As Niall sees a child who ask him about christmas, he didn't expected that that child could be his best friend child. He thought it was his when he knew that because she looks like him, but it's a friend of him who's the father but who ? When he became closer with his best friend he needed to decide, will he stay with her and the child or will he hid his love?


2. Chapter 1

'Mommy mommy!' Belle yelled. It was 26 December. Niall promised he would come that day. Belle played with her new dolls she got but still waited for Niall. She was disappointed when she didn't know when he would come. Waited and looking out the window with her hands on the window, she hoped he would come and make her dreams come true. Having a dad. 

'Mommy , where is he ? He promised to come.' She said disappointed when it is already 5 PM. 'He will come soon.' Lilly tried to calm her down. After half an hour the bell rang. It was Niall. 'Sorry for being so late but Liam couldn't stop skyping me and I had to buy something.' He said when Lilly opened the door . He had a bag full of presents.

He gave Lilly a kiss on her cheek and saw Belle running to him. 'Niall!' She yelled and hugged his legs. It was a cute view. He picked her up. 'Hey little girl. You're waiting for me?' He asked, she just nodded. He put her down and ordered her to sit down so he could give his presents. Lilly sat down too. He gave Belles presents first. She was happy with the dolls and the playhouse she got from him. Lilly got the DVD of Beauty and the beast. 'Remember it? I thought you wanted that. And I have something in my car too wait a second.' He said and ran downstairs to his car. Pushed the doorbell again, came in and gave Lilly a bouquet of flowers. 

'Oh Thank you Niall. You didn't have to do that... I'm sorry that I got nothing for you...' Lilly felt guilty of it, having nothing for him. 'It's okay..' He said and kissed her cheek to greet her. 'It's not okay... You all have presents for me and Belle but I promise next time you come I'll get you a present.' Lilly promised. 

'Are you happy with the DVD and the flowers?' He said. Lilly nodded and hugged him. 'Thank you.' She whispered in his ear. Before he let her go, Belle poked his leg. 'Niall?' 'Yeah, little one?' 'Can you play with me?' She asked and Niall nodded and played with Belle. 

Lilly saw a bond between them. Even he isn't the father. Niall looked sometimes into the eyes of Lilly and smiled. 'This is mommy and this is daddy I don't know who it is...' Belle explained to Niall. 'And who are these two? ' Niall asked. 'You are this boy, and I'm that girl.' She said proud. 

Lilly laughed and went to  the kitchen and made sure they got some dinner. She made some spaghetti. Niall walked to Lilly. 'Do I have to help you?' He asked. 'No, go and play with my beautiful daughter she likes you.' Lilly said. She wanted to avoid her emotions... She hoped he would play the whole time with Belle. She doesn't want to fall in love with him again. 

'Honey, do you lay the table? You know where you could get everything?' Lilly asked her daughter and she nodded. 'Shall I help Belle?' Niall asked. Belle nodded and Niall and Belle laid the table, it was that cute. They ate and an hour after dinner it was bed time for Belle. 'Belle, we're going to bed. ' Lilly said to her daughter. 'But I don't want to bed, Niall's still here.' 'Niall goes to his home soon. Don't worry, you need your sleep little Belle, you have to sleep.' Lilly begged. 'But.... can't Niall put me in my bed. ' she whined. 'If Niall wants that?' Lilly said and looked into Nialls eyes.

Niall nodded. She showed Belles room to Niall and helped Niall with turning Belles into her PJ's. 'Mommy will go away so Niall can put you in your bed. ' Lilly said and left the room. She was a bit jealous that Niall could put her in her bed and not her mommy.

Lilly sat down in her seat in the living room, waiting for Niall. While she waited, Belle took her chance to ask Niall some things. 'Niall?' She asked soft. 'Belle?' He smiled. 'Do you wanna be my dad? Mommy doesn't want to tell who's daddy and I want a daddy...' She sighted and a tear fell down over her cheek. 

'Hey... don't cry. I can't be your daddy Belle but I want to take care of you as a real dad if that's okay for you and your mommy. You have a real dad, but if your mommy doesn't wanna tell it , it's her choice. Accept that little girl.' Niall explained but inside his mind he wanted to know who was the father of Belle. It couldn't be him because they never got a relation or any relation like to make a baby. 'But...' Belle wanted to say something but Niall put his finger on her mouth. 'Go to bed Belle, and we see each other very soon, just sleep now. You're tired and I think your mommy wants you to sleep now.' Niall explained and kissed Belle on her forehead. 

'Thank you for the presents Niall.' Belle said and slept finally. Niall walked to Lilly and sat down next to her. 'Hey, Belle's sleeping.' He said. Lilly was relieved. 'But... she asked me to be her dad? Why aren't you telling her the truth about her dad? Who's her dad? Do I know him? I want to help you and Belle? I see that Belle is unhappy about that secret...' 

Lilly shook her head. 'It's too early to tell... you would be mad,... he doesn't want a child even if he will know it now... It was unexpected. I don't wanna get arguments with you and you and the dad... Just let it go. Belle her time asking about her dad is going over soon....' Lilly said and cried. 

'I wanna help you... I already said that to Belle that I wanted to help you both...' He looked to Lilly. 'Niall let it go. Belle and I lived already two years together in this little nice cosy appartment and never regret it.' She answered. 'You wanted to change my live now? Because now after 2 years you're appearing again in my life? Does that matter? I have my own life Horan. You lost your contact with me, I called you several times, no anser or you're saying you're busy and now you think it's alright with some presents, trying to help me with Belle...' Lilly didn't even finished her speech. 

Niall cut her off. 'It's not that easy saying you're busy. I always wanted to get around you but Harry forbid it. Paul forbid it.... Liam said it's the best for you after the last concert.... Only Louis said I could go further with you. I saw devestated but didn't do nothing. I'm so sorry...' Niall was honest. 

'You're sorry? Really, that's what I really wanna hear... Absolutely Niall what an excuse.' She cried. Niall wanted to hug her but she pushed him away. 'Just go away Horan, go further with your life without any worries where everything could be fixed thanks to bodyguards, stylist, Paul, ....' 

'I'm going away if that's what you want but you have to know that you can talk to me.' Niall said clear and left the room. He was shocked of what she had said... When he left her, he cried in his car, just like she did in her bed. 

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