Fate be changed

It's their destiny, as star-crossed lovers.
There's just one problem.

He's a monster of the night.


5. From a distance.

Class ends sooner than I expected, so Gumball shows me around.

"The canteen." He points to a large room filled with hungry students, 

"Canteen, huh?" 

"It's where we eat Dumbo." Gumball laughs. "You're not from here are you?"

I shift uncomfortably i my seat.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Just a little mate." He agrees.

Just then a group of girls waltz past, most are chatting and giggling, and staring.

Staring at me and Gumball.

"Well hello ladies," Gumball says with a fake smile, i hold in a laugh. "I trust you've met my new friend Marshall here?"

He gestures at me with his hands, and as he does the girls all giggle and bat their eyelashes.

"Awe, mate I think they like you..." Gumball whispers in my ear.

"Shut up." I reply. "I've never really payed much attention to girls," obviously because I've never left the house before but i don't tell him that.

Soon all the girls get bored and wander off,

"See ya'll later ladies!" Yell's Gumball after them.

But my attention is somewhere else, over in the corner, where a girl is sat. Her hair is long and blue, her eyes following the words in her book. She's alone unlike all the other girls whom walk around in packs of four or five. I just continue watching her from a distance.

Suddenly she looks up, and catches me staring at her, I wince and avert my eyes to the floor.

"Hey? Marshall is everything okay?"

"Yeah, fine thanks Gumball."

Gumball's still mumbling away but I don't even notice. My thoughts are on the girl, and how piercing her big purple eyes were.




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