Fate be changed

It's their destiny, as star-crossed lovers.
There's just one problem.

He's a monster of the night.


7. Since when?

"Since when did we take this class?"

"We have this class once a month dude. It's actually really fun."

The class we'd walked into had the image of a werewolf on the electric board. "Right class. Today we'll be learning about mythical creatures, and weighing up the evidence as to whether they are real or not." Our teacher shrieked. She ranted on about werewolves (Myth), Dragons (Myth) and fairies (Myth) and then... "Vampires." It's fine... They won't notice right? Right?!?

"Known for their Sharp fangs, and a deadly reputation for killing off helpless human beings" 

Well, of course we don't kill em'....

"You can kill them with holy water, crosses and garlic."


I suddenly stand up, knocking my chair to the floor as I yell.

"Mister Gale, please take your seat and explain your point."

"I-I-um, excuse me for a moment." I suddenly jerked and fled from the room, 

"Marshall!" Gumball screamed, "Where you going?!"

I didn't reply, I just had to get away.

I swerved round corners not looking back once.

"A-Ahh!" I smashed into someone knocking them right off their feet.

"Oh god, Sorry!" I held out a hand and gasped.


It was her.



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