The Orphan

A woman is found unconscious in the street with a severe head wound; she is also pregnant.
The woman gives birth to a son but later dies- her dying words was the Name Robin McNally- Police sergeant Bob Cole is out to get McNally a petty thief for murder but he manages to get off in court. The grand parents of the woman bring up the boy as their own. Jackie Boyle has an unusual talent- he has the ability to remember everything he see's. he can read a book in minutes and remember every word. Jackie watches his Grand Mother who he calls mam cooking and when she dies of a stroke is forced to cook and clean so that his father who is really his Grandfather; can go to work down the pit at Battlehill Colliery. The five year old does this until his father is killed in the pit rescuing his friends- Jackie is sent to Oakridge Children's Home where he suffered at the hands of the Matron and the nuns strict regime. The Orphan is a fast paced story that will leave you wanting to read more.


14. 14

Robin was greeted by a little old lady called Joyce who showed him to his room. She even asked if he had eaten and made him a bacon sandwich. It was now ten o’clock on the Sunday evening and Robin was quite pleased with himself; it was a real professional job he thought. There were no clues as he put everything back where it was and locked everything. The coat he had used to scale the wall was thrown in a bin four streets away. Someone would find it and try and hock it in some pawn shop and they would be nicked by the police giving him time to slip away on another boat.

After he had eaten his sandwich he opened the bag; he surveyed the jewellery and diamonds that he’d stolen. There were a quantity of emeralds, sapphires, and rubies too. The total value of the stones must be at least twenty thousand pounds maybe more. Then he began to count the money which was already in hundred pound bundles. There was over four thousand pounds. He was now rich he thought. This one job would set him up for life and he couldn’t believe how easy it was to get it.

Robin placed the bag with the stones under the mattress of the bed then went out to use the phone outside. He told Joyce that he wouldn’t be long.

He crossed the road then walked cautiously along until he found a phone booth.

He picked up the receiver and dialled the number of the person who he knew could help him.

“Hello Johnny It’s me Robin;

“Hi Robin how long have you been back?

“Just a few months; look I need you to do a job for me.


“I have furniture that I want moving abroad can you help me?

Robin always referred his stolen goods as furniture in case the operators were listening in.

“There’s about a ton in the house to move.” Robin was actually telling him there was a hundred pounds for his services.

“Yes I can shift what ever you have mate; when do you want me to start the removal?

Tomorrow as the fire that needs taking out is hot; so we will have to wait until it has cooled down before removing that.

Robin was telling him that the jewels were hot and they would need to wait before moving them on to someone who could then get rid of them at a price but even so Robin knew he was coming out of this with at least eighteen grand.

Meet me in the Berkley Tavern in Whitley say one o’clock and I will give you the job details.

“Okay mate I will be there.”

Robin hung up then rang another number. “Can you send someone over he said then gave the address.

Robin got back to the guest house and told the old lady that his sister was coming over to discus the clearance of his mother’s house because she had passed away yesterday. The old lady crossed herself then said she was sorry for his loss.

When the knock came at the door the old lady let the young girl in. she was heavily made up and wore a white Macintosh. Joyce led her to Robin’s room.

Hi Janet said Robin; Joyce this is my sister.


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