Fate be changed

It's their destiny, as star-crossed lovers.
There's just one problem.

He's a monster of the night.


6. Tell me EVERYTHING.

"Awe dude come on!"

"It's nothing. Honestly." 

Honestly? I can feel cogs turning in my head. I feel like i'm going to throw up any second, and that girl has been on my mind since first sights....

But I don't tell him that.

"Awe. Spoilsport." Gumball whines. I roll my eyes, Gumball's always like this.

I developed a really good friendship with Gumball. My best friends a prince! Automatic win!

"I suppose there is one thing..."

"Erm...yesssssssssss?" Gumball raises one eyebrow and grins.

"Do you happen to know a girl with blue hair and purple-"



"Her name is Melody."

"Oh, okay."

"Why? You like her?"

"Yes. Obviously. Why?." I make sure that the sarcasm drips from my words as I say them.

"Sorry I asked." Gumball said. "Just saying she's kinda insane. I mean everyone thinks she's crazy..."

"Do you think she has a reason for that?"

"What do you want. Her life story?"

"Nah. I'm good."

"People say she see's things. Things other people can't see."

"What. Like ghosts and stuff?"

"Yeah. Something like that."


Well at least i'm not a ghost.





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