Skinny Love

Its just a sad random story to write. Enjoy!


1. 1.

Cover my eyes, cover my ears, tell me these words are a lie~


Pain. That's all I felt. Shes gone. My Scarlet, gone. It feels like a dream. I tried countless of times to try and wake up. It wont work. This doesn't feel real, it cant be real. I've had nightmares for the past week, replaying the moment right before she dies. Her beautiful green eyes turning grey and lifeless, her perfect skin gone cold and pale. I remember the last words she said to me before she died, "I love you Austin, much."


It cant be true...that i'm losing you...the sun can not fall from the sky~


Its my fault. I could have not been texting her while she was driving. Its my fault for causing the wreck. My fault. She told me not to blame myself, but I can't help it. How can I not blame myself? She even told me she was driving. God, whats wrong with me? It should have been me. I should have died, not her. She deserved to live a long happy life. Why is this world so cruel?


Can you hear Heaven cry~?

Tears of an angel~


I'm so stupid. Worthless. I killed someone. I killed Scar. I don't deserve to live. Maybe I should join her...


Tears of an angel~


No. I need to stay strong. For Scar. She would want me to live. I just cant help but feel guilty. Her pretty face was wiped of this Earth, and i'm to blame. Why? Why me? Why her? Why us? Why did life have to do this to us?


Tears of an angel~


Her poor parents. They must be heart broken. I can't imagine what their going through. They probably hate me. They wont want to see me again. God...i'm such an idiot! I could have just stop texting her. I could  have...I could have saved her...


Tears of an angel~


I remember at the funeral...her little sister Emma...she was crying so hard. I remember her saying, "I want my sister back" over and over again...poor girl. It must be hard...

Stop every clock...stars are in shock...the river would run to the sea~ 



This is just a sample of how I write. If you would like for me to continue, just let me know~







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