ticci toby x OC!


1. -Insanity-

My eyes burned as i felt the fire rise up to my knee's. "AGHH!!" i scream out in pain as the fire scorches my skin. "HELP!" no awnser "PLEASE!" once agin no awnser. the flames swallowed me whole. -beep beep- i wake up to the sound of beeping and a white room surrounds me. "LET ME GO!!" i cackle. "CANT KEEP ME HERE THE WHOLE TIME.!!" i scream out. i was too in a straight jacket..because they most likely saw my wrists. "hehee..." i giggle slightly. i hear a snap/ my straight jacket was off. i look up,my black hair covering part of my face. "Your dead bitch!!" i cackle before scratching her throat. almsot instantly she starts poring out blood. i stand up slightly. i grabs a a syringe and poison. how convient. i giggle,my white night gown trailing behind me. i knew i was all bones,i somehow survived. i change into my black converse,my black and red headphones,my black top,and put my black mouth guard on. my skinny arms held the syringe.

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