As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


13. Chapter 12

Lilly was almost ready to go. 'Don't forget your dress.' Lou said while Belle was walking into the room with a princess dress on. 'A present from me.' Niall said when we walked in too. 'And your dress is a present as well.' 'But Ni...' Lilly said. 'If Harry can't spoil his girls. I will do it.' He smiled. Lilly walked upstairs to put her dress on.

'You look fantastic mommy.' Belle said when Lilly walked to her daughter and Niall. 'My work is done. See you later love.' Lou said and said goodbye and grabbed Lux' hand to go away. 'My job just begins. Come ladies.' Niall said and gave his arm so Lilly could lock hers in his. Belle got a little hand from Niall.

'Where are we going Ni?' Lilly questioned curiously. 'You will see, curious Lilly.' Niall laughed. He drove to the fair. 'Mommy mommy look a ferris wheel!' Belle said and pointed when she sat on Lilly's lap while Niall was driving. 'Yes love, we're going to the fair.' Niall said happy. 

'You really serious?' Belle said and hopped on Lilly's lap. Niall just nodded and parked the car. Niall grabbed Belle so Lilly could step out of the car. Niall made sure that the car was locked. Belle was walking around and gave her mommy a hand. 'Let's go fishing.'Niall proposed. 'Yeah mommy fishing!' Belle yelled. 'I pay.' Niall said and gave some money to do duck fishing. 'But Niall. I can pay for her.' Lilly said. 'I insist.' Niall said and hugged Lilly. They both helped Belle a bit with her fish hook. 

'Good girl.' Lilly said and placed a kiss on Belles forehead when she was done with fishing. She got a little princess doll from it. 'Thanks Niall for taking us to the fair.' Lilly said honestly. 'Go to the ferris wheel?' 'Yeah ofcourse Niall.' Lilly answered on his question. The girls just followed. 

The view was fantastic. It was great to see them having fun. After the ferris wheel and some other attractions they decided to go home. Niall laid Belle in his bed, the best method so he could talk to Lilly about Harry.

'Lills?' Niall said and swallowed. 'Ni?' She answered with a worried face. 'I need to talk to you... I can't see your sad face anymore... You know I love you and I want you to be happy but Harry can't give you that. I can proof it... Sorry for saying this.' 'What are you trying to say? That he cheats on me? That you want to take his place? It's about Belles father Niall... I just can't let him go because I'm too selfish.. I do this for Belle that she got a dad for the rest of her life.' Lilly almost cried. 

'I know love but please let me explain. We can be together as one family. Belle can see me as her dad... I want to do that for you and her. I don't trust Harry. I have really proof... We can tell the world that we can survive everything... Just give it a chance.' Niall said and grabbed Lilly's hand. He grabbed his phone and showed the video of Harry. 

'I paid a private detective to keep an eye on flirty Harry because him on a scene... I didn't like that and I don't want a drama later on if I knew he could do that.' Niall opened the mail of the private detective. The video played. 

'Haz, you told me everything again again... But I want you, put your fears away, your girlfriend and your child and marry me.' A blond-haired girl told Harry. 'I know but you know I have to get a good reputation as a father. I love you but it can only here on the set or somewhere else in a hotel. I love you Brittany, I really do.' Harry said and grabbed Brittany's hair to kiss her. He grabbed her hand to go to a hotel room. You could hear them moaning. 

'And he does that? Do you think he hasn't seen that and acted it?' Lilly yelled. 'He wasn't acting. He was serious because my detective knows how he can hide. So Harry was himself.' Niall said calmly. 'I don't believe you Niall. How could you spying on him? He's your friend and my boyfriend. Really Niall? I didn't expect that...' Lilly was mad and grabbed her things and went to Nialls room to get Belle. 

'You better think about it Lilly. It's your future with Belle that is shattered now thanks to mister flirty... I wanted to protect you and tell you the truth that he hides for you...' Niall said almost emotional. 

'I don't care Niall. I'm going away now.' Lilly said and slammed the door, walking away with Belle in her arms. When she arrived at her appartment, everything hit her in the face. The truth, Niall and Harry...

'Why does this happen?' she thought out loud when Belle was sleeping in her bed. She tried to call Harry but no answer. She called him again ... no answer. That should be for tomorrow then... 

Two days later still no answer until one night. 'Hi babe.' Harry said into the phone. 'It's not the time to call love. I'll call you later.' Lilly cut him off. 'It's time to talk... I need the truth. Are you cheating on me?' 'No why would I do that?' 'Reputation Harry, reputation.' Before Harry could answer Brittany was in the room so Lilly could hear what she said. 

'Hazzabear, do you have time for the love scene now? love you!' She giggled. 'Yes you're cheating on me.' Lilly said when she heard that. 'I'm sorry Lilly... I couldn't resist her...' Harry sighted. 'Say it right in my face that I'm not good enough instead of going to bed and know it thanks to the phone and other things... Thanks Harry to break my heart really.' Lilly cried and closed the call. 


Lilly walked around. Niall was all the time right... She needed him and he needed her... She fell in love with him. Harry was just an illusion just because he is Belles father. The next day she wanted to proof how strong her love for Niall is. 

The next day she brought Belle to a friend so she could talk alone with Niall. She knocked on his door. Instead of a surprised Niall, there stood a girl. A girl that had destroyed Lilly's life, Katherine Jenkins... 'Lilly? What are you doing here?' Katherine said. Before Lilly could answer Niall appeared. 'Kate, I said I'll open the door love.' Niall said and was surprised that Lilly was standing there for him. 

'Come in.' Niall said. But you could see it was not a familiar feeling like they had. 'Why are you here?' Niall said. 'You were right. He was cheating on me... I should have believed you and not thinking that he would ever change into a good boy...' Lilly said in tears. 'I'm so sorry Lills...' Niall said, you could see he wanted to hug her but yeah Kate is his girlfriend and she shouldn't hug other grils then...

'I have a present for your little girl. I'll get it. Do you want something to drink or a cookie?' Niall asked. 'I don't need nothing.' Lilly said but Niall just went away to get the present and some drinks and cookies. 

When he left Kate came closer to Lilly. 'Remember, Niall's mine, not yours. You had your chances. It's not because he likes your daughter that he has to come back. I'm thanks to him a model. And I would like to keep it so I need Niall and he's mine. ' Kate was really mean to Lilly. Lilly just nodded. She was afraid of Kate.. She was a bully at high school. 

'Here I am.' Niall said with a glass of water and a present for Belle. 'Thanks but I'm going back home. I thought it was the best to tell you that Harry and I aren't together anymore and that what you have said was true...' Lilly said. 'See you soon then?' Niall said. 'See you later Lilly.' Kate said with a fake voice.

Lilly walked away. When she came back home, she cried. What could happen, a new romance, was destroyed. Thanks Kate she thought in her head. Chance missed...


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