As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


12. Chapter 11

Next day was coming. Belle was awake and hugged her mom. 'I miss daddy, mommy.' She whined with almost tears in her eyes. She finally got a dad but now he's away. For how long, she doesn't know. Harry was away a few days and the week that will start... Belle starts missing him. Lilly felt guilty to say that Harry is Belles father... Harry was useless now... He was famous,... not a family member, everyday away. It wasn't that key figure anymore or the support they needed... 

'I miss him too honey.' Lilly admitted and tried to temper her emotions. Why did she jump into the adventure with Harry? Why didn't she see a father in Niall or let him play the role as father?  He could be a good one even if he wasn't her biological father. Why did her mom ruin the moments between Niall, Lilly and Belle? They could be an amazing reality and dreams. 

'Come here.' Lilly said when Belle was crying. She held her in her arms. 'Niall will come today.' She whispered into her daughters ear. 'Really?' She stood up and was happy again. Lilly nodded. Her heart was filled of love and joy. 'Yay! And will be Theo there too?' Belle asked in love. 'I don't know.' Lilly said honest. 'We'll see. And if it's not, we will have an amazing day too.' Lilly said and kissed her daughter on her forehead. 

'We're going to get up lazy bum because Niall will stand here within an hour.' Lilly mentionned. Belle ran to her room and Lilly just followed, she made sure Belle was dressed up, her hair in a ponytail, ... When Belle was ready she could play a bit.

Lilly's phone went off. It was Harry. 'Hi Babe! How are you?' Harry said when she picked up. 'I'm fine but I miss you... Belle was whining because you weren't here...' Lilly said with a tear in her eyes. 'How was Belles day yesterday with Niall?' 'She had fun, Niall said sorry to me. We're best friends again. He comes over today.' Lilly was so happy about it. 'I hope he don't steal my wife.' Harry was a bit jealous... You could hear it in his voice. 'He just keeps me company. Don't worry, we're just friends now.' 'I don't know Lilly. I trust you but Niall..' 'Really Hazz? I thought you talked with Niall and that you said to be friends again. I have nothing with Niall. Only friends. And If you're jealous of it... Come back then... Love me like you used to do. Be a real dad for Belle instead of being famous...' Lilly yelled

'Love...' He sighted. 'No love Harry. I'm sick of the jealous attitude of you and Niall. Niall wants me, he loves me okay... But he knows the borders... He won't kiss me now because he knows that I'm with you.... You don't trust him and me...' 'I really trust you.' He tried to say. 'No Haz, I think you don't ... I don't want a man who's jealous... Bye !' Lilly yelled and closed the call. 

She cried. Harry tried to call her back and texted her but no answer... She was too mad... She doesn't want a jealous man. The bell rang. Lilly ran to the door and opened it with tears in her eyes. 'Hey.' Niall stopped talking. 'What's going on?' He started. 

'Harry...' She took a breath. 'What did he do?' Niall asked and came into the house. 'He called me and I told about us that we became best friends again and he was jealous. He thought that I would cheat on him with you.... He doesn't trust us...' 

'You wouldn't do that at all even if I want that.' He answered and stroked her back. 'You really know me... I wish Harry could see that too.' Lilly sighted. Niall gave his best friend a hug. You could love everyone just with a smile. 'Mommy'. Belle ran into the room to hug her mommy. 'When comes daddy back?' 'I don't know sweetie. It's now you and me and I promise we will do a lot of fun things.' Lilly assured her daughter. 

'But today you're both mine. I have many plans with you both so come on. Cheer up and get your jackets.' Niall said and grabbed their hands to go outside. 'What are you planning Niall? I want to know!' Lilly said when they walked to the car. Niall had installed a car seat for Belle because he wants to spend time with Lilly and Belle. 

They stopped at Niall's house. 'what's the surprise? Your house?' Lilly laughed. 'Don't laugh, it doesn't mean we're here but what's inside or in the garden. ' Niall said mysterious. 'Niall don't do that.' Lilly begged. Niall just laughed. 'Just enjoy sweetie.' He said and placed a kiss on Lilly's forehead. Lilly closed her eyes when he did that. Belle was playing with her feet in the car seat. 

'Come on let's go inside.' Niall said and picked Belle up to go inside with Lilly. He opened the door, looking for a reaction of the girls. 'Lou!' Lilly yelled and ran to her. Niall put Belle down so she could go to Lux. Lilly hugged Lou. 'Why are you here?' Lilly questioned. 'Surprise from Niall. He thought you needed some distraction and some 'spa moment'. And of course Lux wanted to see Belle.' Lou said with a smile. 

'So now let's relax.' Niall said. Lilly ran to him and placed a kiss on his cheek. 'Thank you.' She whispered and held him in her arms. 'I wish I could thank you more than this...' She closed her eyes while saying that. 'Go to Lou, she's going to do you hair make up and everything you want, after that I have another surprise for you and Belle.' Niall winked and let her walk to Lou.

'Welcome to Spa Lou.' Lou laughed. First a jaccuzzi.' Lou ordered and gave Lilly a bikini. Belle could swim a little swimming pool that Niall had installed for her. Niall played a bit with Belle when he wore his swimming trunk. Lilly just smiled when she saw him playing like that. 'He's a lovely guy. Keep him.' Lou said. 'It's my best friend and I'll keep that.' 'I wish you and him were a couple... Harry lays his focus now on carreer. I don't think it's a good choice when he got a wonderful child and a wonderful girlfriend...' Lou said and it opened Lilly her mind a bit. 

'I have no choice Lou. He's the father of my child... My mom wants a happy family for my Belle.' Lilly said and looked to the water. 'You can be a happy family with Niall as well... You only need to say it. Look how he's playing with Belle, just like it's his own daughter. Enjoy the moments like these. He organised this for you to relax and for Belle to be happy.' Lou admitted. 

When she said that Niall smiled and looked at Lilly. Lilly just smiled back. The twinkle in her eyes was appearing so fast. Belle was giggling. 'Let's get out of the water, your nails has to be done, make up and hair. And maybe a lot more. Maybe a massage from me or maybe from Niall?' Lou proposed. They both stepped out of the jacuzzi. 

Lou worked on Lilly's nails and made sure Lilly will be later on a princess to be proud of. 'They are so beautiful, my nails. Thank you Lou.' 'Wait for thanking me, we need to do your hair and make up too.' Lou laughed. 

Lou curled Lilly's hair and made sure Belle had curled hair too. Niall was making sure he had everything to go outside. The shirt that Lilly bought him, it still fits like years ago. Flowers, money, a little teddy bear for Belle,... He need to convince Lilly. Harry was bad. He had proof for it, thanks to a private detective... 

She would be his again, he was sure, maybe not today but one day... He wants to make her happy, as a best friend or as a boyfriend it doesn't matter for him. He rather prefers boyfriend but he couldn't. Harry was taking her... 

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