Fate be changed

It's their destiny, as star-crossed lovers.
There's just one problem.

He's a monster of the night.


4. New Boy.

I ride to school using Lee's motorbike. It's a pretty sweet ride, if i'm being completely honest.

I arrive at Criston High in no time, the bikes pretty fast...

I walk through the school doors and head to the office, following the signs i arrive at the office.


"Good morning young man. You must be Marshall?"

"Yes! Yes, That's me!"

"Before you go to class, Marshall. We do need your last name, your brother must of forgotten to fill it in."


Oh crap. Our family never had a surname...


"Gale." Okay, not exactly the last name i was looking for but it will have to do.


"Yes, Marshall Lee Gale."

"Okay then Mr Gale, let me lead you to your first class."


The woman steps out of the office door and signals for me to follow her, I do as she says. We arrive at the third door on the left,

"Sorry to interrupt Miss Autumn, Marshall is joining your class."

"Oh yes, yes bring him in."

The office lady leaves and I walk into the classroom, feeling slightly anxious, and unfortunately Miss Autumn notices,

"Ah, don't worry deary. The prince will take care of you." She points to a boy about the same age as me at the back of the class. He has bright pink hair and wears a little crown on his head, He grins, and he taps the chair next to him gently.

I walk over to him and take the chair next to him.

"Everybody this is Marshall," She nods in my direction. "Will everyone make sure to help him settle in? Thank you."

And she continues her lecture.

"A little preschool aint' she?" The prince laughs, "Names Gumball," He holds out a hand, so I shake it.



Authors note

No,no,no,no,no. Just no.

Marshall is NOT going to get with Gumball, or Fiona, or Marceline, or anybody from adventure time.

OKAY? Good.

I'm sorry, I just had a spaz.







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