The Orphan

A woman is found unconscious in the street with a severe head wound; she is also pregnant.
The woman gives birth to a son but later dies- her dying words was the Name Robin McNally- Police sergeant Bob Cole is out to get McNally a petty thief for murder but he manages to get off in court. The grand parents of the woman bring up the boy as their own. Jackie Boyle has an unusual talent- he has the ability to remember everything he see's. he can read a book in minutes and remember every word. Jackie watches his Grand Mother who he calls mam cooking and when she dies of a stroke is forced to cook and clean so that his father who is really his Grandfather; can go to work down the pit at Battlehill Colliery. The five year old does this until his father is killed in the pit rescuing his friends- Jackie is sent to Oakridge Children's Home where he suffered at the hands of the Matron and the nuns strict regime. The Orphan is a fast paced story that will leave you wanting to read more.


5. 5

Constable Alan Thomson radioed in to the station and told them that he would be going to question Mrs Anne Clay of Oakwood Avenue.

“Did you know your daughter was seeing Robin McNally?

“No we did not; and we didn’t know he had got her in the pudding club either.”

“Did you not notice that your daughter was putting on weight?

“Well wor Brenda has always been a picky eater; so when she was eating we both though oh good; because she would go ahl day with just a few biscuits wouldn’t she Bill?

“Aye that’s right.”

“Are you going back Home; I can drop you off on my way if you like?

“Could we have a moment to see our daughter first?

“Yes of course; I’m sorry for your loss; I will be waiting in the car outside.”

“Mr and Mrs Boyle went into a private room where there daughter lay she looked so peaceful as if she was sleeping; it was only after they kissed her again that they realised that she was dead. Her body had cooled and it had taken on a waxy kind of texture.

The nurse then took them to the baby ward where they saw their grandson briefly.

They came outside and Nelly was in shock; Billy led her to the light blue coloured Volkswagen Beetle Police vehicle.

“Alan asked if they were alright then he drove off back to Briarwood.


After Alan Thompson had dropped of Mr and Mrs Boyle he knocked on the door of Ann Clay’s house.

All the neighbours came out to see what was going on as it was unusual to see a police car at someone’s house at this hour. Betty White came to the gate because she lived the closest. Pat Mason asked if anyone knew what was going on to Hilda Lane

Whose husband was always fighting with the down stairs neighbour?


Anne Clay asked the policeman to sit down; then asked what he wanted?

“I’m here to inform you that your friend Brenda Boyle was murdered tonight.

Oh no said Anne; when and how?

“That is what we are trying to establish Mrs Clay. Was Brenda here tonight?

“Yes she came briefly around half past six then she was going to meet Robin.”

“Robin McNally?

“Yes do you know him?

“No but we need to question him Mrs Clay do you have an address for this man?

“Yes; he lives in Pear Tree Crescent; you know beside the reservoir.

“Do you know the number?

“Yes, it’s number seventy seven. “You cannot miss it; it has a broken window that the council haven’t fixed for six months since the kids kicked a football and smashed it.”

“Did you know that Brenda was pregnant?

“Yes, she told me in confidence.”


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