The Orphan

A woman is found unconscious in the street with a severe head wound; she is also pregnant.
The woman gives birth to a son but later dies- her dying words was the Name Robin McNally- Police sergeant Bob Cole is out to get McNally a petty thief for murder but he manages to get off in court. The grand parents of the woman bring up the boy as their own. Jackie Boyle has an unusual talent- he has the ability to remember everything he see's. he can read a book in minutes and remember every word. Jackie watches his Grand Mother who he calls mam cooking and when she dies of a stroke is forced to cook and clean so that his father who is really his Grandfather; can go to work down the pit at Battlehill Colliery. The five year old does this until his father is killed in the pit rescuing his friends- Jackie is sent to Oakridge Children's Home where he suffered at the hands of the Matron and the nuns strict regime. The Orphan is a fast paced story that will leave you wanting to read more.


3. 3

Nancy Miller banged on the door urgently until Mrs Boyle came to the door.

“There’s na’ need to knock like a copper’ what do you want?

It’s your Brenda Mrs Boyle; they just fund hor lyin’ in the middle of Marina Avenue.”

“The ambulance took hor to Preston Hospital.

“Is she alreet then Nancy?

“Whey I diven’t na,’ but there was a load a claret all over the pavement.”

“Billy shouted Nelly you’d better come quick wor Brenda’s been fund in the Street.

“Billy jumped out of his chair by the fire and came to the door in just his pants with a pair of braces and a leather belt around his waist he brushed his large walrus moustache with his hand as he came to the door.”

“What’s ahl you shootin’ aboot?

“Get ya boots on and put a shirt on will you there’s a bairn at the door.”

Thanks Nancy here’s a penny for you lass gan get yorsel some bullets doon the shop.”


Billy Boyle put on his shirt then sat and put on his woollen socks; one had a hole in it and he cursed under his breath as he folded it under the toes of his foot then put it inside his boots. “Where’s my coat woman?

“Here it is you big lump, and put yor cap on.

“Come on man Billy, wor Brenda could be deed by the time we get there.

Nelly put her coat on then hurried out the door. Some kids were playing football by the light of the lampposts that they were using as goal posts as Billy and Nelly went down the street and turned the corner onto the top of Marina Avenue they crossed the road where further up was the meadow dairy and the other way a news agency, across the road from it the Pineapple pub.

They stood at the bus stop, Nelly kept pacing the ground whilst she waited and kept nervously rubbing both her hands together.

“You’ll wear a hole in them shoes woman, come, and sit by me.”

“I can’t’ Billy, I’m worried sick.”

“Billy got up and put his arm around his wife; “come on noo diven’t be getting’ yorsel ahl het up. “Wor Brenda is made of stern stuff and I’m sure she will be alreet.”

When the bus came Billy helped his wife on then he climbed on.

They sat near the front where Billy pulled out his pipe and filled it with some Golden Virginia pipe tobacco then lit it up he puffed on it until it was fully alight then sat with it between his teeth.

Nelly paid he fare when the conductor came around as Billy gave all his money that he earned down the Preston Pit to his wife who put it into a tea caddy and kept it on the shelf where if Billy wanted to go out for pint with her they would then take the caddy down and see how much they had to go out with. A bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale was tuppence (2d) and a bottle of stout a penny (1d). Nelly only had the one bottle all night so one shilling and sixpence was all they needed for a night out at the Pineapple.

Where there would be someone playing the piano or Jimmy Bridget would come in and play his accordion whilst everyone sang.

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