The Orphan

A woman is found unconscious in the street with a severe head wound; she is also pregnant.
The woman gives birth to a son but later dies- her dying words was the Name Robin McNally- Police sergeant Bob Cole is out to get McNally a petty thief for murder but he manages to get off in court. The grand parents of the woman bring up the boy as their own. Jackie Boyle has an unusual talent- he has the ability to remember everything he see's. he can read a book in minutes and remember every word. Jackie watches his Grand Mother who he calls mam cooking and when she dies of a stroke is forced to cook and clean so that his father who is really his Grandfather; can go to work down the pit at Battlehill Colliery. The five year old does this until his father is killed in the pit rescuing his friends- Jackie is sent to Oakridge Children's Home where he suffered at the hands of the Matron and the nuns strict regime. The Orphan is a fast paced story that will leave you wanting to read more.


48. 48

Jackie asked if he could take a shower in the morning as he’d never used one before.

Mike showed him how to turn it on and off and how to control the taps so that it didn’t get too hot.

He shampooed his hair with some Vosene then washed himself. Maureen put a towel on the floor for him to stand on then he towelled himself dry.

He combed his hair and cleaned his teeth before getting his clothes on.”

“Did you enjoy your shower then Jackie?

“Yes Mr Langley it was brilliant.”

“There are some corn flakes for you, and a boiled egg and toast.”

Can I make soldiers?

“Yes you can he laughed.”

Mike kissed his wife then left for work; he told Jackie that he would see him later.”

Jackie finished his breakfast then washed the dishes and placed them on the draining board.

When Maureen saw what he had done she thanked him.

“I did the dishes at home with my dad.”

I am going to bake a cake this afternoon would you like to help.

“Yes I would.

Good then we will need the chocolate to make it with so we will go to the shops.

Jackie put on his coat and boots then put on his school cap.

Maureen put on her coat then got a shopping bag which Jackie took hold of and then the headed towards the shops. They crossed the road by a big oak tree then carried on walking until they reached the shops. Maureen went to the butchers first and bought some bacon and sausage and a pound of mince. Then she went to the fruit shop and bought some cooking apples, and some carrots and an onion, and a bag of potatoes.

Then she went to the newsagents and bought the Daily Express and some Cadbury’s chocolate to make the cake with.

“Now we have everything we need we can go back and start to prepare dinner for tonight.

“What are you making?

“I thought I would make a shepherd’s pie.”

“Very nice; I like that too; I used to make it for my dad.”

“Good; you can keep me right then.”

When they got back Jackie placed the shopping on the breakfast bar where Maureen unpacked it.

“I think we will have a cup of tea before we start; what do you think Jackie?

“Yes I would love one. “

“I will empty the pot if you fill the kettle for me.”

Jackie took hold of the kettle, he removed the whistle then turned on the cold water tap then replaced the whistle and placed it over the gas then lit the cooker as he had seen Mrs Langley do.

Then he got out the mixing bowl, the whisk, then a deep dish; Jackie placed them on the bench ready for preparation.



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