Fate be changed

It's their destiny, as star-crossed lovers.
There's just one problem.

He's a monster of the night.


1. My problem.

I live with my three brothers,

My eldest brother is called Marshall.

My older brother is called Marshall.

My little brother is called Marshall.

And guess what?


My name is Marshall Lee.

We're a strange sort of family in one way or another.

That's my way of saying "oh by the way i'm a vampire."

I'm not proud of it by all means, but I'll accept the fact, for now, but only for the sake of my brothers.


I can never be photographed, the pictures will always be blurry. ALWAYS.

Holy water and crosses do not injure me, or even slightly irritate me.

The sun doesn't injure me, but during eclipses I will severely burn.

I don't have any friends, in fact iv'e never spoken to anyone but my brothers.

My parents died just after baby Marshall was born, and i don't remember them very well.

And finally, the one question everyone's dying to ask, metaphorically, yes even you.

Yes, a stake through the heart will kill me.


Ah. the joys of being me.


Authors note.

Hi Guys! Just wanted to explain something...

I've give all of the Marshall's a Nickname so they don't get mixed up.

The eldest = Lee

The middle-older = Marsh

 The little one = Baby Marshy

Oh and Marshall. Obvs.

Thank Ya'll for reading!

please comment/like or whatever...






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