Fate be changed

It's their destiny, as star-crossed lovers.
There's just one problem.

He's a monster of the night.


3. Pretend.

If i'm going to a school with normal people, I'll have to act like one too.

Which means no sucking blood. 

No fangs.

And no creepy red eyes.

For the fangs, Marsh designed a special brace that i put in my mouth. It gives me normal teeth!

For the red eyes, i use green contact lenses. 

As for the blood, I've decided to go on strike, i don't know how long i'll last, but it's worth a try. Right?


Two weeks later...

Yes! First day of highschool! I know it's kinda stupid to be exited but I truly am. 

I slip my new uniform on and grab my coat and race to the door, 

Where I run straight into Lee.

"Oh, Heh, Hi?" He rolls his eyes and laughs as he helps me to my feet.

"Be careful. School might not be as safe as you think." He says as he slips a lunch box into my backpack.

"Thanks, Lee."

"No problemo." He grins. "But seriously, don't get hurt."

He examines my pale face, "You haven't been drinking have you?"


"Don't play stupid, You'll die remember? Your a freakin' vampire!"

"I'm fine." I replied.

"You should start drinking, because i'd say you've only got a couple weeks left in this state."


Jeez we can't last long without blood can we?


"It's disgusting." I remark, Lee stares at me in confusion,

"Fine. Think what you want, but your gonna need blood in the next few days. Good luck finding it smart arse." 

"Wait, your not driving me?"

"Nope. Take the motorbike."

"Okay then." 


We have reached a stalemate.


Authors note

Hi! I hope ya'll are enjoying the story so far...

Leave any suggestions in the comments... 

I really need a name for the main girl, so if you have a name, post it! 

Thank you!











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