lilly said. They watched the DVD. Belle wanted to replay and replay the one direction song. She could almost sing it .

'This letter is U' She giggled. Lilly helped her finishing. 'you know it's true.' Lilly said. So Belle continued further. 'After this version we are going to film it for Niall and daddy.' Lilly proposed. Belle giggled and nodded.




Lilly grabbed her camera and started filming. 'Niall and Harry, let's watch this. A new member of one direction or maybe better: Belle!' And then she turned the camera to Belle who started singing

This letter's U,you know it's true.It starts some words there are more than a few-ew-ew 
U starts uh, and ugh and up.U starts udon there's some in this cu-u-up. 
Twenty-six letters are in the alphabet but we're here to sing about U. 

U u begin the word ukulele,U there's a UFO flying door me.U and you're gone I feel so unhappy I love U, Ooh-ooh 
U,you know you're so useful,U for unique that's a unique gown,U check it out Elmo's upside-down.U,there's a unicorn dressed as a clown,letter U-u-u that's what makes u so useful,Ooh-ooh 
That's what makes u so useful. 

Don't get upset U's what u get.And when u swim underwater you're we-e-et. 
U starts urn that's what I've learned.And a unicycle's hard to t-uh-urn. 
Twenty-six letters are in the alphabet but we're here to sing about U 

U for utensils in Grover's hands,U is for uncles but not for aunts,U there are U's on those underpants 
Letter U-u-u that's what makes u so useful 


U you're the ultimate come take a bow,U there are udders under that cow,U check it out it's Burt's unibrow 
Starts with U-u-u,U u know you're so useful Ooh-ooh 
-That's what makes u so useful Ooh-ooh,that's what makes U so useful.

Lilly sent it to Harry and Niall. She got a quick answer from Niall. 'Cute girl. I'm happy that I gave it to her.' Lilly just smiled about it. After watching videos, Belle went to back to sleep a bit. Lilly put the radio on and started to clean up a bit. 

The news was on the radio. 'Kate Jenkins, popular model and girlfriend of Niall Horan has her contract for Victoria Secret. Her boyfriend is really enthusiastic just like her. A little reaction from the famous couple.' You could hear on the radio. 

Niall started to talk to the interview. 'I know she could this. She is a beautiful model and I'm happy to call her my girlfriend.' You could hear Kate saying 'awh'. 'That's really special that he says that about you Kate, isn't it?' The interviewer asked Kate. 'Yeah, I love him a lot, he is so supportive. It's sad his band broke up now for a while because now it's only me in the models and he follows me wherever I go. He can't do his own things. But it doesn't matter for me. I love him and I don't care that he goes with me wherever I go.' Kate answered like she had practised the sentences. 

She is really ambitious but selfish. Lilly could know it at all. She feels guilty for Niall. She could be the one next to Niall instead of a spoiled model. They could have a normal life again since the break of One Direction. But yeah , decisions. 

Before she could even clean up the mess that Belle made, the doorbell rang. Niall was standing there. 'Ni.' Lilly was astonished. 'Hi.' He just said and came into the house. 'What are you doing here?' Lilly asked. 'Kate had a shoot and I thought I could stay here for a while.' Niall said even it was a question. It was more an order. 

'Oh okay, come in.' Lilly just said and sat down with him. 'I saw your video.' He said to break the silence. 'And?' She asked for a reaction. 'Too cute just like I have sent you.' He just smiled. Lilly was swallowing. She loved him and now him seeing with a girlfriend was difficult. 

'Do you want something to drink?' Lilly asked. 'No thanks .' He just said. 'How are you?' He asked. 'I'm fine. Belle's sleeping now, she was exhausted.' Lilly laughed. 'Good to hear. I'm fine as well only the carreer of Kate makes me a bit irritated. She changed because of it... I was thinking about you when she does like that. I miss you these times..' He was so honest. It broke Lilly her heart.

'I love you Lilly.' Niall said and grabbed Lilly's hand. 'You really mean the world to me. Same like Belle.' He almost wanted to kiss her but she put her head away. 'I can't do this Niall... Not when you're with Kate...' 'But I'll break up with her.' 'No don't break up with her because of me.... ' Lilly said. Her emotions were so strong.

'But Lills... I only love you.' Niall said and grabbed her cheeks. Lilly let a tear fall on her cheeks.Niall wiped it away. 'Hey, we can do this together even if your mom doesn't want it. Harry can't give you what I can give you.' Niall explained.

'I know Niall but isn't this too fast?' She asked. 'No love, I love you. You love me. We can build it up.' He tried to convince her. 'You're really unbelievable.' Lilly said. 'I know, but I'm crazy in love with you.' He said and before Lilly could avoid he kissed her. From a little space from an open door, Belle could see it and smiled. After she saw the kiss she ran back to her bed. She felt better seeing that. Her mommy and Niall together. What she would like to see. Dreams come true..

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