When Zoe wakes up in a hospital after a bad accident, her boyfriend Ashton realises that she has no recollection of their two years together. The doctors say that her body will recover, but will Ash be able to bring back their memories?
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1. Waking up

I felt someone’s light breath on the back of my neck, and it sent shivers down my spine. Fingers, rough yet soft, gently moved my hair to one side, exposing my neck; the air was sharp and cold, which only made me more aware of the warm body inches behind me. The body was close enough that I could smell their aftershave – the scent was addictive and I longed for more. I inhaled deeply but stopped breathing altogether when I felt the gentle pressure of lips of the side of my neck and hands on my hips. I sighed – it felt wonderful. He kissed me repeatedly until he was moving along my jaw. It struck me as weird – why was I letting a stranger touch me like this? I knew it was out of character, but it felt amazing; it felt right. I turned around, not knowing who I was going to see, but it was definitely better than I could have imagined. The man had sandy blond hair that was in beautiful curls at a length that could not have suited his angular face any better. It wasn’t his deep brown eyes that made my stomach flip the most, it was his adorable, yet sexy, dimples. He was smiling at me like we’d known each other for years, even though I had never seen him in my life – surely I would remember a face like his?


Beep beep beep. I heard the slow beeping and thought my alarm was going off; I swung my arm out to try and grab my phone – it wasn’t there. Instead my arm hit something hard. “Ow!” I mumbled. The beeping persisted so I tried to sit up, but I got half way and collapsed back down – my body was too weak. I groggily opened my eyes, it was painfully bright, and I had to squint. I could make out a light blue door engulfed by a sea of darker blue. Had someone redecorated while I was sleeping? I was very sure my room was purple when I went to bed the night before. Everything felt wrong, I thought maybe I was still asleep, so I rubbed my eyes. Something else was wrong, there were plastic tubes across my face. Suddenly I was awake and very aware of my surroundings, I grabbed the tubes and clumsily yanked them off my face, next I pulled out the cannula which stung, but I was too high on adrenaline to care. This set off more beeping, which I realised was coming from a machine behind me. It was obvious to me now that I was in a hospital, but that left me with another question: What had happened? The last thing I remembered was going out to dinner with… I couldn’t remember who. Now I was scared, what the hell had happened? “Is anyone there?” I croaked, I was parched, which made me wonder how long I had been there. Surely not long? I thought maybe I had gotten so drunk I had hit my head and passed out – that would explain the headache I tried sitting up again when no one responded, this time I succeeded. I was very stiff, but I managed to twist round, I pressed the bright red help button, which was on a white strip full of plugs and wires – the contrast of it against the blue room made me feel queasy. I had always hated hospitals; how clean and plain they were, and the smell made them almost unbearable. Within the minute a nurse dressed in an ill-fitting grey outfit entered the room. She looked middle-aged – with wrinkled forming and her hair greying – but her eyes emitted radiant youth, her presence made me feel more relaxed, yet still on the edge. “Hello love,” her voice had a rough quality to it. “You’ve been out a while, welcome back.” A while? “Wh-what happened?” I stuttered. She gave me a patronising smile. “All in good time, my dear, first let’s check you over.” I let her do this without complaining, I was in shock and just wanted to know what the hell was going on. “There’s a man waiting for you outside, he said he didn’t know if you’d want to see him or not” I thought she meant my dad, maybe that was who I was having dinner with. I told her to send him in, but when he entered, instead of seeing a mop of greying hair and cleanly shaven face, I saw the man from my dream. This was too much and I had to lie back down again. He walked in tentatively, like he was afraid he might fall through the floor if he stepped too hard. He reached my bed and went to touch my hand, but at the last second he retracted it. It was as if he was scared I would shatter like glass. “Hey Zoe, sweetie, you sure gave me a fright.” He laughed nervously. I didn’t have a clue who this man was, but I had a strong feeling that I really should. “I’m sorry, but who are you?” His was wiped from his beautiful face. “I’m Ashton, your boyfriend. We’ve been together for over two years. You don’t remember?” His voice broke on the last syllable. “I- I don’t have a boyfriend. What are you talking about?” My eyes started to tear up, I was so confused. ‘Ashton’ stared at me for a second before speaking. “I think we need the doctor.” He said, struggling to keep a calm face.

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