ticci toby x OC!


2. meeting slenderman and the rest

The syringe was small in my hands and it kept slipping out.i held onto the syringe tightly.i hear 'pitter patter,pitter patter' the blood was obviously dripping from my syringe. a smile grew on my face as it was quiet. 'just what i needed' i say to myself happily "N-o-o-o-t so f--fast. i kill humans.So you must GO.TO.SLEEP!!!" the voice was raspy,'drunk' i seethe as his butcher plunges into my leg and then my shoulder. i slash my sharp syringe at him. he cries out in pain. He looked at me like i was crazy. "Oh please,don't look at me like i'm crazy,YOU are the one with the 8 inch butcher knife in hand with that Dumb carved smile." i say sassily. "SHUT UP YOU BITCH!!" "Oh im the bitch?" i smirk at him. he tries to frown,but fails.

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