Seventeen year old Grayson Hobbs is the son of Carol and Steve Hobbs who are a very sweet couple, but their son... Not so much. Grayson has always been and always will be a party guy. That is until he meets Miranda Grey, the sweetest, quietest girl who completely turns Grayson's world upside down.


2. First Day

                                                               Miranda's P.O.V.

  I woke up to this serine pain in my jaw, that's when all the memories from last night came flooding back in. I get out of bed and walk over to my closet and try to pick an outfit. It is the first day of school today, but I don't care. I just grab a gray t-shirt that had three-quarters sleeves, ripped skinny jeans and black converse.

  When I get in the bathroom, I jump back from the reflection in the mirror. I mean of course I look scary every other day, but this time I have a huge blue and purple bruise that starts at the top of my jaw, and goes all the way down to where it is right under my eye. It hurts so bad and looks terrible. He better have meant it when he said he was sorry. I straightened my hair, pulled my bangs back with a couple bobby pins, and put on my usual make up which was: powder, eyeliner, and mascara. The problem is the powder doesn't cover the bruise, so I have to add on a bunch of concealer just to hide it.

  Five pounds of concealer later I was finally ready and headed downstairs. When I got there my father was sitting at the table with an angry look on his face. I can tell he is not happy at all.

  "Who did this to you?" My father growled as I sit there a little nervous to answer.

"His name is Grayson, I don't know his last name." I whisper the last part knowing that my father would be more angry.

"What do you mean you don't know his last name?! Didn't you talk to his parents?!" He raised his voice even louder. He looks like he is going to kill someone now.

"Yes I did. I'm sorry I forgot to ask. In my defense I was hit so hard it was kinda hard to think straight." I'm not sure why he is so mad at me! I'm the victim here.

  My dad sighs and puts his head in his hands as he says "Go to school. We will talk about this later." I nod and get up. I grab a donut and water from the counter and started to walk out to my car.

  I pull up to school and as soon as I do, I look over and see Grayson pull up right next to me. I roll my eyes and get out. I'm trying to walk away as quickly as I possible to avoid him, but I didn't even get five steps out of the car before he calls my name.

"Miranda!" I roll my eyes and turn around. I don't want to talk to him right now.

"Listen, I just wanted to say sorry again. I really didn't know it was you." I just stood there with a blank stare.

"But do you think you could maybe not tell anyone about this? I really don't need anyone thinking I'm a douche." Should I slap him now? I think I should.

"Are you kidding me?! Are you really that selfish? You are so busy worrying about your reputation you're not even thinking how I might feel! Maybe I don't want to walk around with bruises on my face. maybe I'm still in serious pain, and you don't give a crap! I was going to cover for you if someone asked, but now I'm not so sure." With that I walk away, feeling his gaze on my back.

 I walk into school and start looking for the office. I wasn't here for the official schedule pick-up. I made my way through a crowded hall and finally come across the office. When I got in there, The lady behind the desk was an older woman with her long gray hair up and was wearing a deep purple sweater and black slacks. She saw me come in and greeted me with a big, bright smile.

"Hi, My name is Miranda Grey and I'm here to pick up my schedule." I stand there returning a smile as well.

"Alright hold on just a moment." She stands there digging through a huge file and I just stand there awkwardly waiting.

"Ah, here you go sweetheart. If you have any questions you can come back and ask me. Have a nice day." I took it from her, said 'thank you' and headed out the door.

 I have Physics first, Yay! (note my sarcasm) I'm pretty sure that this class isn't going to be my thing. I really suck at that stuff, but I'm also happy, because having it first means I can get it over with and not dread it all day.

 As I walk down the hall, I noticed I seem to be getting stared at a lot. At first, I'm clueless as to figuring out why, but then realized my concealer is probably wearing off and the bruise is probably visible. I brought it with me incase this would happen, so I started making my way to the bathroom, when a teacher stops me.

"Good heavens child, what on Earth happened to you?!" Wow okay, after that reaction, I'm getting this sneaky suspicion that it has gotten worse. But seriously what kind of response is that? Way to make someone feel more self conscious than they already are.

"Oh um, I was playing tag with my little brother and then I fell on a rock, and it got me right in the eye." Wow okay, that is the worst lie I've told, like ever.

"Yeah, okay, that is the worst lie I've ever heard. Why don't you come down to the principal's office with me." Oh, fun.

                                                Grayson's P.O.V.

 "Dude come on!" I feel Hunter pulling on my arm, but I don't budge. I'm watching Miranda talk to Mrs. Cantrell, I heard her ask about her eye. I'm listening hoping that she wouldn't give me up, but then I remember what she said this morning. I am being selfish, and usually I don't care, but for some reason, I do, and I don't know why.

"You go ahead I have to go do something." He walked away and I was about to go up there when I heard her deny it. I mean it was the worst lie I've ever heard, but it seemed like she was actually trying. I decided just to walk away and let her deal with it. I don't care if she thinks I'm selfish. I'm not going down for a mistake I made, I shouldn't care what she says or thinks.



HHHHEEEEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I it is so short! The next chapter will be a whole lot longer and will be a lot more interesting, I swear!! Later! XD

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