The Orphan

A woman is found unconscious in the street with a severe head wound; she is also pregnant.
The woman gives birth to a son but later dies- her dying words was the Name Robin McNally- Police sergeant Bob Cole is out to get McNally a petty thief for murder but he manages to get off in court. The grand parents of the woman bring up the boy as their own. Jackie Boyle has an unusual talent- he has the ability to remember everything he see's. he can read a book in minutes and remember every word. Jackie watches his Grand Mother who he calls mam cooking and when she dies of a stroke is forced to cook and clean so that his father who is really his Grandfather; can go to work down the pit at Battlehill Colliery. The five year old does this until his father is killed in the pit rescuing his friends- Jackie is sent to Oakridge Children's Home where he suffered at the hands of the Matron and the nuns strict regime. The Orphan is a fast paced story that will leave you wanting to read more.


62. 62

“I would like you to take me a couple of packages through customs.”

“Are you bloody mad; I’m already a wanted man and you want me to risk going to jail for ten years for peddling drugs; forget it man.”

This is fool proof Michael believe me, we place the Marijuana inside cigarette boxes at the same weight as a normal carton they are wrapped the same paper the real cigarettes are placed on the top so if you are stopped and they open up a carton they will assume that you are only bringing cigarettes. It’s so easy mate honestly.”

“I don’t know Ronnie; it is still a risk.

What if I said we will pay you ten grand so that you and your friend can carry it through for me?

“If you are paying me ten grand how much is the stuff worth on the street.

“It is worth about one hundred grand once the pure coke is cut.”

“You are only going to pay us ten grand whilst you make ninety; no thanks.”

“You only paid me two grand when I did the favour for you and you made considerably more than I did.

“Yes but you were walking on board that ship with a bag full of women’s underwear; not eight pounds of coke.”

“This has been done many times Michael; I told you it is fool proof.

“Why don’t you ask someone else?”

“Because you owe me.”

“I’m going to have to think about this Ronnie.”

“When do you leave?

“We leave on Friday evening and get back at one in the morning.”

That is perfect, you know why? The customs do not bother to even check late arrivals.”

“You would just walk out of there with your cases.”

“Alright I will do it but only this once and then we are done; I owe you nothing.”

“Good man; I will arrange the packages to be dropped off on Thursday evening.”

I will give you an address to deliver the packages to; then the job is done.

“Can someone not pick us up from the airport?

“Alright; I will arrange that.”

“Now those girls you were entertaining; I will send two over for your friend too. It will cost you nothing; they are a gift to you. “Whatever your persuasion, these girls will cater for but no violence understood; I do not get my girls beaten up because if they do; they cannot work until the injuries heal and that means I lose money.”

Michael and Johnny left after Michael had given him the address.

“I do not like this Michael said Johnny once they got into the taxi.”

“What can I do Johnny, he has back up; there’s only us here.”

“The two men had only been in the hotel fifteen minutes when there was a knock at the door. Michael asked Johnny to open it whilst he stood behind it with a wine bottle.

It was the four girls.

Anyone for wine said Michael as he emerged from behind the door.



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