As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


11. Chapter 10

Weekend was coming. Belle was nervous. Niall would pick her up. Lilly was a bit nervous as well. Harry told her he wouldn't be here a weekend, last minute business... Harry picked up a solo carreer and actor carreer. He missed the fandom , the fame, ... So that means that Lilly and Belle will be alone a lot of time... He felt guilty about it but he couldn't miss the chance to be famous again. 

So Lilly agreed.. She couldn't refuse it. She knew that she would let him go. Belle was sad about that. A little bit mad because Lilly let Harry go. Belle will miss her dad for a long time. Today Niall will pick Belle up and Belle was ready to go in her dress.

Lilly made some lunch for Belle and after lunch Niall would take her until the evening. The bell rang. 'Niall!' Belle said happy when Lilly opened the door for Niall. 'Hey.' Niall said a bit shy to Lilly and then went to Belle. He explained that Theo will be there where they are going. 'I'll bring her safely back this evening. ' Niall assured Lilly and he left. 

Lilly was happy and sad at the same time. Sad because she would miss Belle and wanted to go with Niall and Belle together somewhere. Happy because she could do whatever she wants to do. Ironing, doing the laundry , making sure everything was fresh and clean. That was her task today. After her task, she made dinner for herself, because Belle would eat with Niall. 

After dinner, Niall arrived with Belle. 'Little girl.' Lilly said happy and held her daughter in her arms. 'You were a good girl?' She asked. Belle nodded. 'Very polite, a wonderful girl.' Niall said. Lilly just smiled. 'Come in.' Lilly proposed. Niall just obeyed.

In the living room a picture of Niall and Demi was standing on the table. Two blondes with fun. Lilly was still that blonde, Niall too. Sometimes she was thinking to dye her hair brown... To get rid of the same things like Niall has too. 

Niall was smiling. Thinking about the times when they had no worries. Going everywhere without paparazzi, having fun. He grabbed the picture and looked at it. Lilly came back and saw him looking at the picture. 'That's when we're going out like two weirdos. ' Lilly giggled. Niall was laughing. 'How could you remember that. When we wanted to make that picture, you wanted to fix your hair because I played too much with your hair.' Niall mentioned. 

'I remember that Horan. You really liked that.' Niall cut her off. 'I still like it.' He said. He stood up , put the picture on the right place and stepped a bit closer to Lilly. 'I'm sorry for what I have done. Being mad, it wasn't my best action... I was disappointed that you broke my heart just for your mom and the 'hapiness of Belle'. I thought Belle would be happy if we were together. But I think it's better she is with you and Harry. She missed Harry.... I can't replace him even if I want...' He almost cried. Lilly gave him a hug. 

'It's okay. I hope you can stay my best friend. I can't miss you.' Lilly whispered. He simply nodded. 'I can't lose you Lilly. You and Belle are the girls of my life. Even if you don't love me I want to be a part of your life. A friend, a boyfriend it doesn't matter for me. It will be difficult if I'm not your boyfriend but I want you in my life.' Niall confessed. 

'I need you in my life Horan.' Lilly cried of hapiness and held him in her arms. Niall stroked her back. 'I'll be there again for you.' Niall said. Lilly smiled and held her breath. She wanted to kiss him but she couldn't. 'I want to kiss you Lilly.' Niall confessed. 'It can't Niall... Harry and I are together for Belle...' Lilly explained. 'But I see you want that too?' He said and bit on his lip.

'Ni... I really want but it can't.' Lilly explained. 'Harry doesn't see this? He's away. We can keep it as a secret?' Niall tried. 'I can't... Even if we want. What if Belle sees us? What if she's going to say that to Harry. I don't want an argument between you and Harry. You're both friends... I don't wanna ruin that.' Lilly tried to calm down. 

She tried to distract him. 'I saw you're playing soccer with Louis for charity?' 'Yes, I'm looking forward. It's sold out now... But maybe I can fix a ticket for you?' Niall asked. 'If you can. So Belle and I could support you.' She giggled. Niall was happy about it. 'I thought Harry asked it too... But he couldn't be there so he wanted to get tickets for you and for Belle.' Niall mumbled. 'That's so sweet of him.' Lilly said but Niall couldn't hear it.

'So I'll fix it for you. The best places.' He said and there came a blush on his cheeks. Lilly hugged him. 'Can't you come back tomorrow? Harry is the whole week away and I miss company.' Lilly said honest. 'And I have missed my best friend.' She added. A smile appeared on Nialls face. 

'Of course. What time?' He answered quickly. 'Maybe 10 a.m., we can go to the city or to the playground or something else. Belle will like that.' Lilly proposed. 'I'll be there.' Niall said and hugged Lilly and said goodbye to go home again. 

New chappie! :D Got plans for this story and my other story 'Between these walls'.I am going on a camp for ten days :) So I hope I can write soon a lot of chappies for you :)


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